2017 HP Spectre x360 15″ Intel 8th Gen Review

Lisa Gade reviews the late 2017 edition of the HP Spectre x360 with a 15.6” 4K IPS display supporting N-Trig pen and touch, Intel 8th generation 15 watt U series CPUs and NVIDIA MX150 2GB GDDR5 dedicated graphics. The 15” x360 looks identical to last year’s model, and the two things that changed- CPU and GPU are very significant. The CPU is 40% faster thanks to Intel’s doubling cores to 4 in the 8th gen, and NVIDIA’s graphics are roughly 30% faster than last year’s 940MX.

The 2kg / 4.42 lb. laptop is clad in a striking two tone dark ash silver and copper metal casing and it has a backlit keyboard and large trackpad. It has two RAM slots and our model has 16GB DDR4 RAM, a 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, Intel 8265AC WiFi with Bluetooth 4.2 and Thunderbolt 3.

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GForceFitness1 says:

Please do a review of the Lenovo 920 and comparison with the Spectre x360.

Yinso Chen says:

Hi Lisa, were you able to verify if the HP Spectre x360 actually works with 32GB RAM? Thank you.

Lily Chen says:

I’m an architecture student and I’m interested in this laptop. Does anyone know if it is suitable or should I buy a better one? I’m planning on using it as much as my course lasts (5-6 years). The thing is that I don’t really know much about the graphic card it has

Kelvin Chikezie says:

I kinda like the x360 13″ than the 15″ mostly because of the size. But the silver color for the laptop is a concern. Does it come in usual black keyboard type?

Rollmops says:

Dear Lisa. Did you mention the annoying pipe-beep-coil-whining on battery mode? It depends on the brightness level. The brighter, the louder. Destroys the whole thing fmpov totally. Other no-gos: Just a single external UHD monitor possible, externally just INTEL graphics and an extremely sensible coating.

Yatheesh S Yashasvi says:

What will be your choice if you need to pick any1 from these
1. Macbook pro with touchbar
2. Hp spectre x360 15 (i7 8gen 4k 16gb ram, 512ssd)
3. Dell inspiron 2in1 7000 7573 (i7 8gen 4k 16gb ram, 512 ssd)
4. Dell xps 15 ( i7 7th gen. 4k. 16ram 512ssd)

Endless0067 says:

Lmao Lisa, your shirt rocks!

Rick G says:

Would love to see smack down with this and Surface book 2

Xavier Zymantas says:

Love it.

Quinn Barkow says:

How many lanes is the thunderbolt port?

Xavier Zymantas says:

I like that it still has a full size HDMI port on it, as we enter 2018.

ᴊᴏʀɪᴄ says:

I love you Lisa. You’re my favorite tech reviewer. You remind me of a more mature version of Leslie Winkle from the TV series The Big Bang Theory.

joel diaz says:

Lisa you should sell graphic tee’s. I would buy.

常鹤龄 says:

screen still 74% RGB comapre xps 15 4k 100% RGB ,not enough
but XPS 15 can’t 360 degree. sad

Stian Berg says:

Will you do the 13″ version, Lisa?

Sky1 says:

I just bought the latest X360 touch with the 8th gen at Best Buy last Friday it did not say anything about the pen so I bought a bamboo ink when I got home and open the box there was a pen inside but I’m going to keep the bamboo anyway a little nicer

jay Stannard says:

Is the memory upgradeable? what is the larget DIMM I could put in?

cowboys402005 says:

Should I get this or the 13” MacBook Pro? This is going to be $1199 on Black Friday and the 13” Mac Pro is gonna be $1049.

VVintercearig Erinys says:

I want it.

Maurice Hightower says:

It’s so beautiful I’m definitely saving up for this

Kaki Tk says:

Lady… can I get one of those please? My VivoBook broke on second day… I need to work on something… you know…

Willy Thompson says:

Hey Lisa, love the review!!! I have a question for you. I’m looking to buy a new laptop with a 8th gen i7 and I think I’ve settled on either then 13inch or 15inch spectre x360. i’m going to be using the computer for music production, and i was wondering if there really is a performance difference between a 13 inch spectre with 16 GB RAM and a 15 inch model with 16 GB RAM? And for music production, would the 13 inch model be sufficient for running Ableton smoothly? Thanks!!!!!

aljoseven says:

I should have bought this instead of that New Surface Pro. Ugh! Lisa, since you reviewed the new Surface Pro, does yours ever have the jitter and pen inaccuracy we are experiencing as stated in this forum? https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/forum/surfpro-surfhardware/intermittent-pen-inaccuracy-when-hand-is-on-the/28ef8566-0003-4c68-a964-6c2562423eb0

Jay Zim says:

Thanks for opening it up and showing the innards!

