Alienware M15 Gaming Laptop Review

The M15 is a new thinner and lighter gaming laptop from Alienware, at least compared to their previous models. In this review we’ll take an in depth look and see how well it performs and if there are any issues with packing so much power into a smaller machine.

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Beerus_sama says:

Looking forward to the thunderbolt test… stay Blessed!

Zeffy says:

I dont get what does throught their minds. All “gaming” laptops looks like complete trash. Why cant we just have a clean, sharp and proffessional appeal to a laptop? “Gamer” accents to laptops is what really kills the market, its bs

Han TheReds says:

Hello Jarrod, this or strix scar 2 rtx? Which one is better?

Tibor László says:

99° is enaugh for me to stop the review and ignore this laptop.

Old Man Bryan says:

60Hz Panel with a 1070MQ? Ew

Noah Ranker says:

The glossy bezels look like dog shit

Hellaskinnyskin says:

Msi gs65 is still lighter

Heiko Htrew says:

I have a asus gl703gs with i7 8750h an GTX 1070 (no MaxQ).
Can I use it just as Uv and Oc as the alienware

Virtual IT Boy says:

Crazy that it performance so badly while also being so expensive! If i see those temps, will it not make the plastic meld or more brittle resulting in cracking ?

Jonathan Santana says:

Minus the plastic bezels I really like the design, I’ve been waiting for the RTX versions to come out since there will be an option with a 4k OLED panel that I really want. Hopefully its not over $3k USD

Sufyan Siddiqui says:

Jarrod have you ever bought any laptop from You can customise your laptop before buying. They can even repaste your CPU and GPU, add additional copper to your heat pipe and heat sink and change your thermal pads. And they have a lot of customisation options.

Steven G says:

I’ve had an M15 for about a month now so just chipping in. In the cpu test in aida64, I hit a max of 71 degrees. In games, I’m running between 50 and 60 degrees on cpu and gpu, depending on the game. Not seeing any thermal throttling. Not saying I haven’t done some tweaking, cos I have, but mine is working pretty damn well now. The man thing is, the stock thermal paste seems to be garbage, and you absolutely have to raise the rear of the laptop to allow air flow.

ILikeWhatsTrending says:

Why is it that when I search this laptop on amazon I can’t find it anywhere. How did you get a link for it in your description?

Juan Lopez says:

Could you give more info on what background apps you’re turning off to get that kind of battery life? No matter what, despite battery saver being cranked, I only get about 2 hours of battery life with the same 60wh battery. I don’t wanna turn off anything important y’know? Thanks!

look at me says:

Pls make a right review from the msi ge75 you make it to quickly

TabalugaDragon says:

At these kinda temps I would far rather undervolt the GPU rather than overlock it. I mean 90 degrees is crazy. How long would that laptop last for intence gaming? 2 years? one?
In my Dell G3 undervolting the GPU lowered GPU temps by 8 degrees(completely eliminating GPU throttling) and CPU temps by 5 degrees. IMO for laptops with such temps undervolting both CPU and GPU is the only option. Unless a person who buys it plays like once a month or a millionare who doesn’t care how much such expensive device would last.
On the positive side – Battery life is just amazing for a gaming laptop, same with Dell G3

Diego Sanchez says:

Face reveal @ 1 mil?

tiramisu says:


OBCTGamer says:

The wait for the MSI GS75 is killing me. Its on paper specs seem too damn perfect….

ISA's Sekai says:

Don’t like this laptop. Compared to the Alienware 13 r3. It has a worse build quality, worse keyboard, worse thermals (especially when you consider it will come with the stronger RTX 2080 max q version soon), no windows hello, Worse mouse pad, Alienware 15/17 also had G-sync options, no cool leds like the AW 15 and 17.
All these compromises for thinner bezels, thinner laptop overall, and lighter.

I understand that they want to compete with the competition regarding this. And now they have the Area 51m to counter all these compromises, but it’s too thick with 2 PSU. So there is no option in between anymore. so like a really powerful machine that is still something that you can take everywhere.

Decisions, decisions, …

Nonetheless, Amazing review. Thank you Jarrod!! Thanks to you the new Gigabyte Aero 15 piqued my interest instead. Hoping to see a review of that too when the new rtx versions release. Keep it up!!

Ali-W7 Ananza says:

Is it for gaming or for cooking eggs ?

Chris Li says:

three days away to the rtx laptops, so excited

Kaushik kampli says:

I don’t think rtx in laptops will make that much of a difference

A says:

no point to get an expensive laptop like this with an old gpu. Unless there is a steep discount

Jeremar Legaspi says:

I kinda expected these results, nice review!

Patrik says:

That’s a fancy looking heater

garretwatson1701 says:

I’m holding out for an m13 with no/low powered internal graphics that focuses on using the graphics amp to provide gaming power. If they keep the same cooling, but no longer have to cool an internal gpu, they could make a nice thin and light on the go laptop with great at home gaming performance for way less than other companies.

mugenjouproject says:

As far as I know only the palmrest is plastic, all other parts are magnesium alloy. But they have some form of strong powdercoat on top of it that might make it feel plasticy.

xomegaxz says:

Bloody hell i can boil goddamn water while gaming on this laptop

chuvi2000 says:

2 days to RTX laptops….

The Unknown says:

my money is going to the dell this year, well if the g series rtx comes to brazil that is

megalith says:

As expected of shitty Dellienware. I can almost smell the failure Area 51m will be. Desktop CPU on a shitty cooling solution. Time and time again, Dell engineers show how incompetent they are. I wonder what tests they run and criterias they have to considered this device a success. Had to return the 17R5 to similar issues.

iFumoffu says:

Ah yeas! That’s more like it! Nothing beats an overheating Alienware~ I was worried that dave2d is saying it’s got proper cooling. I mean please! A properly cooled Alienware isn’t a Alienware! Gosh!

Amir Bright says:

Another max-q cancer, put a proper 1070 and stop with this max-q garbage.
Thanks for the video though, my comment is aimed at stupid manufacturers.

Carlos Motta says:

Hi, Jarrod.
JT review, as usual.
To be honest, imao, the only good is the awesome performance in games. Rest is within mediocre/ok range. Again, IMAO. If someone says “you can’t afford it, so you bash it”, he/she is partially right. I can’t afford it, but even if I could, I’d pass it big time. An ok plastic machine, with a BBQ grill inside. We all know there are plenty of much better choices available.
Yes, folks, all of them out of my league.

Have a good one, mate.

Ἁλκή says:

you did great at reviewing laptop especially when you say those measurement in cm and kg, it helps more people to understand every details you said.

24/7 says:

Can somebody tell me what the best gaming laptop is that I can buy in 2019 with almost everything perfect?

Tuatini GODARD says:

@Jarrod’sTech something that may interest people during the review is also how the screen behave exposed to sunlight (I’m sure you have enough of that in Australia aha). Like an overall feel if the screen is visible or has too many reflect on sunlight. It’s especially important for travelers like me.

Thanks a lot for this amazing review btw!

Joel Conolly says:

I wonder why yours is overheating but the one that Dave Lee tested is cooled “properly”.

Akash Sathawane says:

review lenovo legion y540 and y740

Mohamad Arif Amir Mohamad Safri says:

Speaking of external GPU. Does anyone here have any experience with m.2 exgpu dock? Would love to hear some opinion bout it.

Matt Christie says:

@ 4:25 Exactly what Barbie says about Ken! LOL! That laptop sure likes to run hot. Really makes me wonder if they actually do any testing before putting it in to production. Though I guess this time of the year in Australia is a bit tougher on laptops.
Excellent review as always Jarrod.
Have a great day!

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