ASUS FX504 Review – Don’t Buy This Gaming Laptop!

ASUS TUF Gaming FX504 / FX80GE review after 3 weeks use. An Intel Core i7 8750H, 8GB, Nvidia 1050 Ti gaming laptop to avoid.

00:54 – Screen
01:29 – Internals
02:19 – Cost cutting at its worst
03:10 – Keyboard & touchpad
04:36 – Build & ports
05:53 – PSU & weights
06:31 – Performance & throttling
10:08 – Other benchmarks & Camera
11:06 – Gaming @ 1080p
12:08 – Fan noise & thermals
13:29 – Recap
14:32 – Pros & Cons list

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Ruhollah Etemadi says:

acer nitro 5 is a good alternative, same spec same price

gani usman says:

Want see poco phone unboxing from you.. honest at peaks 🙂

Korhan14 says:

Great review man. Keep up this work, we need these type of reviews.

Thomas Day says:

There goes your cheque from ASUS, lol

Muhd Hzwn says:

I have the FX503VM
Is it bad too?

Wesley vandeurzen says:

Hi could you please take a look at a ryzen 2700u gaming laptop not one of the thin laptops there seems to be no i formation on gaming laptops with the ryzen 2700u only on thin and lights that throttle the apu alot.

Glenn Angelo Quidasol says:

Please do a review on Acer nitro 5 (Ryzen)


i dont know y people complain about fan noise. i have my fans on full speed all the time

ihave7sacks says:

Your internet speeds are off the friggin charts and you’re complaining about them? WiFi cards and even Ethernet are not an issue anymore, the cards are always faster than available internet speeds.
I like your reviews but this always annoys me. Do you live inside a tower or something?
Most people will never be able to max their net cards.

seeratlas d' Tyria says:

Chris you are marvelous internet resource, and a braaaave man 🙂 Your candor really sets you apart from the rabble.

Prequels better than Sequels says:


Karipap Oxygen says:

it’s better to buy the rog series

C Anderson says:

Savage! The last few Asus laptops I’ve owned had bad build quality, won’t be buying from them anytime soon.

Floppy Bird says:

hmm… who will buy this laptop from you after watching this review? 😀

etedwintan says:

Lenovo Y520 way better than this

Indra Gunawan says:

Hi Chris.. I’ve just bought this laptop & following ur tutorial to get the max performance..
My “only” problem with this laptop is.. Everytime install msi afterburner + rtss…
it crash the 3dmark even in default clock..
The fps not show either.. So i give up with msi afterburner..
About performance.. I follow ur throttlestop & then manually created high performance profile.. And i can get 3d mark firestrike for 6300.. With low fan profile.. & 7500 with overboost fan profile..
I dunno why but my unit seem run cooler than your unit even in gaming.. I live in tropical indonesia with no AC room..
Thx Chris.. Cmiiw

Fábio Pereira says:

Will you review the pocophone f1 ?

Michael Aranda says:

Your honesty is always appreciated.

idrus alhabsyi says:

i got for 650$ i7,1050ti n 128ssd. still worth right?

Dede Superianto says:

It is very very hard to find a gaming laptop with red backlit keyboard in the market now and Asus did it! Shame on you, Asus!

Karan Singh says:

This laptop took 2:51 for 1min 4k youtube render while 7700hq took 3:09 and 7300hq 3:51 so currently 8750H > 7700HQ > 7300HQ > 8550u/8250u correct me if i am wrong. I also want to know that is 8300H is worth upgrading from 7300HQ for gaming. And also was the 8750H undervolted while 4k 1 min encoding?

Juan Carlos Lobo says:

Great review as always

NTH THN says:


Than Parm says:

Unbox the pocophone f1!

Todor Vladimirov says:

Try repasting it, that solved most of the issues I had with an Aspire VX15. The Acer has an identical motherboard layout and cooling to this Asus. Two heatpipes (skinny one and a bigger one) and a crippling fan profile that Acer DO NOT ALLOW users to change in any way. Mine overheated constantly and was regularly shutting down. The repaste lowered temps to about 82-85C in gaming loads on the i7 7700 and even lower on the 1050Ti. Mine was not stable with any kind of an undervolt, so I left that alone. What I still can’t understand is why Acer have only one (crippling) fan profile, and don’t allow users to change it (or at least switch to a high performance one). A good product concept ruined by bad design and decision-making.

Elio Milite says:

Hi, why don’t you test something like the Tongfang GK5CN6Z? It is a bezel-less gaming laptop (quite as Dell xps)
I paid mine 1250€ and it has:
I7 8750H
Gtx 1060
16gb Ram DDR4
128Gb Ssd + 1tb sshd
Mechanical keyboard

It is a laptop with one of the best cooling system (said by D2d)

montosunify says:

The problem with asus is that they have a premium lineup and they try to sell it by making the rest of their line-up look less attractive!!!

Happens to their zenbook line as well, even in 2018 they are releasing a usd 1.2k ultrabook with no PD charging and no thunderbolt(other than the cpu and ram the only upgrade over the 2017 model is the ssd where they finally use nvme instead of sata iii).

For their vivobook lineup, they further handicap it by putting in a tiny battery.

Honestly i no longer recommends asus to anyone anymore, as far as value goes they are now one of the worst in the market

Carlos Motta says:

The most annoying thing is the terrible screen. Imo, THIS is the deal breaker.
Almost any gaming laptop with 8th gen i7 gets hot as hell, and to cool it down one has to put fans at max, along with a good undervolt and sometimes a repaste with LM. Razer blade, for instance, is an overpriced flamethrower, capped at 35W. Personally, I don’t mind having a jet plane while gaming, if I have a cool machine in exchange, and always wear headsets.
Wifi and NVMe issues are a valid point, but for the gamer, and this is important: FOR THE GAMER, the real issue is the crappy screen and, for me, the only reason I’d never buy it.

Denny Welan says:

please review pocophone F1, and also need a camera comparison with redmi note 5 AI or Mi 6X/ Mi A2…thaaankks!!

Mario A says:

You’re the only reviewer I trust, thanks a bunch!

jeric lee says:


Aristo Nicholas says:

I always watching your review before buying. Thank you!

European says:

I apologize for the self-centered question, but this topic is quite relevant, personally.

I am studying in a university and I’m looking for a great laptop for around 500€ max.
The laptop should run all the Microsoft programs, internet browsing with multiple tabs open, music smoothly. If it could handle playing Max Payne 1-2, old Hitman games, San Andreas on good graphics, it’d be highly appreciated. Battery life also held precious.

Is there such a laptop in existence with 500 euros? Any recommendations from knowledgable of the topic?

Western Gents United says:

Great stuff

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