REVIEW: SwagTron T3 – The Best Hoverboard (2017)

A quick review of the SwagTron T3, which includes a smooth ride and unrivaled safety features that we think makes it the best hoverboard on the market.


kech wolcott says:

thank you for making a review that actually explains the specs of the board. tired of watching reviews where people are just saying its got lights n shit!

Mario Ramirez says:

what do the 4 blue dots on top mean? and what’s the difference with the green light?

leol starza says:

T3 does not last long get another one.

Alissa Violet says:

Does it work on a carpet

Mario Ramirez says:

which is the battery life? the 4 blue lights on top or the green ones?

R Jensen says:

Swagtron and its 1 year warranty is a joke.  Plugged ours in to charge after using it without problems for two days and now it just beeps and flashes all 5 green LED lights on top, sometimes several times, sometimes continuously without stopping . Difficult to turn off, but won’t operate at all.  Just blinks and beeps.  No troubleshooting instructions in the manual.  Recalibration doesn’t work.  Swagtron customer service is a complete joke.  Had nothing to say except “go online and fill out an RMA form.”  This after several unsuccessful tries, each time waiting for over a half hour for someone to take the call.  Lot of hype and positive online reviews out there, so I thought I did my research and got quality.  All I got is a bill of goods and a disappointed son.   This was his “big” Christmas present and after 48 hours of use I am in warranty process hell with no end in sight.  I bought mine at Target, and the color is sold out, so can’t take it back for an identical replacement.  Target ought to be embarrassed and Swagtron ought to be exposed.  All hype and a premium price but a mediocre, inferior product.

gabe nugent says:

i will take it i need one

Chris Potter says:

Did it stop working after a while?

Luna The Pig says:

Nobody cares,but 300th subscriber

• KC11 • says:



Do the lights change colors

Mario Ramirez says:

what do the 4 blue dots on top mean? and what’s the difference with the green light?

qeti tv says:

it is a good

Help get to 5000 subs without any videos Plz says:

What hover board is better swagtron t3 or swagtron t1 because iv been saving for a hover board since like two years and i got 512.50 dollers

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