Asus GM501 Zephyrus M – Cheaper AND Better!

My review of the Asus Zephyrus M – GM501. The best gaming laptop from Asus for thin and light performance at a cheaper price.
Zephyrus M –

A powerful laptop i7-8750H with a GTX 1070 on a 144 Hz 3ms screen. This laptop has incredibly strong performance in a thin and light package. It now has a greatly improved keyboard and touchpad from the previous generation.

CPU Detail –

Fili – Pressing Forward

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TheOriginalTex says:

Like si eres pobre v,:

Mohammad kanaan says:

It’s just 2000 $ it’s so cheap

Ace TSM says:

Please do review of Matebook X Pro!!!!!!!!!!!!

david seychell says:

hi this laptop is not good for movies pls?,,,,,

John Trussell says:

I want to live this laptop but just can’t. They really should have ditched the sata drive and made the battery larger.

lildog007 says:

Hey are you going to do a video about the new Dell Inspiron 13 with Ryzen 7 APU? I’d really love to get your opinion on the laptop before I decide to purchase it. I’m hoping to replace my Surface 3 with it.

Kirnu Hwang says:

Samsung odyssey laptop review?

octavio vanolli says:

i play only fighting games (sf5/dbzf) what laptop recommend without breaking the wallet

MP Lovecraft says:

That charging port location… What were they thinking? It would drive me CRAZY

Tam Nguyen says:

Do you know if there are any plans to upgrade the Acer Predator Triton 700 to the new processor?

Nathanel Mori says:

Dave, please review the Asus Zephyrus GX501GI. Is the upgrade worth the price bump?

JohnParkism says:

Dave can you also do a review on the Asus FX504 gaming laptop?

x_City Official / x_Team / x_SlimeGamer_x says:

If i have a budget of 1500€, what laptop do you recommend me the best??:)

Tony Pugliese says:

Once I had a laptop that used to do the “switch to slower GPU” process you mentioned around 4:20 at the most uncomfortable times, especially when running older games. It really sucked. And I hated it for that reason.

ARJU says:

Wow feels bad man. I bought MSI GT72s about 2 years ago for 2000e with 980m. Now you can get this for 1800e and it’s SO much better!

rajesh shrestha says:

can u do the review in dell G3 asap 🙂

Cruzzo Zander says:

Hey d2d, can u make a video about illegear? Would be nice

Christien tyler Soliano says:

Please include cgso when showing the FPS please, would really love to see it!!!

Joshtinn Sison says:

What would you recommend?
The Acer VX15 1050ti model
The Msi GV62 7RE?

MonZ says:

Do a house tour!!

Shashank Shekhar says:

I purchased this laptop in another dimenstion

Saulius Jokubaitis says:

Is it possible to turn off or change the hue of the red rog logo through the app?

Mohammad kanaan says:

SD card slut

Erick Aceituno says:

Thanks for the great video, Im really confused about buying a laptop for now i saw in a comment below about 8th gen laptop Im about to buy a MSI with an i7 8750H, but it comes with a GTX1060 3GB and others like the i7 7700HQ has the 6GB version so idk if buying the MSI still worth just because the 8th gen processor when you know gaming depends more of GPU and cuda cores plus vram (1060 3Gb has less), i will really apreciate if you can answer me, thank you. I just dont want to waste $200 more if i dont need it , im a casual gamer no streamer and sometimes i use some video editing software would i7 7700hq handle it?

Yeoh Zi Shen says:

73/100? Damn it, that’s a bit of a deal breaker for me about that orange slice.

Kevin Yong says:

Dave. In Malaysia we have a line of laptop made by a company call illegear. They custom build laptops base on request. I wonder if you Can review any of these or give suggestion base on information on their website. Hope you can help cause I’m iinterested 🙂

or can you do a video on laptops with lighting port ??? 🙂

SK8 HD says:

Do a video on Acer Switch 7 with MX150 gpu please

Pavel Bartoň says:

Hey Dave! What kind of lipstick do you use?

xWin Games says:

Still debating between this the Gigabyte one or the MSI one :/ which should I get

Asad Hassan Syed says:

Cheaper? Pardon me but which dictionary you use.

Gian Singh says:

Make a gaming review on dell G3 series

Sanjay Hreehan says:

Like your jacket, Dave. Where can I buy that man?

Pat O says:

Looking for a laptop to play games like PUBG and fortnight on. Any suggestions for one that had a reasonable price?

Joeys_Gaming_empire says:

This or the msi gs65

Aaron Ryder says:

Honestly, how long the laptop will last? In a desktop you can change almost everything as soon as you notice something’s outdated. Not the same for laptops.

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