Hoverboard/Swegway UNKNOWN SECRET + Unboxing/Review

Unknown secret for hoverboard revealed!!

Amazon Board: http://amzn.to/1jwp7Jf
Recommended Board: http://smartboardnashville.com – If you buy from here, use the coupon code “TRICKSHOT” to get $30 off + Free Shipping!

As seen on.. CaseyNeistat, PointlessBlog, PrankvsPrank (BFvsGF), DOSEofFOUSEY, Roman Atwood, Vitaly and more!
Some names and ‘re-brands’ of this product: Mini-segway, Hoverboard, Chic Smart 2-Wheel Self-Balancing Scooter, Swegway, AirBoard, Airwheel, Drifting Board, IO Hawk, PhunkeeDuck, MonoRover R2, Muzeli, Monsterwheel, Hyperwalk…

Email for Business Inquiries: andrewlyle18@gmail.com


Keilee McCain says:

how much did it cost

Masterzz 57 says:

it costs $200 dumbass

Ian Iskenderian says:

I want the case

Denise Davis says:

sell me that

Brendan And Friends says:

you are looking to get the most part, I have been in a while, and the new one of those people that I can get it right away and we are a couple days, so I can see the full amount of time. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. it will take a moment of my own business and the new one of those people 9 the same time. I am a beautiful person 6 the same

The Taco Tuesday says:

Who needs five inch boards we need 10 inch boards

SodaPop says:

do i have to turn this mode on everytime i turn my ¨swegway¨ on?

Jayleigh Cottle says:

actually it’s 24 pounds look it up smart one

Cole Nelson says:

I’ve seen this before you aren’t the first

Jack Kingston says:

0:15 nobody cares

Denise Davis says:

Call the number 9122725979

Flipperforlife04 says:

A hover board does definitely not weigh 26lb

Hayley _ Slime says:

I have the one without the pads I’m 9!!!!!!

Fahd Saeed says:

Wait how do you lean back and forward at the same time

Erno Michielsen says:

nice soks

Margarita Deleon says:

I found out why hover boards catch fire because in all the cases they explode they charge it for more than the recommended time and the charge it overnight and the battery overheats

Chef Currey says:

Not trying to be scary but that explodes easily

Siân Gray says:


Senna Janse says:

I got one for 179$

sabi kadriu says:

I love you hoverboard

GingGaming LTU says:

it’s not a secret!!!

حسين اللامي اللامي says:

. ؤؤؤؤؤ

Borchy says:

Can someone please tell me how you know if it’s in beginner or advanced?

Miguel Autie says:


Audrey Fletcher says:

I am getting one in 2 weeks

Tybirian says:

Plz reply

a JALAL says:

How do you get the pads on

Miguel Autie says:

I want one but where is more che

Caleb Ballard says:

so how do I charge it with out a charger

Kaylee Matchett says:

I have a green hoverboard

Chance Durham says:
charles cole jr says:

I’m can’t reset mine the blue light won’t turn red for nothing

Harvey Villanueva says:

I hope you do a giveaway like if you want him to do a giveaway

Gamgmaster Boom says:

I am I am splitting the money with my dad

Tybirian says:

Hey guys I was re calibrating mine and now when I turn it on both lights come on and doesn’t let me ride Does anyone have my problem or know how to fix it?

Chance Durham says:

Dis nigga sound fake as fuck, wete in the hell did he get 600 for dem hover boards any way, gimme one dude

Trolling Brothers says:


amanda snow says:

Hey im getting mine for 200$ only

Jason Li says:

Actually, we all know this secret. On the new SwagTron, they announced it.

Hit Them folks Yah says:


Its giraffe says:

Hi Andrew how do u turn it on / off

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