WOW, this hoverboard is so fun!

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I’ve ridden a ton of hoverboards over the years, but this is the first one I’ve ever owned, surprisingly. And this one is niiiiiiice. Loving how heavy-duty it is with the huge wheels. Much love to Epikgo for sending one my way. We’re gonna have tons of fun with this one!

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U.N.A. #28

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Comment “do more off roading on the hoverboard!”


Aiden Alexander Vlogs says:

Go on a hike with ur hover bored

Nolan Olson says:

Yes have strangers try

zach Larson says:

Do more off roading on the hover board

Benjamin Lowery says:

The Stephen, your awesome, i personally met this awesome guy at the store, TODAY, buying cookies, lol. Need to get together, you can teach my daughter and i how to Vlog. Hit me up, you rock…

Drawing Vids says:

Please sub I have 0 ):

Taco Thief says:

I wonder why shon hasn’t given this channel a shoutout

DestinyMB1289 The Roblox Player says:

I subscribed

Will It Work? says:

the crazy air Stephen went is the one i go to all the time

Beckem says:

shoundras as one of those

katie laparne says:

omg the birds chirping sounds so nice. I wish it was spring/summer

Tanner Robinson says:

Ride that Hoverboard all the way Back to the Space Station Kappa

Tim Mahler Keck says:


Brianna Short says:

that was so awesome I want a hoverboard so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Panda SopieyaPhan says:

Stephan! We have the same microwave XDDD

Vincent Spanburgh says:

it is called cimmaxi not a mini music video

TGXGaming says:

Bro, what about you try mobo pro bro? lmao…….#matthiasmemes

NeonSquad04 says:

Give it to me I’m worth it dadadadadunndunununununa

Jordan Hunter says:

Love the edit on this one dude. You were right. Today was an epic Vlog!

Filippos Supergamer says:

I have this hoverboard

Tony Ren says:

Stephen you should visit the Space Station 1.5

Ryann Harvey says:

your near plainrock124!!!

Frederick Gentle says:

hi stephen do ya remember me from your lives. Im @aviation extras on insta

LemonPie says:

Wow this video was awesome!!!!Great job on editing!!!

ththeredpanda says:

Stephen how much are those

John L says:


Joyce D says:

One wheel

TheEpicGamer says:

Mr.Stephan why do you have the right sock on the left and the left sock on the right?

Pixelgaming and Stuff says:

this is literally the same model and lights, but mine is from a different company…

John L says:

i go woen

Nolan Olson says:

U should do it by the condos

Keagan Solberg says:

lol i ride around my house eating cereal on my epikgo sport

Looney Prunes says:

What was the ticket in the first minute were you speeding

Luc Wijdoogen says:

THIS is 600 dollars tf

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