Acer Aspire 1 Budget Laptop Review: $220 14 inch 1080p, N3450 processor A114-31-C4HH

Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Acer’s new $220 Aspire 1A114-31-C4HH packs in a new Intel Apollo Lake Processor N3450 with 4GB of RAM. It performs well but I wish had more storage and a better quality display. See more laptops: and subscribe!

00:42 – Display
01:35 – Ram, Storage and Upgradeability
02:10 – Processor
02:35 – Weight and build quality
02:50 – Battery Life
03:16 – Keyboard and trackpad
03:43 – Ports and connectors
04:28 – Display hinge
04:43 – Audio quality
04:59 – Performance: YouTube / Netflix
05:29 – Performance: Web browsing
05:47 – Browserbench speedometer benchmark
06:08 – Performance: Office and Word
06:19 – Gaming: Minecraft
06:56 – Gaming: Half Life 2
07:34 – 3DMark gaming benchmark discussion
08:53 – Kodi and HEVC high bitrate video
10:08 – Linux support
10:26 – Conclusion and final thoughts

This fanless laptop performs quite nicely with the new Intel processor inside. Web browsing feels fast and snappy compared to prior generation laptops around this price point. It’s funny what a difference a year can make in low end PC performance. 4GB of RAM is good for multitasking.

While I like the performance I was disappointed that the laptop has so little storage. 32GB isn’t much and it will prevent the installation of more applications. SD cards inserted into the laptop’s card reader do not sit flush to the unit making carrying additional storage less convenient.

The 14th display, while large and at a nice 1080p resolution is a very low quality TN display. If the screen is not positioned properly the image will look washed out or lose its clarity.

Video playback is dramatically improved over prior generation hardware and it should have no issues playing back HEVC video : even the high bit rate stuff. I was impressed to see that on a low cost laptop.

Overall this isn’t a bad deal for the price tag. I would have liked to see more storage but if you’re looking for a Windows laptop to run a few applications and spend the rest of your time in the cloud this should be sufficient.


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SirW0nka says:

Good to see that you read my comment 🙂 I’m more interested in the European €400 model with the 128GB SSD and the IPS screen.

Sky Cheetah says:

I wish it was a i3

Chris D says:

I have the 2016 version, Acer doesn’t seem to understand the storage issues.

Justin McCullough says:

Hey Lon, it’s eeeeeeverybodyyyyyy

Omar Asim says:

It would be nice if you could integrate a Speccy summary screenshot into your future PC review videos somehow. It really helps.

Sam Lazar Tech says:

OneDrive on demand will too great with this laptop

MrPikitap says:

Does it play League of Legends @60fps at the lowest settings?

jim1hurley says:

The PC says Sunday September 10th, yet you posted on the 9th. Can we expect a review soon of your time machine?

soapboi says:

I love watching budget laptop reviews at 1 in the morning

PixelVogue says:

This or Ezbook 3s / pro?

Blitz Gaming says:

lon have u review the alien ware alpha

TheWatermelonfruits says:

Hi Lon, can you suggest a budget laptop or 2 in 1 with 1080p display, min 64gb internal storage and weight less than 2,5lbs. I have severe pain in my back but i need to carry around a laptop to do some typing when I’m not in the office. Currently I’m using dell inspiron 14 ( around 3,4lbs) and my back is protesting hard especially at night. Thanks before. Love all your videos. Cheers.

allen welk says:

I don’t see how these companies make any profit on these low cost laptops

Neurobio Boy says:

Hey excellent review, as usual. I think I saw a M2 port with the wifi/blutooth chip. Do you think you can use it to plug an ssd and use a usb key for network and blutooth?

Preston136 TM says:

Can you do a cheap 2 in 1

Zosu says:

I’m pretty sure that apollo lake has hardware vp9 decoding, which means that YouTube with chrome shouldn’t be a problem.

Don McCollough says:

Not a fan of the font used for the benchmark results. It looks sloppy to me and hard to see at a glance.

amjad malki says:

Great review ! Please consider reviewing the jumper ezbook plus (with the core m3 chip ) it costs around 450$ .

scorpion1129 Gaming says:

You should do the hp envy 13 with the mx150

Lance Avion says:

TN Panel, non upgradable RAM and storage. Sounds like this laptop is just inferior to that 14″ HP laptop you can get for the same price, if not cheaper, last year.

Christian Arnold says:

This is a really impressive laptop for $220. Really surprised at that pop-down Ethernet jack.

Greg Ernst says:

Stinks that there is zero upgrade path. Last years hp wins hands down. Thx

tipoomaster says:

Apollo Lake seems like a pretty decent upgrade. Braswell was always a bit too pokey for me.

Nicholas Jordan says:

I just got this computer a day before this video came out. I wish I could have seen this video before I got it though but I think I will still be happy with it. I’m using it as a secondary computer to bring to collage. I have a gaming desktop so I did not want to spent to much money on an laptop.

AngryDuck says:

I can get a version with a N4200 for the same price

MysticCload says:


James Torio says:

What does he mean by “No one is reviewing this content before it is posted?”

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