Most Affordable Swagway Self Balancing HoverBoard Full Review!

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Deathstroke 9186 says:

Look up Lamar Wilson on youtube.

Andrew Hepburn says:

Is your swagway still

xEZYxMONEYx says:

I’m getting one hopefully for Christmas

Dennyboy AKA Baloteli says:

its not swag way its segway look in the title and even the description

Tucker Snow says:

Can I have one from you

Jack Zing says:

Does this one catch on fire?

Mr.Martin Gaming says:

I’m going to be selling one of these for 500 dollars if you want one

Hayley Smith says:

I’m defently asking for this for Christmas 😛

Vishal Maisuria says:

Yay you got the swagway those are the ones that don’t explode and get on fire

Noonoo Time says:

How is that affordable 400$ wow so affordable

Tom Riddlestone says:

Do you even lift.
Ti you 45 pounds is heavy?

Mr. Warhead 200 says:

Mine is scratched up

8 Bit Otaku says:

the title is midleading.
this does not hover.
the wheels still touch the ground.
there isn’t even a nanometer of space between it and the round at most times.

Hoodini says:

lol 400 dollars most affordable smh

mr09R1 says:

Just bought this Swagway and the green indicator light won’t stay on and then it won’t calibrate. It’s fully charged and only the right side wants to move. Anyone else have this? It also starts beeping but never had the red light indicator come on. I’ve calibrated it many times but nothing.

Harrison Koonts says:

just call this a Smart Balance Wheel. thats what ive seen on all the boxes of peoples unboxing videos

Austin Mariani says:

I want one but my mom said they blow up is that true

Brian Tita says:

thats not a swagtron t1 because it doesnt have the thing that protects the wheels thats a swagway x1 or swagway x2

Jordan Choi says:

Would a $290 hover board battery explode?

Jack Rodriguez says:

had less than one week and it doesn’t work. do not buy!!!

Abbas Dhila says:

but gave the same size thumbs up

Tyler Mounce says:

Your posture is to tense, relax yourself as you stand.

Darken says:

Swagways aren’t fake right ???

giovanny reyes says:

what do you mean got monet

Letsplayer101 says:

technically. technically, u were riding it backwards, ur supposed to have the lights at the back. nice vid tho

Colin Behrmann says:

Does it go 10 or 12 miles an hour?

Angelo DeCeglie says:

How big are the wheels

Breland Locktin says:

I have this one I got lucky when the clearance models came out for a short time.

giovanny reyes says:

get me one

Ty's Life says:

how do you get them to send you one

Banzzz says:

I got the same exact one in red to

laurin 800 says:

Cutting open a box…. a little advice, get it out and start the review. I bet you lost half your audience just watching you open the box. I left- but then I thought ya seem like a nice guy. Good luck, hope you do well.

Kira says:

You can also do spins on it

PreTTyZombie_ Ghoulgirl says:

I opened my today and it was easy to ride, when I first got on it I knew how to ride it

MadBlade 12 says:

Lazy just Lvl up. awesome stuff 😀

Danelia Delcid says:

I try it

SugarRush says:

how is this considered a hoverboard srsly

Erben On Youtube says:

500th like

Banzzz says:

They said this was the good quality one

Lexify Gaming says:

Great content your a good yout uber

Brenda Tate says:

im getting a red one as well

RocketBoyy26 _ says:

Did urs blow up cause I got the same hoverboard from swagway

Johnny .Bravo says:

Do you know it only carries 220 lbs. Might be over the limit. LOL depending on your hight.

Sp P says:

Can you please give me one?

Daquan Jones says:

Can the swag way play music cuz I know some different brand hover boards can but it never specified on the site that it can so any one please if they know just comment

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