Acer Swift 5 (2018) Review – The LIGHTEST 14″ Laptop Ever? | The Tech Chap

Acer Swift 5 2018 Review – The new Acer Swift 5 is INSANELY light – weighing just 970g, and packing in a 14″ Touchscreen & 8th Gen CPU. Starting from £900 / $1000 – is the Swift 5 worth buying? US: | UK:

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Andrei Agulescu says:

Dude, that keyboard flex at 4:36…

David Mendez says:

no MX150? it’s overpriced and underpowered trash.

Peter Cruz says:

Your hair is looking GOOD, don’t reply but I think we’re on then same stuff

LordBattleSmurf says:

Can anyone suggest me a light gaming laptop with as much performance as possible while keeping a small length/width footprint? Weight and height dont matter to me nor does price

UNBOXINg dude says:

grate bro

WiLDFiRe GTR says:

Fun fact, the Swift 3 has a dedicated gpu but the Swift 5 hasn’t

The Tech Chap says:

UPDATE: It seems the constant background fan noise is caused by the pre-installed anti-virus software. Uninstalling it solves the issue (credit: PC Centric)

blissrunner says:

Well, shame. I thought they copied LG gram but affordable. LG has 72wh battery this year too for the same weight.

K3l3phant says:

But Can The Swift 5 Do This?

TechVEX UK says:

LG Gram 2017 is lighter

aidanjt says:

I bought the predecessor, ‘7th gen’ non-touch model, I’ve been very happy with it, not much to complain about, and most annoyances are solved by wiping the SSD and installing vanilla Windows 10. But I like that they moved the fingerprint reader off from the touchpad on the newer model, that does get in the way sometimes. Shaving the battery to hit a weight target was silly though.

gtpc says:

hey why not get this or swift seven and install mackintosh in it what you think

Seth Saturn says:

full hd 1080 WOAHHHHHHHHHH

Mike says:

samsung notebook 9 and lg gram are the lightest

Reza Yudanto Nugroho says:

Oh God.. Windows 10 is really beautiful OS.

Vistolia Photography says:

I like your computer chair, Tech Chap, what computer chair is it?

Lucky Never says:

260 nits is like 2013

GadgetsBoy says:

Will it blend? and where can I get your hoodie from?

mo101epic says:

Hey Tom, would you ever consider using Linux? I use it, it’s pretty nice.

Harry K says:

Looks light yes but I don’t like the way the screen Wobbles ….every time you touched it it moved….that would for me be a deal breaker. Also the battery life isn’t great. Another great and honest review….love your channel

Andrew says:

Cool laptop, it’s good to see Acer trying to make a comeback. I’m extremely happy with my HP Spectre x360 13 in, however.

ImFoReal983 says:

That screen wobble though…

Myles Power says:

Do you think Brexit will affect technology in the UK?

Seçkin Güvenç says:

I can’t understand why companies are still trying to make their products thinner and decrease battery size.. it’s meaningless. Laptops are meant to be mobile and to be mobile you will need long battery life. I think even Xiaomi Notebook air 2018 model has a better battery than this one.. also it has much faster ssd, 2nd ssd slot and definitely a better screen

Vulpes Lagopus says:

I mean it’s obviously lighter and doesn’t try to compete with the XPS 15, but 1,5cm thick for an ultrabook compared to 1,7cm of the XPS, suddenly doesn’t seem too good.
For whatever reason the swift 5 seems a bit cheap to me, compared to its’ competition.

aqif izzat says:

If this laptop have nvidia 150mx it will become absolutely amazing

moskwa123 says:

90° OR 180°

Dale Cuthbertson says:

No mention of speaker quality?

Andre Arlieth says:

Thank you so much spared me oceans of time with that remark in the fan.

Supreme Leader Snoke says:

Is your surname Jessener?

dogboy0912 says:

You’re my go-to for phones, monitors, and laptops. Don’t get me wrong, your other videos are great, I think you do a fantastic job keeping reviews lightweight while still hitting all the notes.

David Rutter says:

Great review! That space bar issue would annoy me too – lol!

Liion B says:

Great review!
The problem is always the same with Acer, it seems that they don’t care about quality issues…

nico rose says:

Dell is better however it is costlier, for its price it’s good

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