1070 SLI in a Slim Laptop – Is it Stupid? Aorus X9 SLI Review

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It’s impressive how Gigabyte was able to fit TWO GTX 1070s into a relatively thin laptop… but was anyone even asking for that?

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Vyzactyh says:

0:01 “Aorus Sex9”

Light says:

I miss the old thumbnails

FastMax says:

Waiting for a dual thread ripper titan v SLI laptop thinner than a dime

Gundamrules301 says:

ummm actually Linus you CAN turn up to a meeting in a wetsuit witn quicksilver’s suit wetsuit

Benjamin Tan says:

My MSI GX70 has 2 different GPU, one is built with the APU Radeon 8560G with dedicated Radeon HD8970m, and both of them working nicely with each other. nVidia can learn from Radeon a bit.

Alfi says:

Great report. but you speak just a TINY bit too fast. That tempo is okay for ad reads, but for the meat and potatoes-part of the video you should talk 10% calmer and de-stress your voice, because at that speed, it just sounds practiced and tv shop-y. Other than that, keep making vids 🙂

DorfenThomas says:

Your statistics has too many colours

User says:

Why would you need a 1070? Why 1080p is not enough for you?

Zachary Girot says:

1:54 shots fired

Sir Launcelot says:

do honest reviews on your ads

GinsuChikara says:

Hold the fuck up, did you just throw shade at the Veneno?

HOODedDutchman says:

I don’t know where the hell ur results came from but rise of the tomb raider got updated to support sli in dx12 and has nearly perfect scaling. Had 90% performance gain with 1070sli at 1440p. Only way I can see ur results making any sense is if it was done at 1080p. Which is just nuts.

Sommanker says:

Light = 3.5kg? wht
light is < 2kg imo

Mega Andy says:

So, they make these stupid sli laptops that most game devs don’t optimize their games for so why just stick a single 1080 ti in the damn thing.

Zane Wong says:

If only a MacBook Pro or XPS got a GTX1080…

Frosty Pixels says:

I don’t get why larger laptops have the track pad offset to the left, especially gaming ones, my fucking hands are going to overlap with that

Ned103 says:

You forgot to mention the keyboards break after 2 months and aorus do nothing to fix them

Marco Esteban says:

In 3 years this laptop will be at your local pawn shop for 600$

Dan Burcea says:

So… you pay that amount of money for this laptop just to find out that the sli drivers are obsolete… and you’re only using 1 Gpu… well done Aorus, who was the genius of this mistake.. eh??? “Facepalm”

dishant patel says:

Hi Linus can you please review Asus ROG Chimera G703 144Hz

William Nunez says:

Can you talk about NV link, the next step in graphics cards for Nvidia, ridding itself of sli, proven the fact that titan v does not support sli, so expecting the next change, and will we need new motherboards, new cpu

Logan Hays says:

If only I could afford half the shot y’all talk about

Naughty Nookie says:

*idiots, still going for sli…*

Jean-Francois Leblanc says:

For me, in a perfect world AMD never bought ATI, and to see a Ryzen 7 2700U with this SLI setup would be sweet..

Lars Claes says:

Block assistant virtue complain flame present gesture giant early president sanction.

Darren Yeung says:

‘and you value resolution over refresh rate’ …. said no gamer ever

jdj9 says:

“Is it stupid?”… no.. you are.

Gakwaya David says:

Can you use it for mining with those two SLI

Lane Hartwig says:

If you stream on the go though…. you have two gpus….

fezzman9898 says:

sex 9

the one you dont see says:

Id rather see a single titan Xp over 2 1070s

Call_Me_Mad says:

SLI should just die, it’s not supported by most games..

abizar rachman says:

battery life = 5 seconds

Jordan Winders says:

why is it a 1070 sli……..at that point give me a 1080.

Teamppappi says:

Maxine in a pimp suit made my whole year <3 <3

Sirhc says:

As I sit here with my 770 3GB Windforce like….’da’ fuk is dis?’ really need an upgrade :/

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