Hoverboard/Self Balancing Scooter Unboxing/Review And WHERE TO BUY!

Hey guys today I got an unboxing/review for the hoverboard.
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Karanveer B says:

where should i get my hoverboard from i willing to buy one?
Excluding ebay and amazon

Xx_SpectreAssassin_xX says:

Yeah like a plastic bag kinda

Jocelyn White says:

lol ha ha ha ha ha ha

Gabby RBLX-andMore says:

250$ DANG mine is 150$

Hector Hernandez says:

he looks like fifamanny

Santino Aina says:

my boy said the turn on button it’s called a powerbutton

Dhruvil Rajpara says:

It is fake it should be rapped by a plastic I know I have one

The Sloth Games says:

Bro you look RichHomieQuan as a kid


Cool video

Sylvia Tercero says:

Why did you put Faze rug logo on it

Adrian Moon says:

Nice video

pro gamer1278 says:

5:12 funniest moment

The Microwaver says:

Why did u put faze logo on it man!!!! Ur not even in faze

sreymom prum says:


MatthewsRoblox Bruh says:

At 5:17 he broke that sht

We Dem boyz says:


Justice Rider says:

I’m getting mine for $250 and it will not blow up. You guys need to stop bringing him down about what he bought. Its running and it runs and it won’t explode so shhhhh.

Evie gaming says:

lol I cracked up when he fell at 5:12-5:15

Karl Cameron says:

he almost fell

Snagii says:

U got it from China did it blow up yet

Jim Bob says:

Its not fake

Tiago says:


Jessita Davis says:

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Ndhxhdjdnjxhddjf2f Dhabifhfodndbdv dhdhfhfhfowfhfjdndkd d d design I WILL HAVE bfduutiwfbfjeuwiejryrjejeiejehedjeudurjeh ehehehrhfhrjevfb

Gamer god 1200 says:

5:10 that was sooooooo funny

Apple Dad says:

He’s acting like he’s good

Ástþór 03 says:

his voice is so mature while he looks more lika kid

Amina Ahmed says:

The ones from China blowup and make your house on fire

daniel504cp3 Osorto says:

I have the same one

Ashraful Islam says:

what the fake scoter balala sabasaba

Evan Lockyear says:

Ya its dusty like your moms farts

Gaming_galaxy says:

Hope you have fun

Girly Gamer says:

That thing is gonna blow up it below 300$ Dollors

Bryan Qualls says:

Why does it matter if it’s fake it runs doesn’t it

Jaden Miller says:


Ecrin Hocaoglu says:

Rucksack the same name of 0

Ndapewa Kashheeta says:

lol how can people make 93,0385 views but it only shows 123 dislike and 1 good thumb

marcus jr says:

You is sexy

Javon crawley says:

can u go fast backwards

Tremajai Lewis says:

how old are you

Gaming_galaxy says:

How long did it take to get it

# Soso says:

Du Penner

Nicholas Philippou says:

It was so funny when he fell of

Sudi N Iman says:


Nelson Pedrosa says:


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