Alienware 17 (2017) Review – The Ultimate Gaming Laptop

Dave2D review of the Alienware 17 R4 – The best gaming laptop from Alienware (GTX 1080 + i7-7820HK)
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Ulrich Stern says:

dave lee. i have a $2000 budget from my savings. what should i buy? msi? or asus rog?(actually i want high spec laptop but have usual appearance. not gaming-like apprarance because in my location. there is high gaming laptop theft.)

William Malk says:

Also the specs for the amazon link you put are not aligned with the laptop you reviewed.

Arun Kumar says:

is it good for video or photo editing?

wonfeather says:

Why do you keep throwing up the 666? Did you sell your soul for youtube?

RageVl says:

amazing animation

TechDudeHD says:

we want that old intro music back! thumbs up! if you agree! so he sees this comment

peter jones says:

tobii eye tracking great for the blind or visually impaired…its heavy due to the large battery….guess they need to lighten it and reduce the price whilst offering paid options.
this to me is a sub 1000 dollar laptop bracket.

Ladji adama Berte says:

Hi dave are you getting the white lines on the screen? many people reported having lines on the screen and Dell said that the screen manufacturer confirmed that it’s a watermark

Raindropmemory says:

I always puzzled by the music you use in every of your video Dave. Yes, I read the description, this video is credited with “Fili – Dollar For My Thoughts” But the search result always turns NOTHING, yes, NOTHING, like it never existed. Other video is the same. I really want that music! ; __ ;

Arvind Iyer says:

Finally managed to buy an alienware 15… Btw anyone wants a kidney?

Bader Algosaibi says:

Ill be buying this

attack helicopter says:

how is this man not at 1 mil subs?

Andrei Avila says:

Hey Dave2d can you make a review of Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 5th Gen, I want ur opinion about the build quality and keyboard

O'shane Richards says:

Build a Desktop PC and invest in a PS4 if you need to game at your friends place… Too much money for these bad boys vs building your own desktop… just saying great video.

Tony Ling says:

I can’t wait to bring this to my next corporate job interview

edwin k says:

Can you test also an alienware laptop of about 1000 til 1150 dollars ?

elyen01 says:

Can you attach it to an external Alienware video card enclosure? Nice videos as always! Thank you!

Smile96Mundo says:

The intro is from The Weeknd “Earned It”?!?

yeld says:

The lighting on this video when the Alienware sits on the table makes it look like it is black on top. Man, this looks good!

Shemar Austin says:

Hey can you review the lenovo legion y720

Flemming Setiawan says:

Make a video about the best gaming laptops with a GTX 1060 Graphics Card Dave.

bina akene says:

can you please do a review of the lenovo legion y720. I’m thinking of getting a dell xps 15 but I’m also considering that cuz it has more gaming capabilities and not that bad battery life

Bader Algosaibi says:

Make an AW 17 Benchmarks video

Okanda Perera says:

oh my god I need one

Tech Talk says:

Same price as a razer blade 14 with a gtx 1060 and 512gb of storage with UHD display

William Malk says:

Wow Alienware is really getting their stuff together with the price! However the warranties seem really expensive; are they worth it? Am i able to just get the bare minimum warranty and extend it later?

Dillip Kumar says:

oh man these are expensive . Chinese companies should make clone version which should affordable

M. Mohsin says:

Dave Lee can you please make a video on budget gaming desktop ?

Zing-yuet Wong says:

The problem with the latest K1.0.9 BIOS is that in some games the PCH temperature can rise up to 96 Celsius degree, even when the CPU temp doesn’t rise that high. Thermal paste is still really bad but the uneven cores temperature is no longer an issue, which is very nice.

Ian McDermot says:

For the price and the specs you’re getting that’s actually a really good price for a 17 inch 1080 laptop lol

BlazinNSoul says:

I used to buy into the whole Alienware bs but wised up thankfully. I think they were better off when they were a separate company.

Not under Dell which pretty much as written them off I think. It’s a joke if they think I’m going to pay this for a system.

That has such minimum specs on a high end system. I staying with Asus which at least gives you something worth your time and investment. :/

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