$500 “Gaming” Laptop with GPU – Acer Aspire E 15 Review – E5-575G-55KK

Find it at Newegg (sale ends Monday): http://lon.tv/45ioc (affiliate link) – Acer’s E5 / E15 has a $500 option that comes with a discrete Nvidia GPU. Makes for a usable no-frills gaming laptop. See more laptops: http://lon.tv/laptops and subscribe! http://lon.tv/s

00:57 – Hardware overview
01:12 – Display overview
01:38 – Build Quality
01:51 – Processor / RAM / Configuration etc.
02:24 – Upgradeability
03:05 – Battery life
03:28 – Ports – USB-C is data only
04:59 – Keyboard and trackpad
05:42 – Performance: YouTube , Streaming Video, Web Browsing
06:45 – Performance: Microsoft Word and Office
07:13 – Midroll
07:14 – Gaming: GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V)
08:11 – Gaming : Doom (2016)
08:57 – Gaming: Rocket League
09:50 – 3DMark Benchmark test
10:54 – Kodi and high bit rate video playback
11:45 – Conclusion and final thoughts

The $500 version I am looking at (it can be found between $500 and $550) has an i5-7200U Kaby Lake CPU, 8 GB of RAM, a 1 TB hard drive and a Nvidia 940MX GPU. The RAM and storage can be upgraded and there’s a slot for an M2 SATA drive.

The GPU is one we’ve seen on a few other computers, namely the awesome Mi Air 13 I looked at late last year:

The Acer delivers similar performance here with the E 15. It’s enough to run most current games at low settings although you might have to drop into 720P on a few of them to get a playable framerate. Still it’s better than having no GPU at all.

The display leaves much to be desired unfortunately. It’s a low quality TN display that’s pretty washed out.

But for $500 this is so far the lowest cost gaming capable laptop we’ve seen this year.

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Romvnly Plays says:


Ryan Lin says:

I have a i3 and a 520m Lenovo

alslayer says:

Amazing laptop find. Nice work Lon.

Joexylle Padilla says:

Hi Lon! I have a suggestion that you should review. Asus Vivobook max X541uv, intel i5 gtx920mx and usb c plus with sonic master powered speakers…

Tim Stuart says:

You should test Overwatch on your reviews. A lot of people I’ve talked to when they ask me about recommendations for getting a computer tend to ask if they can play Overwatch.

TeamRespawn says:

Looks like a great deal!

z m says:

ugh. not sure to go with this or the 33bh i3-7100u/4gb/1tb model ($350-480 after 4gb ram/ssd m.2 upgrade)

that would give me no dedicated gpu/i3 but an extra tb storage.

or this would run 600 after the $100 ssd m.2 upgrade. so basically is $120 worth a i5/dedicated ultra low end gpu?

my reasoning is the on board intel chip graphics should be enough to run LOL and possibly even overwatch. How much of an actual performance game would the dedicated gpu model give?

Andrew Coleman says:

I play battlefront on the 940mx

Bleach Champion says:

first lol

Adam Panitch says:

I have the previous 6200u version of this laptop. love it, great for the price

MrSpecialR says:

10:20 The Physics score is affected because the processor doesn’t have to do all the work, driving the graphics at the same time as the CPU intensive things. The dedicated GPU is just letting the CPU breath a bit more and lets it go a bit further.

MikeFromCanada says:

In laptops like these, I feel that the dedicated GPU is just a marketing ploy and nothing else. I mean, the GPU in this is the same performance level as anything with Intel Iris graphics like the i5 6560U. Stuffing in a weak GPU just seems to be preying on folks who don’t know any better.

David Hughes-Robinson says:

Lon.TV you said you might be able to put in an optical drive if you were really determined. I am curious if the motherboard still has a SATA header for an optical drive. It could be an easy way to add an additional 2.5″ drive.

Jonathan Bennett says:

Not bad for an inexpensive device

saturnotaku says:

Is the M.2 slot in this machine compatible with the PCI-Express/NVMe standard or is it just SATA 3? If the latter, then any drive you put in there is not going to perform any better than a standard 2.5-inch SATA SSD.

Rey Leon DelaSelva says:

Is this the one without the SSD drive? I have the SSD model and I swapped the TN screen for a LCD for $50. Thank you.

Joe D says:

I’d like to make a suggestion for future gaming laptop reviews: Try to treat the laptop like a PC by hooking up a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and see if it affects the visual quality and performance.

I think it’s a good assumption that anybody buying a budget gaming laptop is doing so because their home PC is not pushing the frame rate they want and/or they don’t have the money to buy both a gaming PC and a laptop for work/school and picking up a decent 1080p monitor for around $100 isn’t that far fetched. Having solely used a laptop for both gaming and work for many years, I can attest that the experience can be greatly improved by using an external monitor especially when they save a few bucks on a TN panel like the did in this one. For the other non-gaming laptops this kind of testing isn’t necessary since they will most likely be used on the go, but for gaming laptops you can expect the users to be using it at home where they have more downtime.

