A Video Editor’s Review Of The Dell XPS 15 9570 Laptop

If you’re looking for a powerful 4K video editing laptop that is still extremely portable, I would highly recommend the Dell XPS 15 9570.
❗ Get the Dell XPS 15 9570: https://geni.us/cKd3e
I’ve been using this laptop for video editing while traveling for the past 7 months, and it has proven more than capable of editing wedding films and YouTube videos on the go.

In this review, I detail how well this laptop will work for video editors using Adobe Premiere Pro and Da Vinci Resolve, as well as give you some real-world benchmarks for how fast it renders compared to other laptops. You will also learn the exact configuration I recommend purchasing, and how to save the most $$ when buying this laptop.

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Rubén Blyth says:

How about timeline performance? Rendering times look ok, but how pleasing is editing with the laptop

Terry Harris says:

Great video. I have the i7 model. 9570. The support is fantastic, I had an engineer out only last week due to a faulty fan and WiFi. The only thing I would say is I cannot scrub or edit 4K video as smoothly as I would like in Premiere. Most of my video is from a DJI Phantom 4 at 60FPS but even lower 24FPS is a drag. Are you able to edit and scrub smoothly?

KoishikAhmmad says:

– Thanks for this video Matt. Matt, or any other Tech wizards, question for you guys.
– Currently have a powerspec (early 2018), it’s got the following processor: intel(r) core(tm) i7-7700hq cpu @ 2.80ghz . I can edit 6K-8K footage on it but it lags like heck. Color grading is a bit difficult. If I want to use lumetri color, mask something, track it, and color it; forget about it lol!
– So my question is. Let say I’m editing Red 8K files using the model of the xps 15 in your description; would be be substantially better than my current laptop? Or should I wait for the new batch of processors?

Fathomrocker says:

I just got the same laptop I9 version and love it so far! I have not thrown an edit at it yet but now I am even more excited about it!

Fionn-Gorilla says:

Im planning buying the XPS 15 before June. Do you think this update will be a all over new update like they did with the XPS 13 or will it be just a new screen? Thanks for the videoreview and hopefully answer 🙂

Marco Be says:

Those thumbnailpicks, love it!

Anthony Bradshaw says:

For davinci, would xeons with more cores be better like 10-20 ?

Eric Flores Visual Productions says:

Dude! I was researching this laptop like crazy and was looking to your channel for a review! Finally you do… Bought my XPS 15 ten days ago! XD stoked for it to come in.

alx tmk says:

very good video! tks

D. Eaton Berry says:

Just urchased A Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 9575 15.6″ 4K UHD Touch i7-8705G 16GB RAM 1TB SSD Radeon RX Vega M 4GB Fingerprint Windows 10 Pro (Certified Refurbished) from Amazon (with 4 year complete replacement warranty) and I agree with you. Although I am not a pro, I do edit in 4K and it blows away my ASUS desktop PC made for video editing. I had not been a fan of Dell because of poor quality in the past (many, many years ago), but now I am a believer. Thanks for this review. It gives me confidence I made the right choice for my use of this machine. BTW,. I love the fact I can use this like a tablet, although, it is quite large. Makes editing in tight spaces easy with the pen.

D RD says:

This is very helpful but I would benefit from your input on color accuracy. Several reviews mention the IGZO panels here are over saturated despite calibration. Did you check for delta E color deviation ? Also how do color compare with your desktop workstation ?

R Wise says:

I bought the dell XPS 15 9570 with exact same specs and warranty as you and have been thrilled with it ( bought it in August 2018). When I bought it I did get the i7 because so many people said the i9 overheard easily. Great review just upset that they are already coming out with next gen intel processors

CupofJoePro says:

Hey Matt!Love the video! I bought this laptop over a month ago but I’ve actually had problems with the color calibration as every photo i edit on this laptop tends to look under saturated on any other device and those color calibrating programs are not cheap lol.

Nicholas Lau says:

Great review Matt, I always like hearing your opinions on these things as they are always very fair and well informed.

Mohnish Doultani says:

I bought this last week! It’s so good!!

Vladimir Talijan says:

Soooo, nothing is “like Macbook Pro level” but you still bought it 🙂 MBP with Final Cut Pro for editing, expecially weddings is the ultimate machine, way ahead of this.

Colin Steingard says:

Anyone else thinks the backlight makes Matt look like an angel?

Andy Me says:

I just purchased this laptop less than a month ago. The i7 with 16gb/512gb ssd and 1080p screen was 1022 after tax. This was a refurbished model, but man it’s so good.

SICK head says:

I have been leaning toward the new “Razer Blade 15” spec’d out but this throws a wrench in the equation. Could anyone inform as to why 1 would be better than the other. (Razor trackpad looks waaaaay better, lol)

Don Sae Kang says:

Wow! Battery Life is way better than my Asus (1.5 hours on a good day)! Do you use Proxy when you are editing your video?

ARORA Studios says:

I have a maxed out XPS 15 9560 with a i7-7700HQ and it struggles to edit 10 bit 4K footage from a GH5.. I’ve tried everything, updating all the drivers, contacted Dell support ( they just offer to reinstall windows -__- ) and also it gets really hot specially near the thunderbolt port.. any advice? Do I just need to transcode every single time to ProRes to get decent performance?

D RD says:

Being picky the fact that calibration did not change much a screen is not necessarily good as the final calibrated outcome could be very bad in terms of color coverage or accuracy. No?

Alberto Figueroa says:

Wow! I have and I still use that same laptop. The asus g75vw

Nevaid Shaswat says:

Makes me feel so good. Proud owner of XPS 15 9570!

Eduardo Quilantan says:

i love you matt

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