Acer Nitro 5 Spin Review – A Good Laptop But Not for Gamers!

My review of the Acer Nitro 5 Spin (2018) 2-in-1 Convertible gaming laptop. It’s light, portable, well priced and has a gtx 1050. But it’s not perfect. Watch for the full review!

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SpideySound says:

Man that’s an extremely ugly guy you had pictured on that laptop 2:30 .. Couldnt have picked someone better looking at least? 😛 @JaredBusch

Asher Q says:

If you were to repaste the cpu and use it with one of those cooling laptop pads would it be much better? Or are the thermals really that bad. I LOVE the looks, size, screen, everything about this, and the specs are all right where I want them to be.

Jorge Garcia says:

Mini wand massager lol

Tim Pearcy says:

So would a thermal re-paste help this notebook/laptop? Usually high thermals means they skimped somewhere, used a crappy paste or perhaps the simple addition of a thermal pad or copper shim may help? Just trowing out ideas here.

Tech Time says:

Whats your best option on budget laptop for video editing

Vorname _ says:

Very nice laptop!
Looks very thin

Michael Boadi says:

the design is awesome , looks beautiful and all but feels like the hardware isn’t quite good, and webcam/mic so bad, if this design was for the aspire e5-574G it’d be great(but doesn’t have ssd and quite slow at times but when it decides to work its awesome) ,it’s not the best but it’s more stabilized at 700euro. this one here is beautiful but doesn’t like to be pressured.

Joel Conolly says:

Do you think Kaby Lake G would be a better option for this laptop?

Michael Aranda says:

You were chubby as a kid and the haircut, what’s that about? 🙂

naman rana says:

Hi sir which is better option nitro 5spin or helios 300????

Michael Aranda says:

If it was a 14 inch I would buy it right now.

Art TV says:

I’ve been waiting for you to review this. Thankyou!

Shivam Issar says:

Awesome review as always. 🙂

Modar Shbat says:

great review man thank you. Acer predator laptops are made for gamers not this one

kraken killer says:


ElectroMac74 says:

im done with 1080p 15″ screen!

JhayM Dela Cruz says:

Nice video thumbs ☝

Shubham Prasad says:

Thank God you dropped the review I was about to buy it for gaming!!!!
Plz recommend a good laptop at around 800-1000 usd

Abhishek Bisht says:

The non-upgradable RAM makes it a no-no for me. Otherwise the laptop seems good. I am looking for a laptop under 70000 INR (around 1000 USD) which must have good performance and good display too (at least colors should be accurate up to a level of satisfaction). Weight and looks don’t matter to me much. Don’t suggest Predator Helios 300 as it is hugely overpriced here. If you got one in mind, please suggest. Great video Matt!

Areeb R says:

YO that picture at 6:00 caught me off guard xD

Eevnos says:

Great review, as always, man.
The laptop looks pretty nice, but the lack of ability to upgrade the RAM is a deal breaker for me, as well as the poor thermals.
This is why I won’t buy an Apple laptop, even though I like macOS more than Windows..

kraken killer says:

how are you matthew

Bharat Shrestha says:


Mr Manas says:


Alex TanMcR says:

I like the glassy panel cuz it make it look premium

Hicham Gouchida says:

Give it to me please

PAIN - says:

yo what up matthew

kirby M says:

how about this vs hp omen with gtx 1050?

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