Aorus 15 Gaming Laptop Review – RTX 2060

The Aorus 15 gaming laptop is on the smaller side for a 15 inch laptop with some nice specs inside. In this review we’ll take a look at performance, thermals, overclocking, battery life and basically everything else you’d want to know to help you decide if it’s worth it.

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Check out the cooling pad used in the video here:

Want to see even more game benchmarks with the Aorus 15?

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Paul Smith says:

I’m getting the 2070 x9 version of this model, and I can’t wait! Thanks for the awesome review and giving me the insight I needed for what to expect!

Vincent LE THIEC says:

Hello, can you tell me the name of the software that you use for see the fps, memory used, temperature … in game please ?

Chrissy Poo says:

is the razer blade review coming i’m looking to buy the 2060 version of that laptop

Lalo Ajuria says:

great review. one i will skip.

Nigel Rodrigo says:

Hey awesome vid. Can you let me know if its better to go for a 1070 laptop or a 2060 laptop?

sabishiihito says:

I really don’t get laptops like this and the ROG Strix II models that don’t have Optimus OR G-sync.

Zhewei Chen says:

Toasted like an Alienware m15…

Rahul Vala says:

Great review Jarrod, would you please do a review on Asus Strix Scar 2, GL704GW?

Majid Alharbi says:

Hi Jarrod.
I have been a fan of ur channel for quite some time. I need your help, or anyone who is reading this, on choosing a laptop. I need something not heavy so I could carry it around in university and also at the same time I want to play games comfortably. I don’t want 4k 60fps etc. I want to play games like let’s say Apex legends or the division 2 on full hd with stable playable fps.

My budget is 1k usd.

Nischal A says:

Any upcoming Rtx 2070(Non max q) laptop review coming up???

Bob Of All Trades says:

180w is an odd choice. The 2060 and 2070mq pull the same wattage spite the latter equipped with a large psu. Perhaps the 115w 2070 is their justification for a 230w brick

No Optimus which is a huge plus for me.

Sean H says:

Dear God those fans are the loudest I’ve seen in any gaming laptop review. I’ve never seen one break 60 decibels. What model of cooling pad are you using? I’ve been trying to find 230watt power bricks on Amazon that fit Gigabyte laptops but I haven’t had any luck. It kind of sucks that even though they’ve upgraded the parts they’re still selling the equivalent of 1070 performance for basically the same price.

Kentolope says:

Can you review the rog strix scar rtx 2060

DigitalShadow says:

I have a feeling theres gonna be an option to remove the 2.5″ bay to increase the battery size. Honestly, all laptop makers need to have this option.

joao sidney ricardo says:

can we expect a review with the RTX 2070 version? im worried about heat on that unit

Musalli x says:

Jarrod please I need your advice
Do you recommend this unit or the Triton 2060 or the scar2 2060 please help me and if you think that there is better laptops for around 1850 bucks tell me please and thanks for the hard work as always ❤

Sebastian Aguirre says:

Hi Jarrod! are you by any chance getting the MSI GS65 RTX 2060 any time soon?

neon cz says:

Yeah good job gigabyte getting back the 2.5” bay so we can have smaller batteries. God bless you.

Chris Kopsch says:

5:30 I think that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people


Hey can we use a free sync monitors with GeForce graphics card

jman44 says:

Glad I chose the Y740 over the Aorus

Teco01ejg says:

18:43 Pros have them Thicc cards.

게사장의 긴리뷰 says:

I was considering this for my next laptop, but not having optimus without g-sync just kills it for me… Great review though

Flez says:

Can it run chrome at 60 FPS?

Sivanesan says:

Do a review of the Asus fx505 AMD edition

GeneXiS_X says:

No Optimus is a good thing actually (unless you need battery life), but no GSYNC?

Wish they can have less shared heatpipes so that the CPU can run cooler

Quite portable too: 2.2kg weight, 25cm thick

ArKrAeL z says:

Please review the g5 and g7

BladeRnR10 says:

Superb review as usual Jarrod. Thank-you!

Karthik Murali says:

How does it perform to 1070 laptops with similar configs?

Adam Sherlock says:

Workable on lap or no?

Austin Krause says:

Excellent review! Great data points! So happy to see the various CPU/GPU comparisons for temps and frequency. This is the exact type of review I’ve been looking for. This laptop, the Lenovo Y740, and ASUS ROG Strix Hero II are the ones I’m looking at for the 8750H/GTX 2060 combo. 11/10 video, will continue watching!

AndrewKoczur says:

Great Video! Really liking the performance on these specs! Could you do the Acer Predator Triton 500 RTX 2060 Version?

Sanket Desai says:

I want u to do the review for triton 500 and overclock it so much that it matches the performance of 2070 because I know that chassis can easily handle it. Take my word the triton 500 will be the best laptop of 2019 beating aero 15 easily

RoninTheRacoon™ says:

I love how I cannot afford this yet I am still watching it. XD

DX Phenom says:

Aorus 15 vs Scar II PLZZZZZ!!!!!

@king1226_:)@ says:

Please make a review of MSI GL63 8SE

Betternet says:

What’s the point in buying this as a laptop when it has such horrible battery, it might as well just be a tower

ObsceneJesster says:

Underwhelming laptop from Aorus

Jeremar Legaspi says:

Great review! Aorus looking good!


Great review Jarrod, keep it like that!!

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