Swagtron T580 Hoverboard Review


Smith Helm says:

U suck at riding it


lol wamp wamp wamp he fell

Alexander Shaw says:


Twin Aire says:

good video how long does the battery usually last in a full-charge?

fightvids 2018 says:

0:48. The way he said capasidy.

Redball Animations says:

i want it so bad its coming for me on christmas!

Boomer propel says:

No it can i do it all the tim ethats just hiw long it takes to charge

A dude says:

You said you got black because it was the last one in stock then you said you choose black because it looked the best when it was the only one in stock

Tahmin Chowdhury says:

just bought 1

cupcake queen says:

I have one

NateP 128 says:

Can I have it

Rere Copening says:

I got the same one!!!

Chris Playz says:


kpop karyn says:

Goodlife88 stole your video today https://youtu.be/l8Cnr51Qh8c but i get to open mine tomorrow im lucky as crap Merry Christmas

Jahbari Worhty says:

My hover board is Better

Scorpion Gaming 85 says:

It cant charge over night on thee instructions it says 90-100 mintes

Sillylolo 1 says:

I have one and and it goes faster

Irincin Axbý says:

He didn’t fall!!

Tiger Cub Productions says:

Great video

Tahmin Chowdhury says:

cant wait for it
comes on monday

cupcake queen says:

It’s blue

Boomer propel says:

Ya i know i realized when i finally uploaded the video i just forgot what life was at that moment

Jorge says:

Great video ! Thanks alot

Boomer propel says:

Try me that was my first youtube video i wanna see you try

Jake Fish says:

Good video nice job on 10,000 views!

Smith Helm says:

Ur grammar is shit

Timmy says:

Stick to walking kid

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