Hi Everyone! So finally here is the How-To Ride a Hoverboard video you all have been waiting for and a brief review of the Razor Hoverboard. Special guest is my friend LAINA! Thanks for watching and hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please don’t forget to “LIKE” & SUBSCRIBE for more videos.

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Sheng Velasco says:

how about a room tour?

Ana Paula Domínguez Ramírez says:

Where do yo bought the hover board

Celina Zheng says:

can you do a room tour

Ari D says:

love it…

Fun Time says:

why you did not make a video for a long time????

Aileenroddd Aileen says:

Can you please do a hair routine video??

Elizabeth Farren says:

You should be a model you are soooo pretty!!!

Simply Clo says:

What kind of hoverboard does he have (your friend)

Emmanuel Agyemang-Dua says:

I’m actually a 10 year old girl too by the way love your videos

Madina Yusofzai says:

this is so nice

Jayden acacia Acacia says:

i have a razor hoverboar its red

Nathaly Acosta says:

Can you do a what on my iPhone video please

ShadowShane23 says:

are you a filipino?

The Doll Memories says:

Great video! You’re the best you-tuber ever, Jessalyn Grace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hey Jessalyn! What is your nationality? or ethnicity?

Denise Bravo says:

Hi jessayln I just love your channel. Your such a amazing and kind girl. I hope in the future you succeed well

Lena Deland says:

Amy naama

Wendy Cordero says:

I have a Hoverboard like your cousin and mine is silver

Adriana Ruiz says:


Alina Sparkles says:

I know why jessalyn has braces because her friend has them and she wants to be like her friend

skank hunt 43 says:

room tour plz

Lorraine Bernice Que says:

You look like a Filipino

Sharice Thomas says:

please do a house tour

Anel Garcia says:

I have the same shirt as Jesalyn

J Dunham says:

how come u look like u know how to ride it more than the “hoverboard expert”✌✌

Phoebe Mullan x says:

Room tour girlllll!!!

Fritzie Bungay says:

i like video

Adolfo Mendoza says:

can u show us how to work led light shoes

Tanya Argueta says:

hoverboards are so 2015

skank hunt 43 says:

you guys dab horrible no offense

Marissa Smith says:

Can u do an updated makeup collection

Vania Brittinia says:

U should post more often

leah Trivett says:

it hoverbored is a cheap on its by razor

Ikhlas Hag says:

Awesome video❤❤❤❤

bebe skyy says:

You are pretty

Isabella Bentley says:

Room tour please

Random 10 says:

I am going to get one for my birthday

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