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The Acer Swift 3 (2018) has a metal body, 14-inch IPS screen, i5-8250U, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage – all for £700 / $700. If you want a good all-rounder laptop – I definitely recommend the new Swift 3. Amazon US: | UK:

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tamazoid says:

Nice review! Convinced me to buy this good all rounder! Pretty happy with it so far. Thanks!

ceecrb1 says:

I’ve had my swift 3 a few months now. Really like it but yea, agree about the screen. More so that it’s just so dim compared to most.

akash says:

What about the storage?

Penguin Emarald says:

I have one of them, it’s a great laptop.

Afterlife Action says:

What is the battery life while gaming on medium and on wifi

Akhsanur Mr says:


D3vilsLane says:

I just got my acer swift 3 after watching this video yesterday, I nearly didn’t get it because people were complaining that the screen is not bright enough. I am currently sitting with it at 40% brightness and it is plenty bright enough for me. I got the I5 8250U 14 inch 8 gb ram, 128gb SSD one. Love it so far. Screen is great, keyboard and trackpad both feel nice. I got this as a second comp (My main is a I5 1060 gaming PC) so I don’t plan on gaming on this, just netflix, youtube, FB etc. If are looking for something for gaming, you really need to go a proper gaming laptop like a MSI, because normal laptop fans are not up for the job of keeping the laptop cool during gaming.

John Abad says:

im using my acer swift 3 laptop now

Hitoki Aye says:

If you could do the Acer aspire 5 it could be good

Sameer Nagpal says:

+The tech chap Great video mate , purchased swift 3 i5 version after watching your video.
but i have a problem regarding the quality of the product. My laptop makes a crackling sound every time while opening the lid and its not minor noise but considerable one.

Matias H :] says:

i’m writing this with that laptop i say you must buy this

Gavin shoots says:

will it run gta

Ryan Gomes says:

do a video on the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Series

Ali Ilyas says:

What’s better, the amd ryzen 5 version or the i5 version

Niranjan Bhosale says:

Can you make a review on Acer aspire 5

DAIKI says:

I really can’t decide between this laptop and the Matebook D

TheMuslimGuyNextDoor says:

Can it really do 4k video editing?

jay fawn says:

I will wait for that in 2022 lol when its cheaper by then

Sheera Nazir says:

what should i look out for colour accurate?

markart157 says:

Wonderful laptop. The screen is not bad at all, it does its job perfectly! and come on man if you are really into video editing, then you use a good desktop with i7 cpu and a good GPU like gtx 1080. This laptop is also able to do it and overall the laptop works fast! like 5 secs to boot up, and all apps running super smoothly. And it looks premium! not plastic feel. And the sound of the speaker is amazing for this price. Nothing to complain.

Sohail Mirza says:

Charge using USB C?

Arianna Dionne says:

I’m getting this laptop for Christmas so I’m looking it up. It seems marvelous! Thanks for the review man.

Owen Ryan says:

ayyye I’m watching this on the swift 3 it actually runs fortnite well

Zakaria Youncha says:

I just got the Swift 3 for my brother! 860€, comes with:

Nvidia MX150 2GB
14″, 1080p, 60Hz, IPS panel
48Wh Battery

What a great bang for the buck!!! Can do casual gaming, is built really well and can still be used for school.

anggawan putra says:

This is not mx 150 graphic

Rhys Gales says:

Would this run Minecr aft or maybe Overwatch well?

jonas57 the forest says:

I got mine on 420 dolars

Taufik Habibie says:

Port DVD nya tidak ada ya?

Republic of MAC says:

What interests me more is color accuracy, for photo editing, drawings, etc. Any recommendations (that don’t break the bank)?

Surajit Murasing says:

Does it run PUBG well…

Dominik Baričák says:

I love this Acer keyboard.

fako fakoson says:

For the same price you can get the HP x360 14″ whith the same i5 8250u, 8gb ddr4 RAM, 1tb hdd, 16GB optane drive and full HD IPS multi touch 360 display…

SneakyTv says:

Can it run Sony Vegas 14 tho

Jesus McBeth says:

Didn’t mention kingsinkton lock

Virtual Reality says:


Oliver Stapley says:

The i3 model is £450 now? Is it worth it at that sort of money?

YouFube says:

I just picked up an Asus VivoBook17 17,3″ with same CPU, same RAM 8GBStorage is better 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD, for price adjusted to pounds 714.57£ or 799,90€. No touch screen and that’s fine for the the following reason: “Keep your dirty hands off my beautiful IPS screen” However, hauu ever… No backlighted keyboard… What a piece of shite… But it’s mine now and I would hate to admit I made a poor purchase because I fear that would directly make me less of a man.

Sorry I need to stop, I think my psychiatric counselor is calling…

Squirrel Nutkin says:

Gonna get one, seems to be best option for the price range….probably change my mind by tomorrow morning though.

MistaCaliber says:

to every one asking if this laptop can play this game or that game it’s not a gaming laptop ffs.

Gaurav Cherwal says:

Can you review the Dell 15 7572???

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