Minefreak22JHM Official says:

I have that one

King D says:

i am getting the same one lol

Josh Sampson says:


Ryan Noble says:

the one i got was 400 and it has a 4 to 6 hour battery life on it on a full charge its called a high roller its ul certified so the charger and the board its self are fire proof. so if you are going to get one i would recommend getting one of them off of qvc

Ososick says:

so this one doesnt explode and catch on fire

Takyia Martin says:

I have one

Gary Pierce says:

First time charging it 6 hours second time 4 hours the highest you gharge it

Lindsey McNelly says:

I have a purple one

Ruth Serna says:

dude the one thing I don’t like about it is that the battery run out fast because the front light are so bright as a freaking car dang

george46Pacheco says:

Thanks for instructional video – I just bought this hoverboard for my seven and a half year old. He’s going to love it when he opens his present since he’s been asking for a board for some time now. I’m going to have him watch this video – in the meantime I’m charging it right now. : )

Ameer Hairston says:

I have a blue one

Gisela Santiago says:

it is true to charge for 6 hours the first time ..what if i charge it for 2 or 3 hours

Viktória Deli says:

Csak beszéltek ti szarok

Rayziar says:

me and my sis have a Hovertrax 2.0, mine is black also, And my sis is purple! But my sis hovertrax has a way better battery than mine, mine loses battery easily why is that…?

vux vuxgang says:

i got the same one

Ososick says:

so tho

xNqah says:

I have one. The thing that sucks the charge doesn’t last that long

Xavier Molina says:

does it vibrate

ᴋᴛᴠᴜ ϟ says:

I got one for Christmas for me and my brother

natasha gary says:

I getting the hovertrax

Rubiks Universe says:

And it has a app that you can manage everything on and it has practice mode and standard mode

TeannaEatsPizza7 says:

This helped cuz I’m getting this exact one in a few days

Mike Farrell says:


KTS Vlogs says:

How long of
A battery
Time or run time

two awsome girls and friends says:

this one is UL-CURTIFIED that means it doesn’t catch on fire

Rubiks Universe says:

I am getting a Swagway t580 for Christmas. I recomend it because it is the first safety surtified hoverboard and it has Bluetooth and water risestant. And they have 3 colors and it looks stylish. For 200 us dollars

Gøłd •Fïśhś says:

I want to get it but I don’t know if it will exsplode

blue skull of death gamer says:

i want one of these for christmas

Hunter Vlogs says:

i just got one and i have to agree it is the BEST totally recommend

I Am Mr. Nice Guy says:

nice try homeboys. what s up with the hand gestures? lol

Iveon White says:

I got the baby blue one it’s very fast my opinion it’s better than a hoverboard

Silver’ Tf2 says:

i have that hoverboard but white an black

_Thetroncreeper 9- says:

it doesn’t suck or blow up noice

Pam McCoy says:

I can’t get my hoverboard to turn on what wrong

Hugo says:

i have a hovertrax 1.0 the first type of hoverboard ever. but they really stept up there game with the 2.0

Kayla davidson self taught contortionist says:

I got the exact same one with the exact same color! It’s really touchy though mine was only 100 dollars and it was a early xmas present this year I got it today and just learned how to ride one, it’s really easy it has more control

Jeff Sauter says:

razer hoverboards suck

Michelle Santistevan says:

I have one of those but all scratched

Flat Foot says:

I got that hover board just yesterday

Grayson The ATM says:

I have one of them

ihas penny says:


ben elbaz says:

It looks like shit

Irene Marruquin says:

I have a golden hoverboard and a blue razor track 2.0

RG69 says:

Am I the only one who thinks the razor ones are ugly

Ibrahim Kargbo says:

Razor hoverborad is the best

Kayvon Hassani says:

Just smile

Jolie Mileen says:

i have this in red

XBCPGamer29 says:

Can they go up hills? If so, what incline?

Also, if you step on the middle by accident, would it snap?

Final question, can you attach this to it? :- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Go-HoverKart-Monster-Carbon-Black/dp/B01LZW1OYC/ref=pd_sim_200_4?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=PZYYJER042JYY74EMC4V

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