Alienware 13 R3 Gaming Laptop Review and Benchmarks

The Alienware 13 R3 is a 13 inch gaming laptop with full Nvidia 1060 graphics inside making it smaller and more portable than many other gaming laptops. Let’s see what it can do in some gaming benchmarks and discuss if all the features are worth it for the price.

I’ve got the 1440p OLED model here, however it’s also available with a 1080p IPS panel in a number of different RAM/SSD configurations.

Check pricing and further reviews at Amazon:

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Jim Kai Yiat says:

What is the price? Nvm I saw the end.

ABHI FlaMe says:

A video on the Dells G series please

Ofir Gado says:

Hi Jarrod. Are you going to get around to review the dell g7? Possibly compare with the dell 7577? Thanks.

Buying On a Budget says:

With the 8th gen H CPU out, I really doubt the 7th gen CPU laptop worth buying. Unless the price is really good. Some people don’t need that many cores though I guess.

TuF says:

Your channel is so good bro, small but good quality, that’s why i subscribed to you. Keep up the good work ✌️

IxianMace says:

Killer display there, albeit a bit smaller than what I would like. How do you feel about the glossiness and reflectivity of the screen? Do reflections or glare distract you from what’s going on on the screen?

Joel Conolly says:

Strong. Do you have any other 13-14 inch gaming laptop recommendation?

Tanmay Mohapatra says:

Honestly.. You deserve much More

Antphoneigh says:

This laptop has become my desktop replacement. The GFX AMP upgrade is true futureproofing, and it takes 2x NVME drives. That OLED is truly magical. If you’re interested, you better get on it quick as Dell confirmed that they will discontinue this laptop.

Just being that character who lives under a bridge says:

Alienware = Overpriced.

No joke even used on FB people try selling Alienware laptops they paid 3200$ two – three years ago like for 2900$ or 3000$. X)
In any other laptop those components would be worth like 2000$ new.

TechOver UrLife says:

Why even dell Alienware doesnt follow slim and powerfull workstation laptop design like msi & gigabyte nowdays they could attract some entry level user with it

Muhd Syahin says:

Why only 60Hz?

Mr. Dynamite says:

Well I always liked alienware’s desktop and laptop designs. What a great laptop to do a video on! Keep up these videos!

ivan sikaleski says:

Very good review! Although i find most alienware laptops/pc’s Very overproced and they should not cost as much as they do.

Mohd Faris Bin Abdul Rahman says:

Please review asus tuf series. Their cheapest gaming laptop

German Cordero says:

Hey Jarrod! Very nice video, can you review the Alienware 17 r4?

az zahar says:

With Dell releasing six core coffee lake for both XPS15 and G series budget gaming lineup, Alienware really lose their feet in the competition

Boon Numpon says:

Can you do the msi gs65 vs aero 15x?

Estanislau Queta says:

It look so ugly to me dude

CJ Worm says:

Great Review. I’ve had this laptop for the past year. I use it for gaming during lunch at work. The screen is the best looking screen I’ve seen hands down. It runs Forza 7 flawlessly at 1440P. Looks as good if not better than playing Forza 7 on the Xbox One X on my 55″ Samsung 4K HDR TV

Khe .n. says:

this laptop have a input hdmi?

Heraldo Jones says:

The screen is a Blue-Oled type designed and manufactured by Samsung which is harder to burn in in comparison with the typical White-Oled assembled in LG/Sony/Panasonic/Philips/Loewe and other tv brands. Sadly is not going to be updated to the 8th six core cpus.

Diverse Music says:

Have just ordered it, cannot wait xD

Twinblade X96X says:

isn’t that an old laptop??

John Alejandro says:

So should I get Acer Helios 300 or this Alienware 13 R3 Gaming Laptop? My games are Total war Series, Bioshock series and Mass Effect series. I wanted to play Ultra or high settings with 60 FPS. Thanks!

maans le roux says:

To me the Aero 15x makes this look outdated straight out of gate. Why would you buy this over the Aero?

Rusher02 Gaming says:

But can it run windows?

OmegaReviews says:

Ailenware is trash, way to overpriced compared to the competition.

Brandon Kissol says:

Zephyrus GM501 pls

anything says:

dell g3 15 please

Mysterial, Dedicated Gamer & Juvenile Diabetes Activist says:

Checked the price mid video and ouch! 1500? Way to much, especially when dell got a g series that do more, dell g series lack on screen/display and battery.

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