ASUS GL503 Gaming Laptop Review – iBUYPOWER ⚡

Review of the iBUYPOWER Gaming Laptop ASUS GL503VD. An Amazing Laptop with a Beautiful Display! Product Links Below:
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Big Thanks to iBUYPOWER for Providing this Awesome Laptop for Review!

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Michael Aranda says:

Will you review the EVGA SC 15?

pixl says:

What games do you play yourself? Btw nice vid Awe

WYN Official says:

Is there a 8gb variant of RAM?

Dominic Moss says:

Hey Awe of Tech, just a quick question: Is it acceptable for the new pascal architecture components to run a little hotter in temp than previous generations especially in the higher-end components? Just heard alot of things about highish thermals with the new line-up as well as certain cpu’s. Love your content 😀 <3

Jmanthesin says:

When does the VS Model drop?

SpongebobSquarePants says:

Im not first because i can

YourRecaller says:

buy the acer helios 300 XD
what i remeber
gtx 1060 8 gb
16 gb ram
core i7 7700
1 tb + 225 gb hard drive
dont know the ssd

Gboy says:

love the new format awesome review of an awesome laptop

shamatuu says:

really wish i comes with a 1060 too

عبدالعزيز عبدالله says:


0perativeX says:

In this day and age, i wouldn’t go any lower than a GTX 1060 for gaming.

Ola Justin says:

Been looking on this or the GL702VM for private use and work. Gonna start video editing a little bit after filming cars doing dyno runs and maybe some short interviews. So great timing. I think the 503 is enough and nice that the screen is so good.

Video looks good too! Like it! 🙂

GG Gaming says:

Hey Awe of Tech. By the way can you tell me if Alienware is releasing a new laptop this year, besides the 17 r4. And if so can you please please review it

PP BB says:

where is SAVANA????

Mortal Diamond says:

I am stuck, please help. Should I get this, the predator Helios 300, gl553 or the GL502

Smash-ter says:

Any word on the Scar and Hero editions?

WYN Official says:

Is there a 8gb variant of RAM?


i srsly thought this was the zephyrus

NJHL 773 says:

What’s the difference between the Normal one and the ibuypower one?

redy bs says:

Holy shit, last time i was late, your subscribers i remember just around 5k now is 50k well done dude

Jane C says:

I can count on your reviews always being top notch!  Thank you!  Loved the quick sighting of Awe.

Николай Николов says:

Maybe the best laptop to buy now, but do not forget that in year 2018 the 8th gen Intel mobile processors are coming!

Ansari World says:

Amazing Lapi

James Tran says:

Most underrated review youtuber

Fat Rabbit says:

Beautiful laptop but that ibuypower sticker is so cheap looking. That would come off right away.

ScatterVolt says:

Damn, your b-roll is getting better every video! What camera are you using?

XXX1234ABC says:

u should blink more often

Super Fly says:

What the…….

Heddo22 says:

Can i THROW with this Laptop like ibp ?

Jeremy Andrada says:

I saw league of legends

Balb Mahal says:


Xclu5iv3 _ says:

can you review the gl503vs scar with NVidia gtx 1070

Elephant of Destiny says:


noir alias says:

he kinda reminds me of of dave 2D, soft voice and a honest personality. Keep up the good content!

Xcal thur says:

Great laptop! Awesome video. The brushed metal looks good!

Oscar Manzano says:

What games can pc run ?

AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2GHz CPU
8GB DDR4 Memory
AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB GPU

Awe of Tech says:

What an awesome looking gaming laptop. That display though is so nice. Let me know what you guys think!

TheIronVirus says:

Lit video!!!

Wuirox says:

ya pero le falta Rodrigo 🙁

keyur dhungana says:

i almost liked the video and then you started playing lol… :’) …. nice video tho awesome 🙂

Dima says:

Stumbled across your channel. Video very on point and liked your delivery, subscribed.

Mandhatasinh Chudasama says:

in your all videos you seem happy everytime is it true or you just try to be?.

aleos says:

Selling my pc this Christmas to buy a good gaming laptop, this might be it.

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