Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop Review GTX 1050

What’s up guys, here is my full review on the Acer Nitro 5 AN515-51-56U0. It has some solid specs for the money. Lets see if it’s worth picking up.

Thanks for the support guys. 😁🙏


Intel Core i5-7300HQ Kaby lake
15.6″ Full HD IPS
48 Watt Hour battery
5.95 lbs

Retail $799.99
Microcenter has it on sale right now for $679.99 😁

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Buying this in October

ihave7sacks says:

I’m counting the days until my sons desktop dies ( he’s got my old PC running an i7 2600k with a Matrix GTX 580 and 8 GB ram. Probably gonna get him a laptop when it does die and it’s nice to see even the lowest tier is gonna perform.

wan federer says:

watching this video from this laptop too!

Itlus says:

Here in India we’re getting i5 7300HQ , GTX 1050ti , 1TB HDD (but I’ll add a SSD too) and 8GB DDR4 2400mhz RAM (which I’ll upgrade to 16gigs )
Should I go for it ?

somewhereoutthere says:


tulasi dass says:

nice review compared to others. you review almost all budget gaming laptops.

TheChelnov says:

The one launched in my country is with 1050TI and yes price is very decent but one thing I can’t understand is why the need to release it when Acer already has VX 15 which is still pretty decent laptop.

Morris Laurent says:

HQ series processor and DDR4 memory? Wow.

Mr. Bilal G1 GAMING says:

wow ooh my god

Ngo HOang Vu says:

Man I’ve just bought a VX15 . This one look better tho , dang

Gopi Krishnan says:

Hey andrew, i’m not trying to spam or anything.. it’s kinda emergency, i’m seeking your recommendation aince your reviewed both, so please reply asap.. should i go for asus fx 553vd(i7,2gb gfx, 8gb ram) or acer nitro 5(i5,4gb gfx, 8 gb), incase of performance and sound quality which is better?

Michael Aranda says:

Killer review. I just wish such a laptop came in a 14 inch. It’s my preference… I would snatch one up really quick.

Rantika Arya says:

Look similar to acer helios 300, but helios is in metal. Great laptop, superb review!

Bao Pico says:

Empty 2.5″ bay without cable. Damn

parth dwivedi says:

thanks for the review… really looking forward to buy this… there any backlight bleeding?

Kurt Iguis says:

Whats a good gaming laptop that is light and quiet? So i could use for school

bnar234 says:

it looks a great laptop and also a great review

Aaradhyavishekh Sharma says:

Excellent review. I was waiting for Nitro’s review so bad.Thanks a lot! Keep doin it.

Jonn McNally says:

Microcenter has it sold out right now for $680 :'(

h1n1viruz says:

not bad, wouldve loved this if it had 1060

Tommy Citra says:

Keep the video short and well informed. Good job Andrew!

Isaiah says:

Your reviews are always so clean and straight foward good stuff as always, keep it up

Daus Azlan says:

This or lenovo y520 ?

Panneer Yuvaraja says:

do a little more detailed review with battery,weight and other specs.
What is the weight of this laptop ?

Azis Pawennei says:

hey andrew, can you share wallpaper on the nitro 5 ?

Mega8Kun says:

Hi. Andrew I’m one of your earlier subscriber and man seeing your channnel grow so fast is all due to your amazing laptops reviews.. compared to those famous reviewers you are great.. ummm can you look up to my old laptop and give your thoughts.. its hp pavillion g6 1068 se

Edward Bunnicelli says:

It seems that no gaming laptop is perfect. No matter the cost or GPU /CPU / screen/ heart/fan noise/ build quality. I have yet see a review with no complaints.

Ashton Marshall says:

What camera do you use?

Sebastian says:

I need a number of these ips screen ?

Yousef Al-A'ssaf يوسف العساف says:

So if you want to install a HDD, you need to take off the whole bottom cover?

Ankur saini says:

I am from india and the specs. Here for this laptop are quite different
i5 with 8Gb ram and 1050ti no ssd 1tb hdd
i7 with 16gb ram and 1050 with 128gb ssd +1tB hdd.
I confused between dell 5577 and acer nitro 5 .
Dell have TN panel display that’s why i think i should buy acer .
What’s your opinion about the screen of this acer laptop.

famul 7 says:

Intel Core i5-7300HQ Kaby lake NVIDIA GTX 1050ti 4GB GDDR5 VS Intel Core i7-7700HQ Kaby lake NVIDIA GTX 1050 4GB GDDR5.which will give me better fps in games???

Debayan Sinha says:

are there any SSD slots for future upgrade in the models which has got only HDD in it?

Gopi Krishnan says:

Andrew, thanks for the review bro. I’m planning to buy one, but i’m stuck between two options.
Asus fx 553vd with i7, 2 gig graphics and 8 gigs of ram or Acer nitro 5 with i5, 4 gig of graphics and 8 gigs of ram! Which one should i go for? You reviewed both, which on would u prefer?

sidteche says:

good review

last fayth says:

great review, would you mind to review the acer helios predator 300 please ?

Sterling Tames says:

get more views at U 2 B Z O N E . C O M

Etienne St-Onge says:

How hard would it be to add and HDD ?

The Insane Bolt! says:


Kapil Tondwal says:

Acer is selling this laptop with 1050ti i5 processor 8gb ram and 1tb hard drive with the option of upgrading with m. 2 ssd in india. Price is ₹75000 which is around 1170$ USD. Is it worth it?

Bao Pico says:

My pick: 2017 Omen, 7567, GE63.


Laptop is overheating at the top of keyboard playing far cry 4 at HIGH settings and the fans are so loud that I can’t hear game music.please suggest some settings to cool down

sandeep chavan says:

your review is very clean and whats expected

Charles Mendoza says:

I5 acer vx15 or this? I just want to know which one is worth to buy.

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