It would also be nice if you could review the camera and audio quality of the mic, both are usually horrible but for the longest time I used my on-board mic for in-game chat and VoIP so it might help somebody save a few bucks on an external microphone if the quality isn’t too horrible and they’re already on a tight budget. You also never know, maybe you’ll find one with an above average camera and mic that would help sway a viewer’s buying decision if they plan to use it to Skype with family while they’re on a business trip or away at college.

Either way, keep up the great work. I really like your reviews of these budget devices because I’m of the mindset of doing more with less. 🙂

ElectroiDFiRe says:

Is there a lot of bloatware that came pre-installed on this machine?

Justin Provido says:

I never buy TN panel laptops. I don’t mind sacrificing performance just to get that IPS screen. TN Panel is unbearable for me in laptops. in a desktop monitor it’s different because you’re only sitted in one angle.

Janf Janf says:

lon please review the dell 5576 it have an RX 460 graphics and fx 9830p processor, i would like to see the performance of it

Ruby H. says:

I bought the one sold on Amazon with the same specs but with a back-lit keyboard and built-in optical drive for $550 (they’ve since increased the price to $580). Also added a 2nd 8GB of RAM. It’s wicked fast and once you go with an SSD, you never want to go back to any HD. My previous three notebooks over the past 10 years were all IBM ThinkPads and each cost me well over $1000 when new. They all failed over time with thermal issues. If I can get three years out of this machine, it is worth every penny. Time will tell.

Stacey Luster says:

Why do these laptops still come with that VGA DSub connector?

Shiba Tatsuya says:

The 14″ ver of this laptop is the best seller laptop in my country

PlayableGamezArchives says:

I just bought this laptop this is the best budget gaming laptop you can buy.

Romvnly Plays says:

Well, Lon I would say this is a great laptop for people who are trying to make a channel because with i5 and a gpu you can play games and record and have 60fps.
So, I will be geting this on my birthday.
Thanks for uploading this

Now all I need is a thing that will record a Xbox One.

Preston136 - says:

I’ve been waiting for the day!

OffGrid Aussie Prepper™ says:

will it do dual channel with another stick of ram or not?? u mentioned it twice in the vid and I cudnt disseminate otherwise. Can u clarify what u said about the M2 drive?? And where wud u plug it into?

adamtricker bell says:

i got this laptop a year ago. The wifi driver does not work well. I will not stay connected to the wifi no matter how good it is. I looked online and it still has not been fixed. I have to connect an ethernet cable just to have a connection that will last at least an hur

EastAngliaUK says:

OK I found this one looks a bit like the same for £529.00 UK
https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-X556UB-DM262T-15-6-Inch-Full-Notebook/dp/B01LG7N43K/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_147_lp_t_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=7M0ENPRC3NDW1TW05Z7W but is ASUS did not see any Acer with GeForce GT 940m

The Woodland Miner says:

What about Minecraft?

Charles Manahan says:

please do a review of acer vx15 ips

Muzzem Adnan says:

Try take a look on the F5 model…It has the same specs but comes with ssd, hdd and also an optical drive…the build quality is quite nice

Adrian Abaja says:

Hey Lon, can you review the Acer Aspire es1-132? I’m really looking for budget laptops and there are new budget laptops this year. Also the Asus Vivobook Maxx441sa is also budget friendly. hope you can review them 🙂

Razor2048 says:

Usually when you see things like the physics tests improve with a dedicated GPU, It is often due to target power levels. For many of the lower powered CPUs, and when the laptop maker is targeting a certain battery life, what they will sometimes do is in the bios they will set a CPU power limit (Long duration) option to a lower wattage, and the short duration to the max TDP of the CPU, thus if you perform any extended test, you will notice the clock speeds drop after a little while regardless of the CPU temperature. The short duration allows for the turbo boost to work for a short while, but it does not allow for sustained high performance when they do this. The main issue with this, is that the power limit is for the entire CPU package, thus the CPU core, memory controller, GPU, and the uncore components. While harder to come buy, sometimes you will get lucky and someone will release a hacked bios that will provide access to those additional settings, and allowing for better sustained performance.

You can check into this by using a program like AIDA64

For the U series CPUs, they often have a lower power limit, but intel allows the the mother vendor to specify a higher TDP.

While a bit risky, there are some more shady applications that do allow you to edit some of the memory values at a very low level for the UEFI (requires you to disable secure boot), and you can typically disable power limit and allow the CPU to use up to the TDP set by intel, though the mods must be applied each time the system is rebooted since the changes only stay in RAM, but the shady part is you have no idea what else it may be doing. If the laptop becomes popular, someone may do a bios/ UEFI mod that will allow people to just disable the throttling and go to the standard intel method of a power limit of the max TDP of the chip, and a throttle point at around 90C.

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