SLS Tech says:

do a comparison between the 940mx bob and this bob

Vincent Heusinkveld says:

Do you plan on doing one on the newest 13 inch model of hp?

Intermit.Tech says:

I’ve recently bought this laptop but I’m faced with two types of coil whine and was wondering if anyone else has noticed the same or if it’s just my “monday morning” production model.

First there is the ticking which seems dependant on what the CPU is doing. It’s mild and soft and mostly heard with your head close to the laptop itself. I’m not really bothered by it.

Second problem though is that there is a constant squealing/buzzing noise which seems dependent on the brightness level the screen is set to. I haven’t verified yet but I think the screen is doing PWM and the capacitors are buzzing while doing so. This noise is quite unbearable though, if you are in a quiet room you can’t help but hear it! It goes away when you set the lowest brightness but any other level than that, especially at full brightness, it’s very present.

I do a bit of electronic design myself and it sounds 100% like PWM behind some ceramic capacitors (Turning them into piezo speakers at the PWM frequency), a known issue. But I can’t believe HP would make such a mistake in such an expensive machine. Has anyone else had this problem?

kc chur says:

Hi Lisa, any problem if I run AutoCAD Lite & Photoshop Element in this system?

Ankesh Shrivastava says:

Please review the 13” model too im confused between these two laptops.

David Cooper says:

Is the dedicated graphics switchable with intel graphics when not in use on this model? love your reviews, I ordered one off HP’s site after watching

GVN Productions says:

Best Buy will have the 13” laptop (16GB Ram, 512 SSD, 1080P screen) for $999 this Friday. They will also have the 15” Spectre (16GB Ram, 512 SSD, 4K screen) for $1,199. Which one do you think is the better value?

welin07wm says:

Do you guys know if the no tilt issue is a software or display restriction?

Simon Berntsson says:

How’s the god damn palm rejection? No one talks about that.

Cypher says:

I know it’s not a direct comparison but can’t choose between this and Lenovo Yoga 920. Yoga is obviously a smaller laptop but for web development work it should be sufficient. This one looks good though.

Global Infrastructure says:

I want a 8th gen CPU with a Nvidia Gtx 1050 that has similar battery life and weight like the lenovo yoga 720 or Dell XPS 15 🙁 Anybody have information on laptops that fit this description?

The Webjunky says:

would this laptop be good enough for programing mobile apps and WPF applications using visual studio and ms sql server managment studio ( with 32GB ram ) ?

A. F. Raian says:

Make a review for the Late 2017 HP Spectre x360 13″ Intel 8th gen too

leonel figueroa says:

Is this better than the new surface book 2?

Abin Atienza says:

Hi Lisa. I noticed that my spectre runs only approximately 6 hours at 85% screen brightness. Is this expected?

Anthony Rizzo says:

why couldn’t they put a quad core in this

Anthony Chua says:

Can you compare this to the pixelbook?

YourComputerExpert says:

Is there a difference in digitizer between the HP Pavilion X360 and HP Spectre X360?

CommonTech Sense says:

How is this going to do with video editing compared to Dell XPS?

Kevin N. says:

Lisa, which pen performance is better from an artist point of view. Yoga 720 15 or the new HP spectre x360 15. I´m thinking of buying one of them for my girlfriend. She is an artist student.

常鹤龄 says:

dont new spectre x360 15 have finger print next to USB C port?
this one looks like old model as early 2017 one?

OpTic says:

Hey should I get the spectre or the XPS 13. :(.. I would be using it for coding software for software development, Microsoft products and some games like Civ 5

Pratik Sarker says:

Hi Lisa, your reviews are always good as before. I am planning to buy a laptop and am in a dilemma whether to buy yoga 720 or spectre 8th generation which made it faster than the 7th gen spectre 360. However, can you tell me that the spectre 4k display still have issues like small font or tiny icons? Is there any solution to that? I really liked the design of spectre but if that issue persists, will go for yoga 720 with an FHD and plan to upgrade later by myself.

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