Riding the Lexus hoverboard in Spain

Lexus invited us to Spain to ride the hoverboard it created for a commercial. Our resident skateboarder Sam Sheffer found the board to be very difficult to ride — but it does hover! Read the full story here: http://www.theverge.com/2015/8/4/9091951/lexus-hoverboard-video

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Butthead says:

Take a shot every time he says Lexus. Gotta love brainwashing techniques lol

Péter Nagy says:

*2019* still no hoverboard exist

naughtykid000 says:

And I thought I was smarter than anybody about the hover-board oh wait I am

RiAd ViDs says:

It barely floats and you need to be on that specific park to ride it, the arka board is much better and is actually for sale!

*PATENAATTORI 1.0* says:

Future is here!

CheezyDibbles says:

Lightweight metal
Surf board size
High power small fan around the board
Height/distance tracking camera
High powers battery / or solar panel above the board
And a hell of algorithms/code in the circuit..

Ryad Arlan says:


Maxwell Wilcox says:

I want to believe

Kevin Keifer says:

if only u didnt need liquid nitrogen…

Techbit says:

Technology is still weak in 2019, hoverboards don’t seem feasible, all of the Tesla nutjobs are riding in a large Pro RC vehicles, nothing new under the Sun yet.

jace man says:

2019 anyone?

Waldy Duran says:


Woah, I did it

James says:

Sub to me for good luck pls I need subs

Doge Dude says:

chris evans?

Joseph Gallegos says:

Whose gonna get the first tre flip

Adrian Lewis says:

My dad works at Lexus

jacob marr says:

How do you turn

Impressiveboy101 says:

3 years later nothing!!!!!!!!!

Oh Yea Yea says:

Anyone else get this in there recommended in 2019?

Shinfshong Suuw f says:


kyle flaa says:


A Cow says:

1980: We’re going to have hoverboards.
2015: Hoverboard

SubGme says:

Does an ollie with basket ball shoes on……



a Boogie says:

All it need is foot direction electric to and snow board locks to control direction and this thing can go viral

OnliningsIsYaBoy ! says:

How to fly
Make the ground a magnet (north side)
Put monster magnets on your feet and taping it (north side facing the ground)
The year is 2019

Hayden Burton says:

How much do these things cost?

jack white says:


_ AussieHorse says:

Shut up and take my money

GrassDude39 says:

Oh yeah yeah

Prince-jay Palmer says:

i feel persons can use magnets because look at this if u use a magnet and just rebuild parts of the road it probably would hover but the balance i will have to figure out when im older

Papo de ciência says:

And the arcaboard? It flies in any surface and you can use like a skate or just use it pushing it to front or back

Little Miss Advice says:


I can’t even ride a scateboard …

Arnold Corriette says:

Lexus is the best they created a hoverboard cool one day am going to buy one

HornyHotdog says:

Make the magnets slightly stronger and make something that detects if the hoverboard gets to hot and then automatically cools down the hoverboard.

Marcus Rosales says:

This is how magnetic trains are supposed to work. We need those high Temperature superconductors!

1 1 says:

Waiting to see someone Hollie on a hover board

Terell Samuel says:

Guys we are back to the future

Rashaad Lawson says:

I little bit skeptical.

Gamer Kid8001 says:

Person from 1980s: 2019? Wow you should be so advanced!

Me: not really much farther than you

Mountain Man says:

(1:15) “But LEXUS out all companies???” Why is that so hard to believe?

David TheFirst99 says:

Is imposibile! How this levitate?

blackblaze says:

So it’s like a skate board with two wheels

Lexus Galea says:

Is it weird that my name is Lexus?

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