An Ultrabook For Gaming! FINALLY!!!

Dave2D review of the ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331 with an Nvidia MX150. The best laptop from Asus for thin and light gaming under $1000!
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The new ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331 is the lightest laptop from Asus with a high-performance discrete graphics chip. The Zenbook 13 UX331 is 13.9mm thin and 1.12kg light rocking a NanoEdge display which makes it more compact than most 13-inch laptops. A 4K 13.3-inch touchscreen display is available with a pixel density of 332 pixels per inch. Gaming is great with the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 chip and it’s own dedicated video memory. Up to 14 hours of battery life and fast charging that will get you 60% battery on a 50 minute charge.

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Arckanum says:

Asus makes crap. Just look at the black levels , grey blacks, ugly blue color which is reminiscent of something e-machies would use if they had a laptop. Everything they make is cheap plastic like a toy. And this is a grand!?

Zon Music says:

Can you make a video about an ultrabook with great battery life and a compatible eGPU box?

WPIManiacMagic says:

try undervolting it … my razer got so loud so fast … took it down .1 and dropped 15 degrees same performance

TheTargetlockon says:


Mate Tothkelemen says:

What about the ASUS ZenBook 14?

Miko Suria says:


SkyBolt says:

How is lite editing?

Akash Raj says:

Could please tell me where did you pick your wallpapers of your TV from

Vaggelis Basoukas says:

13.3 inches ? BULLSHIT !!!!! MAJOR CLICKBAIT !!!

Get Rekt says:

You playing fortnite just got you an extra 200k views

Auriym says:

What the hell is an mx150

1 2 says:

I Love “Asus”,
“Asus” is a very fine brand…

JNNNK says:

So you tell us the zenbook PRO UX550 is not for gaming (GTX 1050) because of soem thermal throttling on the CPU but a MX150 is the “perfect ultrabook for gaming” ???

The UX550 will still, even with throttling, have much much better performance

Pranay Gawas says:

Hp pavilion Power 15 review please.

Sebastian Cuadros Valcarcel says:

What gaming laptop do you recommend under 2000$?

Mrxmasftw says:

can u review the lenovo 320s 13inch with mx150 and i7 8550u?

amar mouloudj says:

your voice is amazingly relaxante i watching your vids in bed helps me sleep

homeraman says:

Hey sorry I have de 1400$ edition UX331 with i7 8550U MX150 SSD 512Go and Fortine in very low graphics is very instable with big drop of framerate (7-24 FPS avrg) I dont understand WHY ?! Im with the last update of GeforceExperience, last drivers with Directx12, I have disabled the UHD620 intel Graphics to put the MX150 GPU the first but no modification …
Please tell me what is wrong and is it normal ….

Thank you !

amir hamzah says:

Please review vivobook s15 with mx150

Gaimion Gaming says:

why are there mostly expensive stuff?

Chris Coddington says:

Amazing that TB3 is not the standard in 2018. Apple got it right in 2016.

Dave Lee says:

See how this guy plays games on a laptop with this ONE SIMPLE TRICK!

Thanks for watching =)

Anton says:

Way rather have my xps15

Saman Khonji says:

Hey Dave. I want to know something. Somebody tell me that buying a gaming laptop is stupid and you can buy a laptop which is not gaming and have better specific. What do you think? . oh, my budget is 900$

H Choi says:

hi guys, i have been watching dave’s videos for every gaming labtop review and i have decided to buy one, Acer aspire 5. I have compared online and offline and it came out that online was cheaper choice. But, this is my first time ordering online is it safe, fine with ordering laptop online? (btw im ordering with amazon)

Dji Bangladesh says:

review Aorus X5 v7

BernieZ zzz says:

Still expensive 🙁

Yashvardhan Tailor says:

Can you do the review of Dell inspiron 5577

Ashiq Mohamed says:

should I get xps 13 or this laptop?? pls help. I cant decide which one to go with

lee cg says:

very good ( cost-effectiveness ) notebook !!!

Permon Jackson says:


ToNothingElse says:

link to wallpaper in background screen please

michael gleave says:

I hate Australia sometimes, stuff can just get so expensive over here

Petar Vidakovic says:

will the zenbook be availible in europe?

Boxer_11 says:

Hi Dave , which one is the most worth it laptop for all the things( gaming editing video)?
Thanks from Uruguay

Abraham Anguiano López says:

Surface Book 2 it’s the best Ultrabook for gaming.

Black-Pack says:

Thank you.

Tim Whitehead says:

Thoughts on the UX430UN Dave? Seems like pretty much the same laptop, just 14″.

Also, any idea what kind of wireless card they’re using? I have an MSI now and the Killer card is @#$&ing terrible.

RebelGrey says:


Michal19lol says:

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Nathan Wtk says:

This vs Dell inspiron 7577 ??

Lungelo Nkgadima says:

Can you use the USB type c port to charge it

King 350s says:

That is actually the laptop I was looking for thank you!

J Khamis says:

Dave, this laptop looks ideal for many. I want one myself! Though it’s been out of stock for a little while now and I can’t find anywhere that’s selling any. Any idea when and where we can expect to be able to buy? Thanks for all the excellent content!

mytubeaccount says:

Can u find an affordable pc, an alternative to expensive mac s for people who work with multimedia software like music/graphic/mechanical design tools ???

natalya hepi says:

dave touuuyyyy sexzdds

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