Top 10 Best Hoverboards In 2016 Review

Quick review Top 10 best Hoverboards in 2016. What is the best Hoverboards in 2016?
list of top 10 Hoverboards:
10. Skque Self Balancing Scooter
09. Spaceboard Electric Self Balancing 2 Wheel Scooter
08. Powerboard self balancing scooter
07. Leray Self Balancing Scooter
06. HoverTech SelfBalancing Scooter
05. Spaceboard Bluetooth Electric Self Balancing
04. Sharper Image – sogo Two Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter
03. Koogo X1 Smart Balancing Electric Shateboard
02. Razor Hovertrax electric self-balancing scooter
01. TechDrift SmartBoard Self Balancing Scooter

Thank you for watching! Do you agree with this top 10 best HoverBoard 2016?


Psych Fresh Productions says:

i have a powerboard

Javier Rosario says:

I have 3 of the number 1 on the top ten they were each $450

Colton _modz says:

I have the sharper image one

Thomas' Phone says:

You could also get a reliable one here

Rachel Rhodes says:

oh hell no

Guz24 says:

I have The hovertech selfbalancing scooter in a BLACK colour and IS AWSOME!!!

Big Slice says:

Does anyone one have a Swagtron

Antoinette Williams says:


Shipi says:

I have a hovertrax

Mason Hruby says:

Swagtron is best

Yahifajel Sewnarain says:

im smg4
the real

DrewGamer27 says:

What about swagtron??

G. Katanidis says:

uwheels hoverboards sucks!

the fern show says:

i have the same one (number one)

Lillie Scheer says:

are the 170 dollar hoverboards safe

chase says:

your list comprises of and includes those on the recall list…

lol… says a lot.

Tassilo Witt says:

where is the io hawk


I have the lambo and the ninebot mini pro 1000$

Revving Board says:

Our own creation REVVINGBOARD, not a normal boring hoverboard

Azeez Aliu says:

Werw ken I but dis

Zelastic says:

razor hovertrax is the best cause is very safe

Kenneth Silas says:

where do you get theme

El Ranchero says:

10inch wheels are better 15mph and

mega pikachu Y says:

will anny of the hoverboards in this video explode?

Rapid gaming clash royal and Pokémon says:

Why is airwalk not on here, spaceboard is the ones that started caching fire never mind all of these suck the only good one on here is razor all the other ones suck airwalk battery last 8 hours chargers for 2-4 hours top speed is 12 miles per hour and every thing is certified

Ilaan daily vlogs says:

How could u not include the IO hawk cross?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

cool cavalier says:

how about the swagtron

Kelly yousaf says:

Nice video good work

Olivier Roy says:

Nice commentating bro

Kade Hunter says:

nice commentating bro noooooot

The disguised Girl says:

Its not technically a hoverboard if it doesn’t hover

Zelastic says:

Fuck that video

Henry morton says:

Why wasnt the aero board on here?

Its.Abstract says:

I have the techdrift in white but mine didnt come with the remote

Kreativiity says:

I doubt that the razor is the second best

Dani Mazy says:

i am so sleepy hearing this guy talk

S9 Ichigo says:

who has a hoverboard. I do

Tessa Lee says:

what is a good hoverboard?

ZeGlex says:

on 6

Ryster05 says:


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