Segway Shoes!!! Segway Drift W1 Unboxing and Review!

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Ib Rene Cario says:

If you are too afraid to ride them then make another person do the review. This was pathetic.

Maria Angélica Filha says:

I have hahahah

Elle Blair says:

*visions of Heelys circa 2005*

Nandu Nandu says:

how much cost how much dollars

Jonathan Butt says:

Wish you could have two people use one each, standing on ONE sideways like a mini onewheel. My kids could race each other with one set….

Cassidy Ferguson says:

Omggg I never saw this video I got those on pre order and got it in November 2018 they are sooo fun. And I also have two Segway nine bots

Johnny Britten says:

Personally they are a bit to expensive for me. I got these for half the price and feel like Michael Jackson.

Joe Duke says:

“I remember roller skating in like elementary school and how cool that was, and it might not be cool again.” Wow, your generation totally SUCKS, such programmed robots. When Segway comes out with a model that other people exclusively control for you… then all of you will ‘need’ to have one.

Montazar Mhsin says:

2:48 hahahaha excellent assessment, why you not try to drive it with one foot?

Baru Lopez says:

Irvine Company apartment?

Akanksha Saxena says:

I have these and a real hoverboard. I ride the segway shoes to and from school every morning, and it takes 5 minutes to get there because we live on very flat land, and my school is right across from my neighborhood. all I wear is a helmet, but not knee pads or elbow pads. I did in the beginning, but I got better at it, and also I looked super dorky. I store them in my locker, and when its time to go home I take them out. its really fun, and I have had my share of skinned knees and elbows, but have never sprained or broken anything. these are really amazing, and you should definitely get them. they are pretty expensive, but they are worth it , because you can travel short distances, and they are quick charging. i charge them overnight, every night.

Bianca Elena says:

You’re getting a little big !

Damen Tomassi says:

I got these, but have no idea what to do with them now…

Animal Natalie says:

You make it look so easy justine

Charles Rodriguez says:


I lost it!

Charity Boamah says:

Now im scared because i have a segway and IT might explode

The OG Charmed ones /riverdale says:


Mathew Rademacher says:


glwayfarer says:

I want to ride these over bubble wrap

Akash Prasad says:

No need to say now you are genius but you are born genius.

anthea vanderbist says:


Atmos Daniel says:

What’s the song at 7:29 please?

Marco Deo says:

How fast does it go?

DrSquee says:

Segway ad much

Chrisx Fallie says:

How much are Seco shoes

Nicky Ricardo says:

Can anyone answer this, are these hard on your legs?

Sean Ward Life says:



This plugs into here aaaand this plugs into this ! Soooooo now I know Im a genius at everything. Silly little girl.
Never tell anyone you are a genius, get them to tell you that you are a genius and then argue with them.
Unless it changes the world, its not genius.

sami alshameri says:

I wish to have one

chris 5354 says:

wow so pretty

marshmello fan says:

im getting a hover bord for my b day

anthea vanderbist says:

Zoek op

Henry Windsor Rurikovich says:

I would like to sing London bridge you sang great , you spend time online doing the best 😀 what we do when you’re interesting in someone? We type we look pictures we figure out about every single supposition you did or do it’s correct that Alice or the other Alice . Welcome and thanks to show me how to do , I love to learn daily.

Classy Raps says:


Darin Boismier says:

Stop the selfie and demo the product

Nate Reid says:

What do you do with all of the products you do videos with after your done?

jeepvette77 says:

Now without even having to walk, we can take obesity to a whole new level!

LaherX GT says:


Mosqueteros Exploradores Urbanos says:

Hi I Is México City

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