Ninebot Mini, Self Balancing Hands-free Segway, “Hoverboard 2.0!” REVIEW

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A new self-balancing, hands-free, electric scooter, “hoverboard”, Segway. It’s a TON of fun to ride and has a LOT of fun features and specs.
Max speed: ~10 MPH
Distance: 13.5 Miles
Very fast and easy to learn to ride. Leaning of your body weight effects forward and backward movement, while the middle control rod turns left or right with subtle nudges with your legs or knees. Very intuitive and becomes natural with just a little practice.
The bluetooth app has a ton of control and customization; speed, distance, battery life, set speed limits, LED strip animation modes (breathing, rainbow, etc), will even over-the-air (OTA) update the Ninebot firmware when needed.

Performance is impeccable! Very fast, zippy, and reactive! Great for precise movements (steadicam filming), plus powerful and durable for flying up and down hills, or even off roading!

Huge thanks to selfwheels for sending me the unit to review.

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Brian Ross says:

i really like your videos and am considering purchasing a ninebot mini. could you tell me the difference between the ninebot mini and the ninebot mini pro? thanks!

anko8aug says:

the small versions are not know off idiot!

Rick Danuser says:

Can you order replacement batteries?

TekTiguz says:

You dont Need to Crouch just Buy the pro

Elias Boyle says:

Is the ninebot mini better then the mini pro

alexzracer says:

+ AuthenTech – Ben Schmanke will i have issues activating the ninebot mini in the US?

jake evans says:

Does the ninebot mini count as a “hoverboard” and if not, is it still illegal to ride on pavement in the UK?

TheJonasShow says:

what dose Hitler use to get around his death camps… the nine bot

Shams Zahan says:

This hover board is awesome

Syrupman says:

My cousin got one. He let me try one and it is friggin awesome

CarLover21 says:

why not get the segway mini pro instead, its better

Aksels Nemme says:

Is the ninebotmini water or sand proof

Daniel Adari says:

is it the same as mini pro?

yellow jello says:

dont call it a hover board

Cutey Poopy says:

Can it be ride through the rain

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

The Segway Ninebot miniPRO (an even better model for same price!) available on Amazon Prime:

bc gong says:

how long can you go in one charge

TheSQDoctor says:

Can’t you raise the knee pads so you don’t have to crouch?

Soulmaster187 says:

looks dope.

Konstantin Kokkorakis says:

I love mine I hated the speed limit and I could not get the app to work for a month so could not unlock the limit I was so passed off at that ,but now I got the app to work and the limits off its better although it still a bit slow for me ,I go everywhere on it its so smooth and never ever throws me unlike my uni wheel ,or even my skateboard ,never found a inmotionv3 v3 I so want one too but it’s not around in UK bBend can you please send me the link hugs konny xxx

Hugo Myhlen says:

Ninebot mini or NinebotminiPro?
What is the different?

bc gong says:

dose it come with a pump to pump the wheels

Erkam Kapaklı says:

is it waterproof like the boosted board 2

GDmasterRACE says:

If you let your new friend jump on and don’t want them to injure… the ninebot XD

ken cole says:

WARNING! WHILE THEY DON’T BLOW UP THESE ARE NOT NORMAL BATTERIES EITHER ! if you drain the battery 100% you will be buying a new one! Don’t ever drain the battery not even ONCE! When Battery gets low the speed is reduced to conserve it so you don’t drain it down but you don’t slow down , only it does and you can be thrown off as a result so listen to the beeping, not music, till you get the hang of it. Also this is your cue to put it back on the charger. Do not fully charge it and leave it like that, rather charge it to almost full and un plug it to store it. then the next time you want to use it fully charge it and use it immediately. The app is NOT that big of a deal and you can run it with out the app, if you use the app it makes you take a class and learn how to use it. .

TechMack says:

This thing is 10x better if you order the handlebars for it you can get it off there site. I have a video using the handlebars once I added them never went back to the knee staring, works like a charm 🙂

Jonathan Klein says:

Great review! I’ve had mine for a week and I’m having a blast.

Pure Prairie Organics says:

I plan on getting two of these for our employees to deliver door hangers for our organic lawn care business this spring. We will get many more door hangers delivered compared to walking plus heads will turn which will lead to more sales! Takes $$ to make $$ right? Look for 2 cool riders delivering door hangers for Pure Prairie Organics this spring : )


China please increase the speed tooo slow

The sub to tab says:

I love it! Lucky you!!!

x81 Reaper says:

great Review thank you

Elijah Chavez says:

,I got one

jake evans says:

Does the ninebot mini count as a hoverboard and if not, can we ride them on pavements in the UK?

Nils Bachmann says:

Just a thought at 4:47, I don’t think it would be possible to steer only with the foot pads as there is no pivot joint like the original hoverboard has in the in the middle?

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