A Convertible GAMING Laptop! – Acer Nitro Spin 5

Dave2D review of the Acer Nitro Spin 5. The best laptop from Acer for convertible/hybrid users who want to game with a GTX 1050!
Available Here – http://amzn.to/2tP5mGw

The Nitro Spin 5 is a great laptop for college, university, or any student looking for a decent gaming laptop that has strong multimedia functionality. The convertible hinge allows this to be use for presentation and as a tablet when needed.

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hamad alsuwaidi says:


Blehmaster says:

“that seems cool!”
*sees price tag* umm, maybe another day.

IForce says:

Can u put the link for UK please?

Ambitionary says:

Yes we get it, you hate the color red and love the color blue geez lol

Mehrab artho says:

Considering the price, the camera is great.

Daniel Navarro says:

The question is does the keyboard light up

Victor says:

i just keep watching it! 😀

Anonymous Person says:

I would love if you could upgrade the ram on this -.- why acer

JamesGREEK26 says:

Wait, you can’t upgrade the Ram at all? You are just stuck with 8 GB? This is a wondeful laptop and they went and soldered the memory?

Alex says:

95% of 2n1 most people say it too flimsy ….. now you complaining because they tried to fix it?

BlaziDude says:

You gave me the avarage amount of FPS for Rocket League, just what I was looking for xD

My Entertainer, Inc. says:

Things I like about this laptop :
Active Stylus Pen
Fingerprint Sensor
360 Degree Hinge
Backlit Keyboard
GTX 1050
Intel Core i7
Front-Firing Speakers
15.6″ FHD IPS Screen.

Ritinkar Sardar says:

Does it support usb type C charger ?

Fyre says:

I haz the OG Nitro

Black Jason says:

did u guys realized about his breath?

My dad Never loved me says:

Red > Blue


Andre Indardat says:

At 4:17, the reason being for the thermals better in that mode is possibly due to the exposed surface area of the intake vents as opposed when it was at the bottom when using it like a normal laptop. Try using the laptop where the vents at the bottom are raised and it will increase the amount of heat that the intake vents can take in. This is just my suggestion though

Subham SB says:

Is this laptop best for photoshop work and multitasking without any lagging issue

Apex paradox says:

Glitchy is the word for the fingerpad

Abdurrahman AlQuran says:

Would you say it’s better than the non spin version?

Cameron Marsh says:

I heard if you use a cooling pad it increases performance by a ton and you can play heavier games

Kulraj Sidhu says:

at the time of this video i was looking to buy one but it was always sold out

Neal Cheung says:

What is the name of the keyboard and mouse at 4:24 ?

Shamar Daniel says:

Is it good for music production??

Melancholy Dead says:

God damn, thanks for sharing this, this laptop’s versatility is so perfect for me to carry around as a student but also to decently and casually play games on, and also doesn’t cost me a leg to buy.

Gautam Diwan says:

Dave: i wish there was a YouTube blue. Red has become too common for normal YouTube

Brett Lee says:

is its ram & gpu upgradeable???plzzz reply

Ignis says:

So this versus getting a surface book 2, can I use the surface pen on this device or something very similar? And would it be worth it to get this instead?? I’m an art student, and a gamer at heart. I have a gaming PC, but this would be great for using Photoshop and Illustrator without worrying about a thing. I’m more concerned about price than anything else. A sold 2 and one with decent battery life with dedicated graphics and pen support, that’s what I want.

BLADE23 YTB says:


Ichigo Jinhlong says:

I cant find a decent gaming laptop around Rs.60000 in India. Can u please hook me up? I mostly only play dota2 but very intensely

Farhan Afnan Iskandar says:

I wish it has 16GB of RAM
VM won’t be enough at that size honestly, especially when it run 64bit build of Windows 10 🙁

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