Acer Aspire 7 Laptop Review and Benchmarks

The Aspire 7 is a professional looking laptop from Acer, but it’s still got some nice hardware too making it great for gaming as we’ll see in the benchmarks. In this review I’ve also tested battery life, thermals, undervolting and more.

Check pricing and further reviews at Amazon – note this is the 1050 model, not 1050Ti featured in this video as I could not find the exact same one available:

Exact model tested here: Acer Aspire A715-71G-760T

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Ali FZ says:

I really like ur game benchmark, that’sfirst time i see it

ibrahim jaber says:

he stole your video

Tyhier Simon says:

Dell G5 or acer aspire 7?

Rick Kardol says:

Is there a newer model? is the aspire E5 better?

Lets Purge says:

Hi Jarrods Tech. I have one question: Here in Switzerland is an offer: Acer Aspire 7
17.3″ + IPS Display
i7 7700HQ (4core,8threads)
32gb ram DDR4
NVIDIA 1060 6GB. All this for $1.5k. Do you think it’s worth it? (I want to buy it for video editing , i would buy XPS 15 but im tight in budget now)

Sreenath Sv says:

Can its dispaly upgrade to led..?? Bcz i think this lcd show some fake colors..
Plz help

Christopher Daniels says:

Why do you have the 7th gen cpu?? All I’m seeing is 8th gen.. I know 8th gen is wayyyy faster

Khoa Lê says:

Can update Intel Optane on this? Thx

Cakeful says:

This laptop on amazon is literally 979 dollars lol I’ll probably just get the acer aspire e15

evilmittens says:

Can you run windows 7 on this?

Zach Beckwith says:

Would you go for this or the new HP Omen? They’re both the same price at Microcenter and have almost the same specs but the Aspire has a 17 inch display.

The Blaue says:

can you do the lenovo y530 please 🙂

Mukul Thakur says:

such an underrated channel

Kaizen says:

Wish I had enough money to buy this laptop :’)

P/S: i m a student

xiaomi lover says:

Acer predator Helios 300 is better value better screen and performance

Marvin Escobar says:

Found this laptop with the following specs: Intel Core i7-8750H 16GB DDR4, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD GTX 1050Ti 4GB. Plan to connect it to a UDH 4k monitor. Using mainly for video editing. Would you recommend this machine? Thanks.

احمد.AHMAD الحاجي says:

thats waht should called Review nice vidoe man

manoverboard says:

Nice review, I’d like to buy this laptop with 1050 and hdd 500 w/o ssd, please just tell me that’s gonna be enough for the light gaming (some gta 5 for example) and won’t die by high temperatures sooner :v

Hi im Rodi says:

So a friend of mine bought the Acer 17,3″ Aspire 7 A717-71G that packed a 1060 with an i5 7300hq. But the Laptop seem to have insane heating problems while playing more demanding games such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and so on. The temps does not match the temps you seem to get at all and im just wondering if this model could be built diffrently than the one you have with the i7? Her cpu hits 90 degrees (gpu around 85) after 2min of gaming and it doesnt seem like the fan is trying to do much about it. Acer also dont want you to fiddle around with the fan curve so they have made sure that every third party program like afterburner cant controll the curve at all.

Daniel says:

what is a good laptop for graphic design? (meaning correct colours)

Laptop Gaming says:

Hi. I bought this laptop last month, and I love it. The i7-7700HQ cpu and the GTX 1050 Ti is powerful enough to play modern games on medium-high settings in 1080p with 60 fps. For example Witcher 3 and Battlefield 1 runs smoothly on high settings in 1080p. The temperatures are 65-75 °C (CPU) and 65-70 °C (GPU) after hours of gaming (cpu is undervolted). The laptop had only one HDD (1TB) but I successfully upgraded it with an m.2 SSD (240GB). Just had to unscrew the entire bottom and open the case with a plastic tool, starting from the back. Overall I am satisfied with this laptop 🙂

That American Sailor says:

I like how the laptop doesn’t scream (GAMER!) lmaoI love laptops like these.

tahz 230 says:

I have one but in every game I play I have a hell lot of tearing. What should I do?

Gokula Krishnan says:

Planning to buy a budget gaming laptop and I found a deal for the Acer Nitro 5 for 566$(i5-7300H,256g SSD,1050ti 4gb,8gb ram)( refurbished). Is it worth getting this lap, or should I get the i5-8300H version for 700$? I’m open to other options as well. Thanks

EitherThisOrThat says:

could you show fans speed during gaming in future reviews?

ash turks says:

LOVED the review! im not a tech head myself but i know that SSD is better than HDD in terms of speed, my question is can i replace the HDD on this laptop to an SSD?

camp Axe says:

Imagine this chassis has a 8750h+1060 6gb in it. Would this cooling solution keep it away from throttling after a repaste and undervolt? Or how hard would it fail? Thx for the answers. Good video.

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