Alienware Area-51m Review – Gaming Laptop with a Desktop CPU

Lisa Gade reviews a very new sort of Alienware gaming laptop, the 17.3” Area-51m with a desktop processor and upgradable graphics card. The Alienware Area 51m isn’t much larger than the Alienware 17, yet it packs significantly more performance, upgradability and cooling. It’s available with Intel Core i7-8700, Core i7-9700K and Core i9-9900K CPUs, NVIDIA RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 dedicated graphics, and a full HP IPS display (60Hz, 144Hz options). Fast NVMe SSDs with optional RAID0, Alien FX per key RGB backlighting and body lighting and Thunderbolt 3 are standard. Pricing starts at $2,149, but our top of the line Core i9 with RTX 2080, lots of storage and 32GB RAM costs considerably more.
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Morgan Hernandez says:

Love the review and most importantly the DBZ shirt

Jeremy Lopes says:

What’s the problem with sharing heatpipes CPU/GPU?
I would think it’s great sharing them all.
When it’s CPU intensive or just GPU intensive you would get all the cooling capabilities available.

Not going to put my name in this box google says:

I like it I want it ….but I want it in QHD 🙁

Plump Cat says:

Cheaper than a base model MacBook pro 15

Jose Antonio says:

I love that DBZ shirt!

anthony senart says:

God I love all your reviews…All yeah that shirt is Awesome

HX Teng says:

dat DBZ t-shirt is better than this laptop

Arghyanir Giri says:

Dbz shirt!!! You rock!

Kaizer Allen says:

Please review the Alienware m17!

J O says:

The day gamer laptops are partly watercooled is the day I buy one, and yeees I know it is hard to pull off. Really good review tho and interesting to see what Alienware can do it is impressive

Wolfgang25 says:

But will we ever see you sport a One Punch Man tshirt though?

JLF says:

Appreciate the review but this laptop is pretty useless. While the specs are impressive, I can’t help but think an itx pc would be a better choice say if you’re moving to and from places every month or so, or just get a cheaper gaming laptop. Would not want to have to lug this huge beast around with 2 power bricks and now a lot of gaming laptops have been getting lighter, offer better cooling and FPS over their previous models. [Apart from the max-q cards lol]

Ernie Copage says:

Thanks again for an informative review I think I will spring for this over the MSI Raider but which configuration is best for gaming as I will get RTX 2080 and the I9 processor?

Hex Wrench says:

LIsa is it getting to that time to re-show your new setup?

Albert Fajarito says:

DBZ T-Shrit, reviews laptop with power over 99999.

Allan Sh says:

I’d rather have an ITX build.

FSK1138 says:

9:40 can you use the “dell graphics amplifier port “(egpu ) + thunderbolt egpu at the same time along with the internal gpu
in some sort of “hybrid 3 way sli”
could you review this unit with egpu options ?

Max Meier says:

That isnt a laptop with a desktop CPU, that is a desktop with a CPU.

شموخ رجل says:

You good woman

Robert Cooper says:

Cool shirt!!!

nicegoodspeed1 says:

I got distracted with the dragon ball shirt. Lol.

Wolfgang25 says:

Okay, science says I can live with just one kidney… any taker?

Flamma ? says:

I thought it was a router haha

g405t says:

it’s over 9000, wait no $4500…

nick donzanti says:

Mine came scratched. Twice… waiting for my 3rd

Eragonfrost says:

Battery life is the time it takes to boot up

Danny Berry says:

why didn’t you actually test the battery life instead of spreading false info? pcworld actually tested it at 250 nits running a 4k video until the battery died and it lasted almost 6 hours

Đăng Doãn Hải says:

Great shirt as always

J Doe says:

Dang, another great, thorough review doesn’t skip the practicalities……
Thank you!
(That thing is beautiful. So pretty.)

Panda boy says:

Beautiful laptop

Gary Walker says:

Admiration from me for going through that disassembly and not just saying ‘can be done’. Good review, impressive machine. And this is the basis of a real workstation more so than some of Dell’s Precision line.

Peter Pan says:

I wonder, is Lisa bangin’ anyone?

Alex Shaw says:

Came for the laptop
Stayed for the DBZ shirt

Mark Moore says:

Hi Lisa, You said the fans get loud, but how loud exactly? Also would the fans on the MSI raider GE75 be super loud as well? Thanks in advance.

Top Dawg says:


Adjodha B says:

Thanks for the review, Lisa. How is the Area 51m compared to the same high-end spec Origin Eon17-X which has a 4K option with i9-9900K, RTX 2080 for around the same price range?

Shobin p says:

Like for DBZ shirt

RaymBWW says:

thanks for the detailed review Lisa as always.

Chris says:

i literally just bought that shirt at walmart today lol

Joey Bishop says:

It’s beautiful. Expensive as hell but beautiful.

Brad Haines says:

any way to change the wattage? i like my aero 15x capped at 30w (and -130mv), clocks maxed at 3.6, keeps it cool.

i dont see the need to go that far, but being able to adjust it to keep it under control is nice.

also, think there could be an option soon to put 1440p/120hz in this? i think that’d be the perfect combo for the hardware

RicoViking9000 says:

3:27 I’m sure you realized this later but it’s a 9900K actually; H is the mobile moniker

Francis Zhao says:

The CPU equipped on this laptop is actually the desktop version. There is definitely no H for the name of the CPU. It is a 9900K but not a “9900HK”. There is even no such thing (“9900HK”) has been released. Can’t see why the channel is so amateurish now. It’s a shame.

stonedape420 says:

I’ll be in the market for a desktop-replacement-laptop when touchscreen becomes common. Getting anxious to see what the early 2020’s bring.

oren says:

Stopped watching as soon as she said 4500 dollars.

Brice MARTIN says:

1080p panel… men are they serious?

DarthRaver86 86 says:

They temporarily stopped shipping these out because of “quality control” issues lmfao fucking alienware go figure.

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