This Is How Hoverboards Explode

Christmas shoppers beware – cheap hoverboards can be dangerous!



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Abby Gambrell says:

Your stupid becuse its that they charge it to long

Nevaeh _Miranda says:

hey these girls r sooooooo phoney and talk to much

Supersonicrules says:

i call them segways

ShadowCuber says:

people call these hoverboards because it’s the closest we have to going on a hovering skateboard anywhere. and it feels like you are on a hoverboard.

Swift Loyalty says:

How do I know when mine will explode mine won’t turn off so idk. If it will get to hot and explode or catch on fire

M earl says:

stupid people on this wannabe show

josh islilx vlogs says:


Morrison Bros says:

You guys suck

lana johnson says:

Whose watching this one there hoverboard ✔

De'Rigueur says:

I want at two-wheeled dildo

Gringo Panda says:

Khé mierda

Kyle Hill says:


Jasons Life says:

i got one for 300 dollars

The P0CKETR0CKET says:

That first joke makes me hope you die that was soo bad

Destin Sam says:

Hey us hover board people can right now sue you for calling us douche bags on the internet that’s kind of cyber bullying you know and I know 2 hover boards if cheap and ur stupid to leave on the charger oh well


This show is the most terrible i´ve ever seen. Worst personalities, terrible humor, terrible set, weird reactions. I´m out.

XxbadNinjaxX xXLitNinjaXx says:

You could give it to me I’m just

GkS Blue says:

I need to tell this to 92% of Segway owners.
Dear spoiled kids you’re not cool on em Get A FUCKING bike

Cool Guy says:


Tay Infinity says:

The hovertrax 2.0 don’t do that crap.

GlobifiedObama says:

oh my.. as soon as I seen them I fucking knew they would be dumbasses

Eder Sanchez says:

they dont hover

The CJ Show says:

Does this mean I can’t get a governors for Christmas now darn

AnnettePlays Adventures says:

I’ll get one soon 🙂

And don’t call me an as*hole when I’m on it because I am only 11 and I will get one anyways. ☹️

Uhmmakeme says:

U guys just fucking ruined my fun on these

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