Are There Problems With The Surface Laptop?

The review is coming soon but before the Microsoft Surface Laptop comes in, here are some things you should know before buying!
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Kenneth Saraccini says:

nope. switching to Chromebook

Reed Markowitz says:

How is Windows S any different from Windows RT??

Ivan Vukoja says:

Is it good if a laptop has 12 gb of ram?

Filip Mikóczi says:

btw I use only edge and i have no problem. I like its design and It is faster than Chrom

Dead Parasite says:

lol. fuck that

iMicca says:

looks like a fucking macbook but….good. cos MacBook looks great

Josep Josep says:

Not for me, i like much more the Samsung laptops…..

A. N. says:

Windows 10s is honestly pretty retarded.

Chris says:

For that price I would get better a Macbook

TheDeLeG3nD says:

I bought my ASUS laptop 2 years ago (brand new, from a store) with the following specs:
– i5 5200U
– nVidia GeForce 940M (2GB)
– 1TB HDD (no SSD unfortunately)
for $600.

Ganesh Nayak says:

Dave… Did you borrow blood from Patrick Stewart ??? I mean how do you manage not to get old????

JAG the gamer says:

Buy a blade stealth 😀

alex mercer says:

so its supposed to be for students and costs around a grand lol.

RetroBolt says:

I spilled a drink on my surface laptop so four keys don’t work and the keyboard is impossible to replace.

Jesus Christhole says:

Apple Surface Laptop

Mijdax says:

Okay, limiting it on the ms store available programs its cutting off the only thing that made it better than ubuntu…. why MS, why are you doing this?

Shawn S. says:

Why the f*** would I need USB C

Daniel Huynh says:

My problem is the RAM, my Macbook pro lasted 7 years. 4gb is not future proof. And touchscreen. I have a Surface 3. And I barely use it unless for scrolling long documents. It is quite a waste and it makes the screen thicker

Joel Noguera says:

MacBook Air or Surface laptop, same configuration; some opinion?

Zed Why says:

Dell (XPS, Latitude) and Lenovo (Thinkpad, Yoga) have far better options at this price point. This Laptop if definitely designed for the fashion conscious consumer. But in that case, why not an XPS or Yoga? And 10S is a waste of time at the moment.

RMF says:

For the first time, a PC that is worse than a Mac. Expensive and useless. Well done microsoft!

Randomniceplays says:

I’m rather curious when you get the laptop, use it for a few hours on a bed where the fans should be covered by your blanket and see how hot it gets.

Derek Zhu says:

my question is, will it support mac os? if not then I’ll pass

whiteipod2000 says:

At that price you might as well stick with mac computers.

iloveselenagomez yeah says:

The base model also only comes in platinum which is just annoying if I am a university student and I am going all the way to buy a surface notebook atleast lemme have one of the cool colours?

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