UWheel “Bluetooth” -10″inch Self Balancing,2 wheel,’ Hoverboard” review

Got board Yesterday iam 6’2 190 pds for those wondering.Brief review of 10 inch Bluetooth Board. Ask questions in comments i will answer as fast as possible.

they also allow you to pay later with Pay Pal credit so any question i can help with
another company


Big Boy Blaster Toy Productions says:

what was ur measurement?

TheUntouchabeles says:

Also here is a part 2 Video that shows and talks about troubleshooting board and how to get replacement parts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuE-eG3utq8 as always and questions ask in commentss or dm me

KtMiinch says:

Great review! This is what made me get my UWheels 🙂 I made a review too to add to this one. Check it out if you need a little more footage on where u can ride it

Melissa Mason says:

how much was this bluetooth one?

Alejandro says:


TheUntouchabeles says:

http://www.driftscooters.com?rfsn=128794.10aa1 Check these out better customer service as far as a Company that stands by their products

TheUntouchabeles says:

http://www.driftscooters.com?rfsn=128794.10aa1 let me know if anybody had bought a board from here and your personal experience because ive heard good things

Victor Crawford says:

can you send me the link to where you got yours?

Daniel Overington says:

Does anyone know where i can get one for quite cheap that ships to NZ

1HP yvng_boi says:

Can I have 1

MCB Slopchop says:

That one is fake because it is different than the other ones I have seen i have 4

Hunchavelli says:

hey im gettin the same model will it come with a adapter for the uk

Vidal Cisneros says:

are those 10 inch wheels because at 1:25 you said 10 inch?

nicole lin says:

is the maximum speed 12mph or 25mph because I also saw this board on another website and it said 25mph max and uwheel said 12mph max

Brian Taffa says:


arilla morgan says:

can it play music

Jacob Hyde says:

you paid too much man

Ivan Cantu says:

How good is the battery with this board? Does it die out really quick


Are they stuqid i can get that for 187.00 Not for 500.00

Andrea Yang says:

We would like to offer the same 10inches self balancing scooter hoverboard $250 without shipping charge,if free shipping $340 including the bag,bluetooth speaker and LED light please check our link http://www.aliexpress.com/store/1244563 or contact whatsapp+8613666054606

Farting On Stuff says:

You need to vacuum your carpet.

Loveland Fish Sales says:

500 bucks for a board… How much is a vacuum?

Milot Axhami says:
Eric Nguyen says:

I just bought this same board. The led lights on the sides turned on when I first turned it on and it said Bluetooth ready when first turned on too. But when I try to ride it immediately after the side led lights don’t turn on when I ride it and idk how to setup the Bluetooth now it’s not in the manual can anyone help me?

Maaz says:

Hey, if i link to ur video in my ebay listing description, can u link to my item in ur description

Looking forward to hearing from u

TheUntouchabeles says:

ive heard good stuff about this company as well there cheapest board is 500 and yes you can find cheaper or go to amazon thats up to you but heres a link to those looking aroundhttp://www.driftscooters.com?rfsn=128794.10aa1

NOOBSTER12 says:

Guys please tell me which one is better the swegway with bluetooth on it or the normal swegway. I want to know cause I’m getting one of those. Thank you

TybYesterday says:

It’s so not a skateboard

Jaco Davis says:

Lay friend has the Bluetooth speaker io hawk for winning a bet and he’s 10 he’s spoiled as fuck people

Juan desk says:

10 inch?

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