$200 HP Stream 14 Laptop Full Review – Better Than Google Chromebook


Ashanti Robinson says:

Is it backlit?

TopHat's Plaza Yo Pokemon says:

That’s the laptop I have. It was decent until I found when I streamed videos, I’d get lag even though my wi-fi is okay and I can play barely any games on thing. Not for gamers and streamers ;P It’s okay for school use I guess.

LiL zaY Gaming says:

Try fortnite on it

Doreen k says:

is it good for college?

chamsin chamalie says:


lil MEMES says:

Why the screen is like that?

Christina Faye says:

Will this be okay for surveys and stuff

wazz supp says:

how am i able to download games if its just 2gb?

Batspine says:

Can it run roblox?

Panda Skrubza says:

This is my first labtop and it’s a good cheap,labtop.And it is very good for studying,and looking on the web.i am 8 yrs old and I do t need a very expensive labtop like from apple.i love apple but it’s expensive.Again if u are young or any age it is very cheap about 200 or 100 dollars I am actually watching u on it right now.Have a good day

Nelson Strinko says:

Can you play old school RuneScape lol

Chris Dunlap says:

I have it i love it i am looking at this on it

Francesmarie Romero says:

what i have to buy to make it have more storage i need for music and designing

zaka zikho says:

Dude is there a 3.0 usb port?

Nixmhii . says:

I have the Aqua Blue one now so excited! I got it today, right now, as an early Christmas present. It’s slick, sleek, and thin. It’s also light. Great for school and homework!

Edit: actually I think it’s 11 or maybe it’s the newer version?

Edit again: It’s not 11 it might be this or a smaller one Idk but it looks same size

Christina Faye says:

Okay I have a question. When looking for a laptop if I want to do surveys and all that what is the best type of computer to get??? Like how much memory and storage should I get etc. because I’m good when it comes to getting on the computer but as far as all the technical stuff I’m not very good at it so any advice would be great.

blank pallet2 says:


Hunter Hunt says:

Would you say this is a good laptop for browsing and pogo games? I’m looking to buy my mother a cheap laptop for mostly pogo.

Hayden Hylton says:

i have a blue one

Kilur Mods says:

Wdym light games i run fortnite on this with low graphics 60fps

Jack Sparrow says:

Can you please tell me about battery life???

Katie Maguire says:

I solely want mine for YouTube and googling sometimes, is it suitable for that?

Mr. Rethz says:

Can it run old games like left4dead and csgo? I need to know

itz. sashaaa says:

Is this good for gaming

Jesse-James young says:

They make a change so I im not getting hp

John Sams says:

00:57 do you want to do another take? Nah it’s good.

changed my name idk What do put says:

Dont get that laptop. I have it and it only has 27 GB hard drive.

BeccaThompson5 says:

I got this for school and it does the job. I didn’t wanna carry my macbook pro around. It’s light and works well for school. Good to know that an SD card is an option for more storage. it’s not very good for storage but college it works.

CollinLife says:

The problem with this is that theirs no air vents so when u have to let it cool down once in a while

Richard Ofori says:

Is it touchscreen?

LiL zaY Gaming says:

How do I put more ram in it

Nova Wave says:

Can you download things like wizard 101

Annes Tasia says:

Will this laptop work good for business? Like typing job at home?

bigbrain457 says:

Can this run Age of Empire?

Dr23rippa says:

Would have been better with 128gb or more and charging by usb c or micro USB with fast charging.

Derder For MVP says:

Can u install programs on it.

Meme Mistake says:

Wait… It runs Windows 10 S??!!

6maxwell99 says:

Yeah good luck installing Windows upgrades on that. my niece has one & it’s gone into a constant downloading installing and uninstalling because it doesn’t have enough storage space. So my advice to anyone looking for this laptop steer clear away from it move to something with more storage.

wrench ivan borja says:

Is there a slot inside in which you can expand or add a hdd or ssd?

Super Mario Shrek Nerd says:

But can it run Crysis?!

*ṜṒῩΛⱢṪῩ* says:

Can you play pubg on it?

Titus Horney says:

Well I had it for a year or 2 but my brother smashed it today rip my HP stream

Shua says:

I’m doing college design. Does Photoshop work?

Husture says:

Let’s talk about something more *IMPORTANT*

omar Uddin says:

U am considering about buying this laptop and I’ll only use it for YouTube and browsing but can u play Roblox on it?

Yariela Murua says:

Hi everybody i have a question about the charger of this computers. I bought 2 one for each of my daughters a purple and a blue one. One of my daughters lost her charger. My question is is the tip of the charger the same color as the computer? I didn’t notices that until one of the chargers got lost. My oldest daughter has the purple computer but the charger is blue so i think is my others daughter charger. So i need to be fair with both of them…. Thank you for your help. Hope any of you can answer me. Have a great day

Erick Gonzalez says:

What about making music bro?

Shister Yellow says:

Can it play roblox on it? If so, would it be lagging?

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