ASUS GL553 Review – The Affordable & Portable Gaming Laptop!

Here’s my review of the ASUS ROG STRIX GL553VE 15″ Gaming laptop. It has a GTX 1050ti and a great screen for gaming. It’s fast, portable and powerful enough to game comfortably at 1080p and to get work done. Watch for the full review!

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Some Guy says:

Lmao i have a pc with a gtx 1070 and intel i7 7700k for $1200

The Guy's Computer says:

Seems best for me 🙂

MrShoub123 says:

I have this laptop. If anyone has some questions, feel free to ask.

Jonathan Suniga says:

Asus Rog is overpriced. Get the Dell Inspiron 7567 instead.

r4wn4k says:

Lenovo y720 is much better at 1200$…its got RGB keyboard,6gb gtx 1060 and a thunderbolt 3 port for external grphx card

Cos mos says:

7567 is king of $1k

Motaz Galal says:

please can you do a review on Acer predator helios 300 =)

Ivan Lazarov says:

Imagine how much battery Asus could of fit if they removed that CD drive 😀

FFsolutions says:

Nice review Matt! I would much rather get the VX15 at a lower price point, which is also great with thermals and does not throttle, even though the screen might not be that good.
With a bigger budget, once again Acer seems the best choice in my eyes with the Predator 15/17 with a GT 1060 or 1070.
Acer has really covered what`s most important in a system like this – cooling. Everything else you can live with, but throttling is not one of them.

Jay Taripe says:

What is the model of m.2 SSD?

Marquan Collins says:


smol child says:

40 minutes for gaming? OMG really

Lukasz Antos says:

It’s a good laptop for the money. I just don’t like the inclusion of the DVD player. Nice review, Matthew

A.J Nan says:

Yeah sounds affordable for people who can afford it but the fact is pretty expensive for people like us. The price over usd 1000 is too far away from ordinary laptop

Chaddwit2ds says:

Hey. I’m looking for a laptop for college. My major is in statistics and data analysis I also plan to maybe play games such as league of legends . Do you have any recommendations? My limit is $1,300 Thanks

ksalbrecht88 says:

A $170 GPU in a $1,200 laptop. No Thanks.

Chris Jaramillo says:

Great video as always Matte! I mean Matt! haha like button smash as always. The laptop is around $1200 Ouch! I got my Alienware 15 R3 for around that much during a sale last year. I really think Asus shot themselves in the foot by adding that dvd drive, like you said they could’ve easily added a bigger battery and probably better heat seat and fan management.

JoniTRIXz says:

In my opinion, a gaming laptop CAN NOT have the cooling system at one side.

Nelrio Tormon says:

any recommend free games for the laptop ?

Verdy Septian says:

Review GP62 7RFX please.. it’s has 1050Ti and RGB keyboard.

ibraganca says:

u should do the affordable watercooled pc

robby lenaert says:

i bought this laptop last friday and am verry happy with it, the overal stats are great for an affordable price ;D

Tom Liu says:

Single fan….. Great… For a gaming laptop

Taha Mudassir says:

Where is Dell 7567 review?
Do you even remember your promises?

vjekoP says:

good job Alienware 1250$ for an i5 7300HQ, 8gb of ram and a gtx 1050 2 gb…. and this is a 100$ less with an i7, gtx 1050ti, and 16 gb of ram

Rob Paoletta says:

Another great vid!

Exion Ace says:

gl502vm is 1200 in amazon right now

Syed Rahman says:

What happened to the Acer V15 Nitro Re-Review ?

Șerban says:

i want a 1080ti laptop for 500£, please. Why? because I’m the “laptops are expensive for no reason” type of guy.

Akhil Ghosh says:

Nope it’s cad 1700 for 1050ti. That’s not affordable??

Dem! Glase` says:

Wow, I love your hair!

Shaneil McIntosh says:

it has a 7700HQ ….you said 7700K

NekoTheSpook0010 says:

DVD in 2017 ?

Khandar William says:

remove “affordable”

parth bhavsar says:

which laptop I should buy Asus GL553 or ACER predator helio 300 ? If it is possible then plz compare them

Haris Ijaz says:

I’m anxiously waiting for you to review Dell 7567

Coleton Shiver says:

How well will this laptop preform in rendering large cad files? Looking for a casual gaming laptop I can also use for work.

Anirudh Banik says:

Any idea how to handle the thermal throttling? It’s a real pain for me.

Zaphzaph says:

Nice video! Could you review the lenovo thinkpad p51s? I haven’t found reviews anywhere

Sane Gamer says:

Hey Matthew, how are ya?
i saw your review. it was great. i just bought this laptop couple of days ago; and i need to tell you that it works great. the reason why i chose this laptop is because its not to red unlike other gaming laptop. it looks premium than others. about battery life i get good 4-5 hrs on watching movies and Videos and surfing. it can handle any modern games at 1080p even at high settings. if u are a student who wants to game and not want your laptop to look too red u should go for this.

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