Acer Triton 700 Review – My FAVORITE Gaming Laptop!

The Predator Triton 700 is the best gaming laptop from Acer if you want a thin and powerful gaming laptop. Personally, I like it more than the Asus GX501.
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siimilu says:

Can you make a comparison to the asus gx501?

Ciski says:

When lenovo do a maxq laptop

Stephen Missah says:

It’s the Auroras better, cheaper?

Warzed Arcanist says:

great work guys. now try to lose those bezels.

EVATFORZA Paladins says:

this thing is cheaper than macbook yet more powerful

ViĠ says:

there is better than Lenovo Y910 AIO ?

Dave Lee says:

This thing is awesome. I don’t want to give it back to Acer.

Thanks for watching!

Ing Polin says:

The Game you play what name? could you give me the link to the game web side

Billy Sellar says:

How do you do those animations?!! They’re amazing!!!

Bob Of All Trades says:

Remove the logo and cut the price down to $2000 and I’m in! This is my favorite Max-Q solution so far.

hazooka0 says:

300 dollars for this are you kidding?! For a lapto thats gonna be obsolete in 6 month when next gen nvidia goes out. How can you advice to buy such a laptop.I just unsubscribed sellout. !

MatoVuc says:

Looks great and all, but the usual issue applies. It’s another 15.6″ screen.

Why can’t anyone make a thin and powerful with a 17″ screen already.

Mad Mystic says:

Hey dave love your videos! Could you give us a comparison on this laptop vs the ASUS zephyrus im stuck between the two. Thanks in advance

Kazu says:

where did the wallpaper from the tv come from?

Bad Drivers says:

looks promising

Golden Boy says:

As I started watching the review, I kinda moved my mouse along the length of the progress bar, hoping to be pleasantly surprised and NOT see footage from goddamn Overwatch.

Alas, I was left disappointed again.

Hashik Donthineni says:

What the actual fuck are those bezzles?

Raynler Roy says:

I love the slim look of this laptop and Max-Q design. However storage upgrade is gonna cost more, like there’s no option for adding HDD. All you can upgrade is the NVMe sticks

johnny blaze says:

screwed up with the keyboard and trackpad

Draco 10 says:

$3000 & 2Hr battery life. Practical…… I don’t think so.

a7m3d nai3f says:

good review

Faisal Mahmud says:

Hey Dave, could you do a video on the Gunmetal Razer Blade Stealth 13″? Looking forward to that

Noel Mathew says:

I think with all the bezeless displays that are out there, ACER and others should try and inc-operate that into their laptops….The screen looks absolutely ridiculous with such giant bezels in such a modern hi-tech machine:/

borkenborg says:

Damn, 8freaking7C just to play OW, I want this heat-spreader for Christmas!

Jaysterific says:

Hey dave what happens to your other laptops after the review?

Angel Martinez says:

Great Video. What model TV is that in the background.

John Castillo says:

What happen Asus zephyrus that yiu love?

Tomasz Nowak says:

Hi Dave, are the speakers (advertised as Dolby Atmos-compatible) really that great?

999CATZ says:

It will be almost $4K in my country

DiiGiiTAL says:

Would buy this just because it’s got no fucking red on it. So refreshing!

Götz Donalies says:

In Europe this retails 650 Euros higher than the Zephyrus street price. They should not sell a single one, if they don’t lower the price. Although I love the absence of red colour, it still has “Predator” prominently on the lid, which is a 100% no-go for me.

Lucas Walter says:

But the big bazzles around the screen…

Flackdiesel889 says:

Ideally, how long do you think this laptop could last if properly taken care of? I’d hate to spend 3k and need to replace it 2-3 years down the road.

Brandon Wong says:

Gotta love all Dave’s different video intro!!!

Charles Kuhn says:

I wish we had 17 inch laptops in a 15.6 inch format, like an dell xps 17 with a gtx 1060 or 1070

Victorpman says:

If you would compare this to Dell xps 15 (9560), what would you recommend then? @davelee

Uttkarsh Suri says:

I will just buy a PS4 and play games on my TV

Haris Zaheer says:

Just $3000? Its too Cheap XD

Hamodii says:


Si Lulu says:

Xiaomi Mi notebook pro plis

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