Acer Swift 3 Review – The Best £500 Laptop You Can Buy | The Tech Chap

The Acer Swift 3 is a great value 14-inch thin & light ultrabook with a sleek, all-metal design, Kaby lake processors, fingerprint reader and USB C. Starting from just £499, the Swift 3 is one of the best mid-range laptops on the market. US: | UK:

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ApplepieFTW says:

Thanks for covering more value-for-money tech!

Jacob M33 says:

MacBook Air?

Proto– Artist┊Gamer says:

I just bought this! Can’t wait to use it!

mattmaca says:

Another excellent review. Hopefully buying a new laptop shortly so looking forward to your review of the new Asus Zenbook Pro 3 when it’s released next month.

Just a Normal Person says:

I got a $500 HP NOTEBOOK 15 laptop with Core i5 6200k, 1TB, 4GB, 5 Hrs Battery Life, CD ROM, 2 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0, 15.6′ LCD Display, numpad, noise-less fan (even on high performance gaming), 2.3kg. So should I think that my laptop is better than that Acer?

zeus1117 says:

wow, cant believe you get this for under 1000 dollars. For way lover !

Damir Franc says:

the extra key row on the right next to the enter key alone is enough of a dealbreaker for me

Saif Al Mannaei says:

Great review! I wonder if a graphics amplifier like the Razer core work on it…

Mayank Dave says:

Please make smackdown videos of Dell Xps 13 vs MacBook Pro 13 and Dell Xps 15 vs MacBook Pro 15.

Ryan Barclay says:

I like this laptop a lot definitely good value for money, thank you for covering more budget technology

I like the battery life and backlighting on the keyboard, the fan noise wouldn’t bother me personally as I would probably listen to music via headphones

Ibo says:

really good review and nice close up shots
keep up the good work

Mathias Grunnet says:

i have this laptop myself the batteri life is 9-10 hours. it is a great computer.

TheDutyPaid says:

Could the opaque your logo a bit? It is so distracting.

Jeffrey Stevenson says:

After watching this I picked up the i5 6th generation model off of Amazon for $515 USD. It’s refurbished but I have had good luck with that so far. Thanks for the suggestion!

Fernando S says:

A diferença da tela é por causa da tecnologia, não da resolução, tanto que o S8 vem configurado pra FHD e se não falar ninguém nota. Ruim da Xiaomi é que ela adora copiar o ruim da Apple com as mesmas desculpas da Apple (a falta de porta P3 e expansão microSD).

Helder Lopes says:

Great value for money there mate, well on you Acer!

Șerban says:

i thought acer predator lineup is actually great value.

KJY 95 says:

Excellent review as always chap~

MrDefeater94 says:

This is a great value, I was only concerned about battery life but 7 hours is more than enough for me.

vaniria says:

I’m thinking between this laptop with az i5 and a Macbook Air. It’s nearly the same price, the Acer Swift 3 is 90 dollars cheaper. Which do you think is a better choice?

Albert Nicolau says:

This seems like a XPS 13 Killer. Could we have a comparision between the two?

David Khugaev says:

one of the best

Ansel Vaz says:

Fantastic review, professionally produced, a great balance of technical specifications and real world usage and I’m loving the UK perspective!

dogboy0912 says:

Lmao, that “FULL HD 1080” sticker is oddly reminiscent of something….

Pamon Ahmed says:

available in india?

Justin Hyde says:

‘bottom firing speakers’ fnarr fnarr! Have owned a couple of Acer laptops a few years ago and although not for me now, this looks like a great product and would love to get this for my better half to replace her aging Dell. Great vid by the way. Keep up the great work Tom.

Erik says:

Great review again!

II TANFi3LD II says:



Ray Stimpson says:

Have I missed the video to celebrate 100k subscribers?!

Nikki Sixx says:

What about the EVE V? They say its
“The first-ever crowd developed
2-in-1” 🙂


plz reply techchap , this is better or Acer p238m?..plz tell

Nihil0s says:

Could you give some other recommendations for non-chromebook laptops for under $500 that are worth considering?

Praveen Prototype says:

It’s true though acer really improved a lot in the last few years

Daniel Charles says:

How does it compare to the Acer E15?

tim t says:

You probably still did not learn anything about laptops. Just to remind you any laptop needs to breathe. This laptop will not last too long. Rename it please to Acer Swift 3 Review – The Worst £500 Laptop You Can Buy | The Tech Chap

Shlax Berg says:

This is pretty left of field but I really like your desk.

KV3NU B3RG3N says:

Acer E15 575-33bm also has these specs but tn panel and plastic housing..add 4gb ram/128gb ssd(m.2 for example)

you’d have 2x4gb ddr4 2133mhz/128gb ssd for os andprimary apps/1Tb hdd for other stuff.

all for about 450$

Shell Casing says:

Its bezels are disgusting.

srikanth mohandoss says:

I will go for a buy

Haiwei Peng says:

laptops from acer? dont waste your money

Niels Hemmingsen says:

Would you say that it is a better laptop than the swift 5?

WiLDFiRe GTR says:

The real issue about it is the storage. Having 128 or 256 GB is way too limitating

That Smash 4 Player says:

Macbook Air

flip c rhey says:

i have this for more than a month and its really good its fast…. and mine i dont hear any fan noise

A Akbar says:

I hope you weren’t personally affected by the events in London last night.

Red James says:

I can’t find a silver version of this laptop. Does anyone have a link to it?

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