Alienware 17 R4 (2017) Review: The Best Big Gaming Laptop?

Review of the Alienware 17 R4 2017 Gaming laptop. Powerful, fast, great for VR and packed with the latest i7-7820HQ processor and GTX 1080. Watch for the full review!

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RoboCoffee says:

2:56 it should be i7 7820hk

shravan das says:

tobii eye tracking has nothing to do with windows hello feature, if you are buying without tobii even then also the default camera supports windows hello (because of infrared capability).

Neil Sanchez Yumen says:

still waiting on that Dell Inspiron 15 review #StayingStrong

Gustav Hjalager says:

can it play roblox? 🙂

Rishabh Patel says:

Where are your funny intros? lol.. Nice review matt!

BlinkJinx says:

Matthew review the RAZER BLADE PRO

abdullah nadeem says:

yo matthew waitin for the review on lenovo yoga 720

The Nightman says:

I seen you at Pickle Barrel yesterday 🙂 i totally wanted to say hello but it looked like you were with your family.

kyriakos tsaknakis says:

1050ti with a 4K dislay and 120Hz panel??? Uh uh. Are tou serious??

Oakley Bhati says:

remember when you had that shitty intro lol me nither

Brynbo 2000 says:


Goku says:

Great video Matt!! I’ve never owned a gaming computer before, but my older cousin does & is a huge PC gamer, he might want to check this out!! BTW just saw your smartphone vs battle vid, was awesome, will you still be doing your reviews on them (S8+ & LG G6?) or was that it as the VS 😀

The Sticky Paper King Slayer aws says:

Thanks for the awesome review video really helpful 😀

Bao Pico says:

alienware is not on top 3 gaming laptop, even top 5

Jean-Daniel Duloir says:

so witch is the best? i really want to buy one

JPOG7 TV says:

I heard many people had to repaste their due to overheating in late 2016. have those issues subsided

Taha Mudassir says:

I have a question.
What did you do with all the laptops and stuff that came to you as a review sample?

MrRambee says:

damn.. alienware really is falling behind the rest of the gaming brands..

Lg says:

Wars are man made, so why did the horse have to suffer…..

Rip bf1 horse….

TechRN says:

I have the FHD IPS 60hz panel version of this laptop with the 1070 and I absolutely LOVE IT. I use if between work and home exactly as Matthew described and mine is equipped with the 99wh battery, so I am getting 6 to 7 hours of usage time on one charge for basic productivity tasks and web browsing. This is of course with the Alien Fx lighting turned off in all zones, power saver mode turned on, and the screen at 50%, but that is still freaking incredible for a 17inch powerhouse of a laptop. I don’t even bring my charger with me when I go to the coffee shop for a day of working on research papers in it anymore! Its great battery life makes it justifiably useful for practical applications as opposed to merely a gimmick to show off at LAN parties or coffee shops. Some will complain about the weight and I definitely agree that this is not a day to day 10 hours of carrying around the city kind of laptop. But it is perfect for its intended use and has been a joy to do upgrades on and game with. The weight is justified too in that it is freaking bullet proof. The pictures and videos before I bought and held my own have not done it justice. It. Is. A. Beast!!! The plastic grill on the bottom is the only thing I think that would break if I dropped this on an uneven surface from a height of 6 feet! The 17 R4 is seriously a damn fine laptop that gets way more hate than it deserves based on crappy older models and Dell buying Alienware some years back. Companies don’t stay in business for long if they really suck as much as the haters say and the good ones will strive to satisfy customers wishes now or make hard design choices that receive flak but will ultimately benefit users in the future (I.e., companies replacing more and more ports with USB-C, but not to the extreme Apple went for just yet XD). This is a good laptop and most of the top YouTube tech reviewers like Dave Lee, MobileTechReviews, and so on have been giving it resounding praise. Pardon my long comment but I just want more people to be aware of how cool these machines are! Bad experiences can happen with every company, every model of laptop, every production year and refresh, so don’t listen to a few pissed off people who go onto every video and review of a certain laptop or company and tear it to pieces, or worse, someone who has NEVER owned the model and is simply giving it or the company a hard time because they have nothing else better to do than create or sustain annoying controversies and arguments.

Pooya DW says:

please re review huawei mate 9 it has been more than 6 months since you reviewed it for the first time

Reasat Mahmud says:

Do you plan on reviewing the HP Spectre x360 13″? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Chris Jaramillo says:

Great video Matt haha clean and crisp, I always look forward to seeing what you have to review. This is a great laptop, now that I got a replacement one from Alienware newer specs then my last year model, they decided to send me one because of all the problems I’ve experienced. So far it runs smoothly(finally). I was surprised that they gave me a upgraded model compared to my previous one from last year, good on Dell I was starting to lose hope. I bring this laptop with me everywhere, sure it may be heavier than most, but bruh do you even lift!? Haha keep up the good work Matt I appreciate your love for tech too. 🙂

ibraganca says:

what about the razor predator

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