This is a half vlog & half review of my new 10 inch segway hoverboard! (pretext: I’ve had been waiting for my hoverboard to arrive for 1 month, it was supposed to be overnight delivery)

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Jesse Zeus says:

why is everyone on youtube that “reviews” hoverboards such tryhard goons

LookatmenowTY says:

it sound like your saying dick

Matt Widgery Photography says:

Love that Kiwi accemt “My dick is very hard and bumpy” Priceless 😀 Good review though dude.

Alex Mac says:

Why does he keep talking about his dick? Lol

Zan Ali says:

at 4:19 i thought he said “you are now on my dick” lol

The Amy345 says:

When he said your on my deck I thought he said your on my dick

Amos Chika says:

I wanna get one but I also wanna know how far it goes on a fully charged battery and how long also what is the top speed?

tino dziba says:

4:56 these rubber tires are gripping to my dick

kingsteve 24 says:

i thought he said dick

iEmojiGFX - NextBlend says:

Could that ride kid?

Lillsworld says:

He charges it when its charged

✹JiggLub✹ says:

Where do u buy that one ive been looking everyone i cant find a legit good one!

mohbro1 says:

Thats a bad road…. In the UK its considered perfect

Pavol Kovac says:

how fast it can go ? cau you run 30 km/ h ?:D

Intense Productions Inc. says:

8:38 Seems like a Cannon DSLR with RODE VideoMic IN HIS GLASSES

Taliya Hardy says:


lloyd baker says:

Where did you get your Hoverboard

pedro carvalho says:

“handling” more like “footling”

unsutablegamer says:

are you saying my dick

Thejay Gang says:

we’re not all boys

majskorv majsjorv says:

thats enough dick testing boys

hot head fhgfsj says:

need some shave up man I want to ask how old r u lol look like 67_70s

Simen Arntzen says:

05:28 my dick is very hard

John Wick says:

@quin69 make a fishing video

Sara Adams says:

my off road one is broke cause it wont stop vibrating i need help

E & R Vlog says:

do you live in Napier man

majskorv majsjorv says:

whe hesays deck it sounds like dick

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