New Indestructible Hoverboard – Halo Rover (All-Terrain Hoverboard unboxing and review)

Buy the Halo Rover directly – – (Halo Board – Or buy it from Amazon: || Special Promotion: When buying the Halo Rover from , use the coupon code ‘TUTORIALGEEK’ to get $25 off (valid through December 31st 2016)

I love everything about this hoverboard. It is tons of fun and super easy to ride! Read my review here:


kirby vanduzer says:

I’m wanting one but I’ll be hooking mine to a hover seat so I don’t have the risk of busting my butt

Dennis R Aungst says:

I have a halo rover i got it for christmas its awesome but so heavy

Envy YT says:

Music ruined it.

Sarah Hanson says:

nice hoverboard i want one so bad i would trade a lambo for one

peter kirby says:

Its it hard to control on flat grass because i have a hover board but not this 1 and it did not like flat grass

Capital Blue says:

what’s the difference between this one and the Jetson Rover V8?

ryan hicks says:

been looking at at the halo Jetson and epikgo boards trying to decide which one

Nathan Jones says:

I guess I’m just missing the entire point of these things.  A $600 toy designed for the sole purpose of keeping you from walking?  Take a good look around… Is that really what we need… less exercise in fat America?

philip LIU says:

halo rover have nice app ,with a high quality bag .others no bag

HSR says:

the editing reminds me of people that live in Utah

KINgS crown says:

This hover board is a copy of the Samsung Kiwano ko-x

almonster2066 says:

Crappy ad posing as a review.  Nothing worth looking at here.

Dallin Christensen says:

Nice video!

Jake Stimac says:

How fast does it go

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