Song : Hurley Mower – Drank

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Kate Lamey says:

I cannot do that I would probably break my hover board

تيمور العامري says:

مشاء الله

kawaii yummy says:

so gaya

Swiper Fox says:

So… does this hoverboard really…. HOVER?

16bit Generation says:

Omfg! If it wasn’t enough having fucking kids with scooters!! Get away from the skateparks!!!

Sushma Manju says:

Bro is rooco your brother

Declaptivated Gibran says:

Its not a hoverboard when it has wheels

Mark Casteel says:

come on! you are bad at it

William Revey says:

I can do all of those


he is soo goood

Elise Zimbauer says:

I have a pink hoverboard comment if u do

gameing with jen kev says:

I’m getting a hoverboard for my birthday

Antonio Lamberti says:


Don Rojana says:

I am hoverboard also

Emma Daugherty says:

He’s talented

book games player says:

Se copio o vídeo do Roccopiaza

Nathan Thomforde says:

2018 anyone?!

Colin Eldridge says:

That kid is pro Savage

Evan Rose says:

That kid better start saving for a new hoverboard

That one boi says:

These are one of most insane tricks I’ve truly ever seen,ps: most sarcastic I’ve ever been in my life

PS4 GAMING says:

This kid does not know how to take care of that thing

Lion Bird says:

Hi I’m your personal guidance so now end me thank you

Sara Fathallah says:


ᴊᴅᴍ ғᴀɴ ᴄʟᴜʙ says:

Just watching a very old video this is when I first joined the fox fam


Ho men

Curtis Rusko says:

I did the same trick when you spin

Jean N'ko says:

Trop coooooooooool le hoverboard

Aiden O'hara says:


Lion Bird says:

I’m just messing with y’all

Gabriel miranda says:


Stas Agin says:

ты супер

Don Rojana says:

My hoverboard is very fast up to 20 km/h or 13 mph

Zahide Dok says:

Bende var

Admilson Bruciere says:

Oh my God

Zer06ix says:

scooter kids 2.0

Nathan Vlogs Wensevic says:

That one blue hair is so creepy following him and when he fell it looked like they where going to steel it

clydzon moore says:

This vid is weird cause where the music at and it feels like dead idk its not like his new vids

raw lemons ARE GOOD says:

God job kid

Arsim The ducky says:

I did that same trick 0:55

Annalyn Kugler says:

Hi October 21is my birth day

AntVSGaming 182 says:

kids a beast

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