Hype Hover-1 Hoverboard Review with The Greers! | RainyDayDreamers

Roxanna and Ximena try out hoverboarding for the first time along with our friends The Greers. Thanks to Hype for giving us a Hover-1 Hoverboard- http://www.hover-1.com/h1-product-page to try out. Both families had a lot of fun with it!

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And rainy or not- have some fun today!


TushDeMort says:

thank God , u came back on this channel

bishnu poudel says:

46k yaa

Karke Giraffe with a Sweather says:

Hi guys. I’m that kid from instagram in lithuania. Do you remember me? I’m so happy to see your videos again!! Hope you do more ghost hunting or Will It Olaf. Good to see you again!!

Will Tex says:

Do the girls still play with the hover ball and the air powered socer disk

Sabian Estocapio says:

ximena looks so old (in a good way) and pretty!

pizza zombiegirl says:

Thank God, that you are back. I was beginning to think something had happened to you all.

Hunnie Price says:

yayyyy! y’all are back!!

Jennifer Aguirre says:

I have one and it never went straight LOL I would spin the whole time lol

Rachel Noelle says:

Yay! So glad y’all are back!!! If the girls have grown up from posting toy videos they can make videos that maybe aren’t as childish. Can understand if y’all don’t want to make videos but sometimes it’s good to have a break!

not available says:

can you plz don’t ever again stop making vids please i was really sad that you stop making vids <3

Anna Perez says:

Can you do a wrap it pro loom review

Mr.cardvaughan 12 says:

I have the same hover board. It’s called HOVER-1 not hover x

Fruit Loops :3 says:

I’ve replied to me on my iPad account before sry I siding reply back my iPad was too old now it doesn’t work

Karuna And binisha says:

I miss watching rainy day dreamers you guys should really start uploading more videos plzzzzzz

malabasia says:

OMG besides the great review ( as always! ) your girls are so grown up I can’t believe it! Especially Ximena ( maybe because she’s her so rarely ) such a beauty! So good to see both of them, such a good start for the day! Hugs from Scotland guys! :*

Bird Boy says:

45th like

AGRainbows5 says:

Yay, you finally uploaded! I’ve been missing your videos and I’m happy to know you guys are alive!

John Dicarlo says:

That would be awesome if you comment back on me and give me a shoutout

Roger Chigo says:

Here in FORT WORTH we have a haunted hotel in downtown and they promote the haunting aswell so it’s not no secret. . . . #AWESOME!

Jay says:

Its not that hard…..

Riya Piryani says:

You’re finally back!!! You are the best. Hope to see more videos. and what happened to Roxanna’s hand?

The Greers says:

This was such a FUN day!! We had a blast!

Curious Absolution says:

Why aren’t you that active anymore?

dan moss says:

well done Roxanna you did well

Caelan Austin says:


Klattu says:

Good to see the Basics, and 1st time riders

Erica V says:

welcome back!

weirdloverofthings says:

yay! you guys are back!

Mack&cheese plate says:

If I had one I’d most likely break something

kc0lif says:

the ximena looks older roxanne don’t look much different. i know months ago news kept talking about hooverboard fires I’m sure this product is better quality i like the videos thank you.

Joshua Skains says:

It’s still not a hover board.

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