Review: Hoverboard – Two Wheel Electric Balancing Scooter – Monorover Swagway

I bought one, I mean two of these Hoverboard Two Wheel Electric Self Balancing Scooter things. Some are calling it a Unicycle, though it has two wheels so… Who knows what they are really called. The first one broke within 30 minutes of us unboxing it so I got another one.

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Muzeli Two-wheel Smart Self Balancing Electric Scooter
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Swagway Hoverboard


interuptingcactus says:

If it was just the frame that broke, couldn’t you have just JB-welded it back together?

Family Comedy says:

great review man im from the netherlands and there are not so much reviews im learning english and i think i can it but not so good you are better !!!! great work!

Jaden Robinson says:

Ok so I just got mine last night.. I charged it all night last night and it says it’s not fully charged. But I turned it off when I charged it. So do I need to leave it on when I charge it??

Wally says:

I’ ve got perfectly the same

TheOutsideFilmer says:

swagway gives you swag. (Please read the title xD)

maybach007 says:

I just bought 3 of these , one for me and the others for my kids as Christmas gifts, I tried mine out and love it !!! Although I’m kinda nervous about the recent news exposure to these things catching on fire due to charging or overheating? My models are all “smart balance scooters’ with some company advertising label” wheeli” on it. Any advice or precautions from you veteran riders would be helpful!

Robert Myslik says:

Mine blinks orange when charging, what does that mean??

Alexia Nunez says:

Instead of jumping off with both feet,you have to put one foot behind you, off of the swegway and then the same thing with the other foot.


Bruh you can get them free with samsong batterys

DREW C says:

hi, i literally just got one, i have question about charging, when you charge, does the device need to be on or off?

Tech Ventions says:

the point where the thing pivots u know between the battery indecator and tge other indicator can pivot a 360 degree like full rotation is it safe or……..

Anis Jean says:

I have mine but one side is working and the other does not work and the light stays on on the side that don’t work what should I do please help

TheAwesomeness says:

can you make a review for the Urban Rover one and how to charge it?

Charlie Nisssen says:

Call it floboard

Drake Muller says:

It’s not even a hover board. Does it levitate? I didn’t think so

Cody Johnson says:

This is a wonderful review I rode my friends and I learned in 5 minutes and it’s really fun!!!!!

Bryan Diaz says:

I have a question,I’m gonna get a hoverboard,and I don’t know if I should get the one that’s 200 or 300 but I’m getting the 800,the real question is,how long do you need it charging and NOT charging?plz answer to get a hoverboard.

Jadyn Hopkins says:

hi! i got a hoverboard/enduro board whatever you wanna call it. Anyway when i ride my hoverboard it makes this like sticking noise and its sticking in the middle. so its very hard to ride. inwas wondering if you knew how to fix that.

Nicholas Liu says:

Umm can I please know if it explodes? Thank you very much

Noah Kublank says:

the best way to get off of the hoverboard is to step back with one foot and then step back with your other off of the board, don’t jump

David DCSecurity says:

2 wheel electric scooter

Sammyweird says:

Did they ever give you a refund for the 1st one?

chu fufuchu says:

I have the exact same board in the video and it’s been fine but then I turned it off and all of a sudden it won’t turn back on, please help

Antoinette Williams says:

Did you ever get your money back?

ExPrO ThEiF says:

its not a hoverboard it has wheels doyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Calvin Edwards says:

all that damn talking and you said nothing about the speed or nothing that would help me

Aiden Combe says:

Amazing review thank you !!

Jej Jej says:

Mine won’t turn on at all???? It flashes when I press the on button what do I do

Tajhana Coggins says:

what to do when the power button on it is red and keeps blinking??

Dutch Fire says:

S :-)A 🙂 D 🙂

Wale Alalade says:

You sir, explained it well and covered what would-be consumers would like to know, durability, cost and the kind of fun one would have, if I were anxious to buy one. Great job being a consumer’s great help. Thank you for taking the time.

Kamal Nesr says:

so i got mine about 5 days ago, but whenever i use it it drains in about 1 to 2 hours. any advice?

Farcutiu Mihai says:

There is one thing i can’t understand. Most people would think you need to ride it with the lights pointing forward, i mean, that is the front part, but, after i bought one, i used it with the led thing pointing forward, and than, i read the instruction manual and saw photos in it which indicated you need to ride it with the lights pointing back, i tried it and it seems it accelerates faster, so, which is the front part ?

Hudson G says:

Amazon prime two day shipping?? I’m dumb ive been waiting 3 weeks for mine -___-

ItzSpencer says:

OMG Why do people call it a hoverboard???????

anko8aug says:


EmmaBinder says:

thank you for the help Jerad it really helped

Arni Sondahl says:

how about Duroll? They see me rolling they hatin²

Timothy Anderson says:

It explodes

Ariana's Sneeze says:

How long until the battery runs out ?

Chris Baconham says:

no matter where you bought, amazon ebay or some chinese 3rd/4th-party market they all made in china and the quality is pure luck.


Should I get the one he has or the ten inch wheel one or the Bluetooth one

Zahid Ashraf says:

Shud we keep it on while charging???
Im gonna get one tomorrow

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