Acer Predator 21 X Review – the $9,000 Gaming Laptop

Lisa Gade reviews the Acer Predator 21 X, a gaming laptop in name only since it weighs 18.74 lb. / 8.5kg and has a 21” curved widescreen display. While it’s neither terribly portable nor affordable, the venerable Predator 21 X was intended to show off Acer’s high end design prowess for gaming products. The laptop runs Windows 10 on the Intel Core i7-7820HK overclockable quad core 45 watt Kaby Lake 7th gen CPU with two NVIDIA GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5 graphics cards in SLI. It has 64GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM, 1 TB PCIe NVMe SSD in RAID0, a 1TB 7200 RPM HDD and a Cherry MX Brown mechanical keyboard. There’s a right mounted trackpad that can be flipped to a number pad.

The 21” 2560 x 1080 IPS matte curved display is stunning with extremely high color gamut and excellent brightness. The Predator 21 X has 5 fans, two 330 watt power supplies and is delivered in a box the size of a large dorm fridge. A Pelican stye roller case with stainless steel bearing wheels is included (as big as a large suitcase!). A wrist rest, alternate WASD key caps and power brick holder is included for $8,999.


gwvaio says:

Definitely can’t purchase this, just like your reviews

exklim says:

I’ll be extremely shy taking that thing out in Starbucks.
In fact, if I see someone doing it I’ll definitely go and punch his screen just to give him a lesson not to take the whole table.

Jarkko Väänänen says:

Called a predator but has no windowless van. :'(

smart monkey says:

Thankfully it has a Thunderbolt port…! I want to put an external GPU since stock ones don’t do it….

Vaibhav Malik says:

Hey Lisa, great review as always ! btw , when is the Zenbook pro ux550 releasing in markets ?

lefthandedpolack says:

i guess its cool that they can still push the envelope but that thing is an abomination.

Mani Govind Ramachandran says:

Now you should definitely follow this up with review the Clevo P870KM1-G/Sager NP9876, which is a more powerful than this machine but starts at less than a third of its cost.

E Brown says:

The laptop equivalent of  muscle car.

ktrb says:

it is NEITHER “laptop” not it is a “notebook”.

TruXByakuya says:

You are so awesome I wish you were my grandma…

Victor Tubandt says:

I don’t get the point.

classico says:

still acer

Ginanjar Aryamarta says:

a laptop that as big and as hard to carry as a desktop plus overpriced value? nice

Thiek Niarb says:

Lisa great review. Had I the means, I would buy one.

cataria pega says:

this laptop is mainly just a joke for marketing as u pointed out at the end, but couldn’t they have made a good marketing joke? sth. have reasonable?
21:9 is just horrible for laptops. they literaly used 21:9 and curved so that they can put it on the box. make it a huge 4k screen and people will like it much more, but of course that wasn’t the plan here, but rather to market for acer gaming stuff.

Eric Johnson says:

Did you get this review unit for free?

Peter Nguyen says:

It’s a limited does she get to keep it? I mean what’s the point of sending out a limited edition, having it used and reselling it?

Bryan Mc says:

you should start another channel with your cat. very amusing

owen L says:

people buy this laptop must be really love to play PC game

Дмитрий Саруханянц says:

For this money you can build a 3 times more powerful PC. And unlike this laptop, you will be able to replace certain parts when they will become unadequateweak in the future.
p.s. cute kitty :3

Dimitris says:

I like the cat but find the computer insanely ugly! Sorry to be honest. And as always with Lisa, very good review!

Chris Devine says:

Did no one wonder whether writing ‘Predator’ on their laptop in huge letters was such a great idea given the connotations of that word?

Sang Eeth says:

>buys this laptop
>brings to business group meetings

O0oOo8oOo0O says:

1080 OMG

Simon Mah says:

Saddest part is more than 300 people actually bought one of these.

Artisto81 AKA Meong Garong says:

Cute cat. What is her name?

aLOOF gOALS says:

why does gaming paraphernalia always look so tacky. Not every gamer is a militaristic neckbeard jeebus

Mark Kemperman says:

Man, Lisa, that t-shirt is so apt for this review 🙂

Mister Michael says:

Do a review for lenovo legion y720 and acer predator helios 300 please

comenerv says:

It seems like a really stupid product.

Top Wyatt says:

What parallel dimension have I just crossed into here?

……none of this adds up

ZeroKenshin says:

how i wish you’re my mum XD

Everything Cool says:

wast of tree

Tom Liu says:

Lisa, can I have your cat? He is so cute

Lapocabo4444 says:

#Holyhell! #9000$ 1h of battery life on video and 30min on gaming this could be the best buy ever on mobile device 🙂

Video2Learn TAMIL says:

where do buy this in india? any official sites friends ? plz

Buddy Ujung says:

i come for the cat

Syed Jawad says:

looks like an IBM
well I am really not surprised Acer should have came up with something else

kk P says:

Case is not heavy enough. Needs to tow inside rolling bank vault.

Alexander Rudakov says:

I didn’t like this laptop but your cat is awesome ! = )

VideoShare says:

Lisa,..does it come with a Wacom Stylus??? LOL!!!! Kidding if course! But we can dream.

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