Aftershock Apex-15R Gaming Laptop Review

The Apex 15R is a gaming laptop from Aftershock featuring an Intel i7-8750H CPU and Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics, dual channel memory, and a fast 144Hz screen. In this review I’ll cover the features the laptop has to offer, thermals, battery life, undervolting, overclocking and perform a series of game benchmarks at all setting levels to help you see how it performs so you can decide if it’s worth it.

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This laptop uses the TongFang GK5CN6Z chassis, so should perform very closely to others that also use it, such as the Wallmart Overpowered gaming laptop, the Recoil II, or Eluktronics Mech 15. Despite having the same chassis however, each company is able to put their own unique spin on the laptop in terms of customization options and support.

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Hey Wolf says:

Please review Illegear laptop

Audi Malvin says:

the omen 15 got that thunderbolt support is a killer

Action Pooch says:

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501 is better

Hidayat Kazama says:

I have this laptop and my gpu and cpu seems to reach 80 degrees when playing witcher 3 at high settings even at max fan speed. i did opt for the conductonaut thermal paste, yet it still reach this temperatures… could it be that they forgot to apply it? should i go to the shop and have them apply it?

victor ng says:

How do u boost the power limit on gpu and cpu?

bqxi 8 says:

@Jarrod Tech I am very proud of you bro! and I have the Illegear Onyx with me! I’m so happy and im not regret of buying it.

Illegear Onyx spec:
ILLEGEAR ONYX 2nd Version 2018
▪Intel i5-8300 8th Gen 3.9GHz boost
▪Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 4GB
▪15.6″ FHD 60Hz
▪Professional Color Calibrations
▪Mechanical Keyboard
▪Brown Switches Key Cap 2
▪Thermal Grizzly Kryonout
▪16GB DDR4 RAM 2666Ghz *Dual Channel
▪256GB Samsung PM981 M.2 NVMe SSD
▪500GB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 NVMe SSD
▪2TB HDD Seagate Firecuda
▪Windows 10 Pro License
▪Warranty 3 years
▪Illegear Matmaster Gaming Mousepad

paolo de pablo says:

For those who wants this in their country. search for this brands

America and UK is the Eluktronics Mech-15
for the Asian market it is called the Eleargo.
For the australian market it is called metabox or aftershock.
in the philippines, It is called Redfox veangeance magearo.

2bitmarksman says:

There’s really only three things I’d like to see with this laptop:

1) 1070 max-q option
2) Larger battery option (remove the 2.5″ drive bay)
3) Have the RGB effects set via firmware so that the control center software doesn’t need to run for the RGB effect you set to persist

This would be a fantastic laptop that looks professional that could game on the side if number 3 were a thing especially. I was really leaning towards this laptop once the brown switches came out but found out the RGB wouldn’t be able to be set and persist through different OS’s (say you wipe windows, you’d need to reinstall the control software to tone it down again). In the end, I had to go with the Gigabyte Aero15x instead because of this. I could have lived with the 1060 and smaller battery size (and a few extra dollars in my pocket), but not with a rave party going on in an office meeting each time I turn on the laptop

NavilNDG says:

Singaporean and looking into the MX 17 PRO with 1060 GPUs or looking into another one from them with better GPUs. All in all they have great stuff at Low prices

Raagavendran Ganesan says:

This looks exactly like ILLEGEAR ONYX.

NightRange Gt says:

is yours windows 10?

Sreekumar T.S says:

Good video

JayPlays 44 says:

There’s a 17inch version, I would like to see that

Night Hawk says:


Martin Huang says:

Please review Lenovo Y530 and Y730. Please 🙂

Ting Pang Chong says:

No thunderbolt

Sh4dow 17 says:

Hi jarod, can you do a review on msi ge75?

Supercars Dreamer says:

Does this support thunderbolt 3 with 4 PCIe?

Darren Krusi says:

What do you think of this vs. the Metabox Prime S? I saw this brand after I had bought my Prime S, most impressive thing for me has been that lower temperature, disappointed with the smaller battery though. Great review again.

Sam Fisher says:


Nusara Wj says:

wow Singaporean here. didn’t know aftershock expanded to overseas

CrabbyGamer says:

Oh look they have a bar like scar 2

Chee Kit C says:

Yay Singapore tech proud Singaporean here

TheLastCrucible says:

Nice-looking machine.

Ahmed saif says:

I need a laptop for engineering works (autocad, Etabs and GIS only!) But it must be fast .. what do you think of lenovo idea pad 320 with these specifications
i7 8550u
8 GB ram

Btw, it costs 692$ .. is it good 🙂

Bob Of All Trades says:

It’s a good chassis . Our Mech G2 which is the same thing reviewed very well.

In the States this chassis gets used by several Third-party boutiques. It is made by Tong Fang and it is the same company Walmart is using for their Overpowered laptops.

TechDude594 says:

This laptop is insanely expensive for a 1060 and 8750h, it only has 8GB of RAM, and it’s 2300 Australian!

LinkinPark 4Life says:

jarrod which company do u think australia wide has the best rebranded laptops? I’ve already bought one from metabox and their customer service is basically zero apart from Kong Computer, whom is so helpful i find myself surprised. I love clevo laptops. is this a clevo model?

Seng Lee Koh says:

It feels a lot like a ‘white-branded’ TongFang chassis clone. Dave2D made a video about it regarding Walmart OP gaming machines

Senson Pan says:

Well, Once you add 8GB*2 RAM(Which is a must imo), a NVMe Sammy SSD 500GB you are already looking at 2700$AUD, for this kind of price, good luck competing with devices like ASUS Zephryrus GM501GS/GX531 or Aero 15x. You can get them on sale for A$2500-2700 with better brand presence, better GPU(GTX1070 or 1070Max-Q).

Navjot Sandhu says:

Bootleg scar 2

Volanin Rares says:

ASUS FX705GM , it just came out

defy_Crazyy says:

Hey man, looking at getting a laptop after the New Year, just wondering what response time this 144hz panel has?
Can’t seem to find it on their website.

Chur from NZ

Aaron Gonzalez says:

Awesome video!!, I have a suggestion for another video, do a review of the digital storm Equinox

ِ says:


tan weekiat says:

In Singapore this is the equivalent of 2.2k AUD

Steven Liew says:

I wonder if possible to swap out the 46whr battery with bigger ones since there huge space if one don’t need additional hard-disk space

Barney the Dinosaur says:

Why is the performance here lower than the one you reviewed with the new Helios 300?

Hidayat Kazama says:

Hi can you please tell me the model number for that display? I’m looking to upgrade my 60hz screeen to a 144hz screen by myself and I can’t seem to find the right model for that display. Thanks :3

TabalugaDragon says:

The poor battery life kills it for me personally, I prefer my laptops to be universal, like Dell G3

babakht says:

Hey Jarrod I really like your channel and hope it grows, but to be honest there is one big flaw, when showing the charts you should not read every single number, just show it and tell us what you think, when you read them 1 by 1 it gets really boring.

Deniz Onur says:

Oh thats my laptop ! I just have it with a drifferent name and this is probably my favorite laptop. I have replaced paste with kryonaut as well and with throttlestop i dont pass 78C on cpu and 67C on GPU.
Great review by the way.

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