$89 LINUX LAPTOP!? | Pinebook Review

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Find out more about the Pinebook: https://www.pine64.org/?page_id=3707

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Angrynerd says:

is raspbian supourted

Kamizz says:

3:25 Best roast ever.

Sub Ω says:

Dude enough from Malduino xD

Tyler Bowers says:

Title $89, video $99…

Vector Reyes says:

Englend is a CITY!!!

Oli Wood says:

Hey seytonic, I wached and loved all your vids ! I sas wandering if installing Kali Linux on the pine book would perform well if yes could you make a video on transforming this laptop into a hacking machine.

Adrian Galilea says:

Mate is a Desktop Environment (DE) not a linux distro. :/

The GameZone NL says:

so Kali Linux should work right?

Mistyy says:

idc about the performance, that looks fucking hot

Lee Gibson says:

Or pick up an Intel processor Chromebook like the Acer c710, put 8GB of memory in it to go with the 320GB drive. Theres 4GB separate that the install will grab as swap space, you just need to tell it to put the boot on the hard drive as the setup is a little different. If you look it up there is a routine to replace the Chrome boot bios so it will stop hassling you for non standard installs.

Ima Duck says:

lol it’s everyday bro

Excellent Torch says:

Hmmm Guess I am Gonna go with a Thinkpad… Thinkpad Or Pinebook ?? 🙂

SniperCat says:

England is my city nibba

J B says:

There is quite a lot of resemblance (including inside layout) to the IRULU Spiritbook S1L. The only difference I see is the processor type, flash size and track pad color.

Lilwiggy productions says:

Keyboard reminds me of a MacBook keyboard

Adam G. says:

and now 99$

TechTV says:

I have been waiting on a review of this laptop, thank you

Yang Xiao Long says:

If you have under 200$ budget, youd be better off buying a used laptop

T.A.CGaming and more says:


maccollectorZ says:

I liked the video, but we have to be honest about the flex on that keyboard… that was awful xD.

Tech Skits says:

watching this on my 72 dollar windows laptop 🙂

Undiscl0sed Name says:

Does Arch linux work on it?

Torgan Tears says:

England is my planet

jan harald says:

what DISTRO?
mate and gnome are DESKTOP ENVIRONMENTS, ubuntu and debian both use gnome for example, but are separate distros…

Jordy Kroeze says:

So being the same CPU as the Pi3, double the ram, screen, keyboard and trackpad, can it be used with RetroPie to create a portable retro gaming device?

kuba Gaming says:

have you tried kali linux on it? if kali runs nice on it i will get it

Matthew Hartsuch says:

I bet this would be good for stage effect and other stage lighting controls, it would be easy to mod as well to add what u need. If all u are doing with it is SSH why don’t u just get an old Android tablet or something?

Bornstellar Makes Desired Future says:

This thing has better connectivity than most AAA laptops.

DcPacky says:

I’m very happy with mine. 🙂

William Parker-Rivera says:

yay mine comes in mid July to the first week of August… I’m guessing it’s coming in at late August… almost a year from the time I heard about it

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