NEW & IMPROVED HOVERBOARD!! Halo Rover REVIEW, Self Balancing, 2-Wheel, Smart Electric Scooter

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Electric Unicycle video:

This new and improved self-balancing, 2-wheel, smart electric “hoverboard” scooter is so much better than those original hoverboards that came out last year. It’s called the Halo Rover, from the same guys who make the Halo Board (the one wheel electric skateboard).
It has much larger, beefier 8.5-inch tires, with more power to roll over, off, and through all kinds of terrain!

Main Specs and Features:
-UL 2272 Safety Certified
-IPX4 water resistant (can handle rain and puddles no problem)
-Max Speed: ~9 MPH
-Range: ~10 miles or 2+ hrs
-To fully charge: 2.5-3 hrs
-Weight limit: ~260 lbs
-Scooter weight: 32 lbs
-Inside: 154 WH, dual 400W motors
-Built-in Bluetooth for App control + Speaker for music playback

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Matthew Gervase says:

I watched this vid and bought one its coming tomorrow im so excited

Mikenopolis says:

I have no idea who makes what and why China always does this with rebranding. This Halo is the same as Epikgo and Jetson’s board. I do like how beefy they are

tylerf says:

Great review as always! 🙂

AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

Check out my FAST electric SELF-BALANCING One Wheel (Unicycle) video:

Josh Cosey says:

I want one so bad for Christmas but my mom don’t have the money for it. but she said she would get me a pair of shoes insted

kirby vanduzer says:

it’ll go through that sand if you hook it to a hover seat that’s what I’m gonna buy one for all of your weight will be on the hover seat witch will go through the sand no problem


Heyy bro what’s the price in Indian Rupees? Or in US Dollars

Daniel Tani says:

13 million… Wow! Everybody need to live Authentec !!!

Kgfc Foci says:

This hoverboard is so good and you are a very good youtuber.

Oscar M says:

What I hate of hoverboard is that when u going so fast u loose control

Anees Samhan says:

This is awesome love your vids

Jishua says:

How do I use the app??

Mujtaba Alam says:

what is the app called ?

Thero T says:


Cheezy310 says:

Awesome video! You’re definitely my favourite youtuber! Stay awesome and keep making amazing videos!!!

Reality Check VR says:

I want to try! haha) it would be fun to drive on the beach)

Sean Mrad says:

well now that an off-road hoverboard

General Duck says:

Wow nice video , really like yeh design don’t you?

Matt Knudsen says:

Nice! Seems much improved over the 1st gen so you don’t have friends breaking it during testing. And sorry, I did LOL @ 1:34… didn’t expect that, but glad you recovered. 🙂 Great outro!

Kingjay 2_3 says:

Can you try to make a video with the kingofRandom

Capital Blue says:

Question, what’s the difference between this and the Jetson Rover V8?

hani lm says:

good video :-*

The Major General says:

Also can you please do a review on the DJI mavic pro drone.

ian dubria says:

Kiwano KO-X scooter they just change the name

GamingTV says:


Thero T says:

awesome video

AyaanSamad says:

Which Is better the NineBot or the Halo scooter?

Rick Sanchez says:

Definitly not the coolest kid with a unicycle. Hoverboards are stupid. They dont hover

Birat sapkota says:

Thank you for this awesome video Ben. I love the fact that you tell about every single detail.

wizzy xking says:

You good i want know how fast it is

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