Top 10 Best Hoverboard in 2018 | Self Balancing Scooters |

Top 10 Best Hoverboard in 2018 | Self Balancing Scooters |

***Best Hoverboards Review:
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Best Hover Boards List:
1. The SEGWAY miniPRO 11:49
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

2. EPIKGO Hover Electrical Self Balancing Board 10:25
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

3. SWAGTRON T6 08:59
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

4. HoverboardX 08:05
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

5. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 07:36
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

6. EverCross 05:51
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

7. Mozzie Hoverboard 04:52
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

8. Halo Rover 03:53
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

9. Gyroor 02:07
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

10. Radical MOOV 00:24
Amazon US:
Amazon International:

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DoctorHWB // Gaming And More says:

8:28 that was in Milwaukee at Discovery World

BulletBoy Shajeed says:

Why the gyroor f1 2.0 is not in the list ….

felix segl says:

All are copys from iohawk

Ines Köster says:

Ich habe ein Hoverboard von dem was ihr gezeigt habt

Musa şahin says:

Yavsaklar turk varsa anlar

Chesya Grace Aulia says:


Celina Gossen says:

Ich have the number 8

Suri García says:

Yo quiero una

خالد العبيدي says:


Paulina Lozano says:

Yo tengo la de todoterreno

J says:

People are stupid as fuck, and catering to that stupidity is not helping. This is not a hoverboard. It does not hover. Get real. Call it something else. mini-whatever Segway or whatever.

Anthony Cuellar says:

Idioten test

Mehr anzeigen

Tushar Bodane says:

2:15 I have this one F1 2.0

Galactic Kitten Universe / Kitten clans TCG says:

i have number 9 (gyroor warrior)

jefferson ayllon flores says:

The lamborghini hoverboard where is it? I have it

Fortnite Lösungen says:


Andrew Matthews says:

I have a nava board which looks like the halo rover

Scarlette Ong says:

I have one too my air sport

Daneshka? Plascencia says:

I have the hoverboard nm.8

Ethen geoff Rosales says:

i have gyroor

عبدالرحمن بهلول says:

مشالله كم سعره هاد لاسكتر

The 570 Experience says:

Your info is all wrong…the links dont match up to the hoverboards they are aligned

JBayard Productions says:

guys if you sub to me and comment that you did then i’ll sub to you

doraci lima says:

Cadê os br?

موسى Toys says:


Allyson Nelams says:

I just got a hoverboard

ivan Ivan says:


Daytona Holder says:

I just ordered a blue tooth speaker hoverboard

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